What Is A Duvet Cover, And How To Use It?

Duvet Cover

What is a Duvet Cover? Using Duvets and Duvet covers as bedding parts were originally introduced in Europe. Still, the idea has traveled to many parts of the world and is increasingly popular, especially among the US audience. 

Duvet covers come in many different sizes, shapes, and materials, and choosing the right one for yourself can sometimes be challenging. If you, too, are planning to get a Duvet for your bed, you may also give a Duvet cover a thought.

We’ll tell you about ‘”What is a Duvet Cover?” “How to use it?” “How does it differ from other bedding?” Stay tuned.

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What Is a Duvet?

The word Duvet originates from french and typically refers to “Down” in English. A duvet is a fluffy top layer blanket enclosed in a shell and is protected by a duvet cover.

A duvet is traditionally filled with down, a soft light material found under the feathers of a duck or goose. Still, they are also filled with other materials like wool or polyester.

Several types of Duvets are available on the market, the best of them being an All-season duet which will help keep you warm in winters and relatively cool in summers. The feel delivered by a duvet depends mainly on its fill power. For instance, a duvet with a fill power of around 400 is perfect for summer, whereas a duvet with 600 fill power would be the best for colder climates. If you dont want to spend on two different duets for different seasons, you may consider buying a duvet with around 400 to 600 fill power as such duvets are perfect for temperatures all year-round.

A duvet shell aims to keep the down fill in place and reduce bunching. It can be stitched in various patterns to keep all the pockets evenly filled with down. 

A duvet cover on the other hand is often used to protect the fill and shell of the duet. A typical duet set consists of a duvet insert, duvet cover, and matching pillow shams.

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What is a Duvet Cover?

Very similar to a pillow cover or a pillowcase, a duvet cover ensures the protection of your Duvet against wear and tear and stains. A duvet cover is removable, with one open side. The opening of a duet generally has a button, zipper, or snap closure that prevents the duet from sleeping out from the cover.

One of the major purposes of using a duvet cover is to protect the duvet cover from getting dirty, as most duvets are difficult to clean and dry, and getting them dry cleaned can affect your pocket.

A duvet cover is comparatively less expensive than getting the whole Duvet dry cleaned at the laundry. 

A duvet cover can also be used to give your room a new touch of color; duvet covers come in many different colors that can be used as an easy and inexpensive way of changing the look of your bedroom.

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How to use a Duvet Cover?

A duvet cover is used for increased protection against wear and tear and oils, spills, sweats, etc. a duvet cover also becomes necessary because most people use them without a top sheet, as a result of which the Duvet gets dirty in a short period. Most duvets are not easy to clean, and getting them dry cleaned gets very expensive. 

Using a duvet cover is very easy; it’s like using a pillowcase. Duvets easily slip inside the cover, and the cover is then closed by buttons, ties, or zippers.

Open the closure of the duvet cover and slip the Duvet inside it, zip the cover-up, and it’s ready for use.

How to choose the best Duvet cover for yourself?

Duvet covers are amazing; they protect you from mess and keep you warm every duvet cover comes with its qualities and purposes but choosing the right one for yourself is the task. Worry not; we have listed all the things you have to keep in mind to get yourself the best Duvet Cover. Stay tuned.


The material of the duvet cover matters the most as it is going to be in contact with your skin while you are sleeping, so if you suffer from allergies, choosing a duvet made with easy to clean materials like polyester would help you ensure that there is no dust or allergy-causing chemicals are wiped off easily from the Duvet.

On the other hand, natural materials deliver the utmost breathability, so a duvet cover made with cotton, duck feather, or silk fillers would be good if you want something extra soft and breathable.

The material of the Duvet also determines the weight of the cover and the amount of heat it withholds, so choose wisely.


Similar to comforters and bedsheets, duvets too come in many different shapes and sizes, some of them being:

  • King
  • Queen
  • Full
  • Double
  • Twin 
  • Twin XL
  • California king

But if you are confused about which size duvet cover you should choose for your bed, you should go for a size up as a little extra space is alright and can make things easier if you share a bed with somebody.

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Sleeping Environment

Choosing the best duvet cover for yourself also depends on the type of environment you prefer for sleeping. If you like to sleep with a heavier blanket and do not want it to roll, you must choose a 600 fill duvet.

Warmth and breathability are also crucial factors that play an important role in determining the type of Duvet that best caters to your needs.

If you live in an area that experiences four climates in a year, choosing an all-season duvet cover would be perfect.

Duvet covers play a major role in determining your sleep quality, so you have to choose a duvet cover for you and your sleeping pattern. Hopefully, we have solved all your queries about “What is a Duvet.” Let us know if you have any other queries; we’ll be happy to help you.