Best Dog Water Fountain Brands In The Market

dog water fountain

Having a pet dog is rewarding but comes with a lot of responsibilities. Making sure your furball gets the right supply of food and water is crucial for overall health. However, you cannot always be around to make sure their bowl is full. This is why you need to get your hands on a good dog water fountain.

Making sure your dog drinks enough water and stays hydrated will make its skin and coat healthy. It also helps in keeping the body temperature regulated.

Here are some important factors that you should look into when buying the dog water dispenser.


The capacity of the water tank is expressed in oz. Think of how many pets you own and what are their water drinking habits. This way, you can minimize the amount of time spent on refilling the reservoir. 


Make sure to check that the plastic used in making pet fountains is BPA-free and Food-grade. You can consider buying ceramic or stainless steel if you are looking to buy something more durable.


Make sure that the filters used are reusable, or you will end up spending a heavy amount on buying the replacements. The carbon-activated media is great for improving the quality of dog drinking water.


Check if the pump makes too much noise or works silently. A noisy pump will keep disturbing your throughput. 

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Best Dog Water Fountain Brands 

These are some of our top picks for dog water fountains.

PetSafe Drinkwell Cat And Dog Water Fountain

Our favorite dog water fountain is a classic Drinkwell from Petsafe, which has been a popular pick for 50 years. This is a 168oz mod-sized water reserve which is well-suited for a house with a couple of pets who are always thirsty. You will not be required to keep refilling the water fountain, and the pooches will never run out of water.

You can fine-tune the water flow to manipulate the pace of cascading water to suit the temperament of your pet. The build quality of this pet fountain is sturdy and is free of BPA. You can clean it easily by simply popping it into the dishwasher.

Pioneer Pet Raindrop Fountain

A rugged stainless steel dog water fountain from Pioneer features five arresting colorways. You can pick a color that will blend in with your decor or something contrasting.                             

This dog water dispenser has elegant aesthetics with stunning durability. The fountain can be put into the dishwasher for cleaning once a week. Charcoal-activated filtration will make sure that the dogs get untainted and crisp water to sip even when you are away.                

Petmate Replendish Gravity Water

If you are in search of a cheap dog water bowl fountain, then you should not miss out on Petmate, which features an innovative gravity-powered drinking fountain. Aside from the pocket-friendly prices, this pet fountain also offers antimicrobial protection with a Microban-packed gem.

The base and mouth of this dog water bowl fountain are wide to cater to several pets at one time. The charcoal filtration will make sure that no pathogens will make their way into the dog’s digestive system. This pet fountain is worth the money you pay. 

PetSafe Drinkwell Multi-Tier Drinking Fountain

 PetSafe has come up with a layered drinking fountain with 100 Oz capacity. If your pet is always thirty or you have multiple pets, this will be a smart choice. The way water tumbles down this freefall fountain will entice your puppy to drink even if it does not want to.

PetSafe products come with US-based customer care access. Although you will not encounter any snags with this dog water fountain, it is always nice to know the brand covers you.

As this is an elevated bowl, it will make it easier for arthritic dogs or senior dogs to drink water. It will make things a lot easier for them with this durable water fountain.

Pet Fountain Water Dispenser

A Pet water fountain with a cost-effective and efficient dispenser will keep your four-legged family member hydrated all day. The multiple flow settings will help you adjust fountain speed as per your dog. 

Crisp filtration and vigorous aeration will fulfill your dog’s demand round the clock. As it is made of 7food-grade material, you do not need to worry about any contaminants or pathogens harming your pet.

This dog water fountain is equipped with reusable filters to reserve some water. You can swap them to clean and replace them with fresh ones. This is a reliable and effective pet fountain that you can buy.

Appetite Ceramic Pet Drinking Fountain

Appetite gear is not an affordable option but can be purchased at a discounted price during the sale.

 If you keep your water fountain, your bedroom, or any place you take naps, then this silent pet fountain will not disturb your beauty sleep. The pump makes very little noise and does not draw out too much power as well.

Its trio flow setting will give you the freedom to manipulate the pattern as per your pet’s requirements. You can get the usual filter pairs without having to visit the hardware store. The dual filtration will ensure that your pet always has the best quality and clean water on demand.

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Pioneer Pet Swan Drinking Fountain

Swan drinking fountain from Pioneer is an elegant piece to keep in any house room as a piece of decor. This dog water dispenser offers completely hassle-free cleaning and is dishwasher-safe, so you are not required to even lift a finger.

Like other best dog water fountains, it also features charcoal filtration to get rid of impurities and give fresh and crisp water to your puppy. The filters can be repeatedly used, so you are not required to bear the replacement costs.

However, the only snag with pet water fountains is the limited capacity which means you will have to refill it comparatively more.

PetSafe Drinkwell Zen Stainless Steel Water Fountain

Another great pick from PetSafe classic is Drinkwell Zen fountain in stainless steel finish. One thing to watch out for is extremely short-powered cable. The cord is only 5 foot so position it accordingly to offer freedom of movement.

If you have no problem with this, then your dog will happily enjoy his triple filtered water. The carbon-activated filter keeps pollutants out, and your dog will lap up the water from a wide stream.

PetSafe Cat And Dog Water Fountain

You can pick from 4 beautiful color options in the PetSafe dog water fountain. The ceramic finish of this water bowl keeps hygiene as the top-most priority without compromising on overall aesthetics. 

Plastic water fountains come in amazing designs, too, but if your dog drinks water in the living room where it will be on display, having something aesthetic always helps. You can keep replacing the filter media to contain the running costs. 

Despite the powerful performance, the submersible pump will not kick up too much racket. 

Uniclife Pet Water Fountain

Coming to the end of our list, the Uniclife pet water fountain comes with a twist. It has beautiful blue LEDs that add a fun dimension to drinking water which makes this fountain look super special. This is also an added bonus for your dog to drink water at night.

As this is a low-voltage unit, it does not make too much noise, so you will not be annoyed by the constant thumping sound.

It is made using food-grade material that is safe for all kinds of pets. This water fountain will make sure your dog is well hydrated throughout the day.

How Does A Dog Water Fountain Work?

The dog water dispenser is equipped with a submersible pump. Ware is circulated throughout, giving your pets access to fresh and aerated water packed with oxygen. The carbon filters remove odor and impurities from water. While you may want to buy a standard bowl, it is better to pick fountains.

Are All Water Fountains Dishwasher-Safe?

Most of the dog water dispensers can be washed into the dishwasher without any issues. All the models reviewed here are dishwasher-friendly. However, it is always a great idea to check manufacturers’ usage terms before buying any product.

How Often Do You Need To Change The Filter?

There is no fixed answer to this; it varies according to manufacturers. Cleaning the filters once every two weeks is a good way of maintaining hygiene. Some brands suggest changing after two months. You just need to wash them quickly and replace them, so you do not encounter major expenses later and have to buy expensive replacements.

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By now, you might have a good idea of some good dog water fountain options available in the market. It may seem confusing, but it will become the main buying factor when you start focusing on the capacity.

Whether you opt for stainless steel or a plastic dog water bowl, make sure the water stays crisp and fresh the entire day.