How To Keep Your Little One Busy And Get Stuff Done

work from home

Working from home can come with many distractions. You will be tempted to make endless visits to the kitchen to grab something to eat. You might also have a neighbor who derives pleasure at knocking on your door every now and then. Add a toddler who is all over your space any time you try to get something done, and it gets crazy. For many people, getting stuff done while at home with little kids is often a big hassle. In this blog, you will learn about fun activities your kids can engage in and give you space to do your work. 

Get Them Some Toys

Toys are very good at keeping children occupied. There are so many toys available out there, from trucks, playsets, Adora dolls, and memory games. If you only have one child, make sure that the toys you get are suitable for solo play, as you might not always get time to play with them. If they have siblings, you can get them toys suitable for group playing so that they can play together. Additionally, if you have some backyard space where the kids can play, consider getting them outdoor toys. 

Make Them Listen to An Audio Book

Audiobooks are great for kids too. Apart from keeping them engaged, it also improves their learning skills. These books also offer some benefits the kids cannot get when reading a book. For example, listening allows them to visualize and make connections which translates to more comprehension. Kids can also do other things as they listen to the books too.  

Let Them Do Some Building

Building is also a fun way of keeping kids occupied. They can build a house, a bed, a town, or anything that crosses their mind. Some of the things you need to get for building include:

  • Scrap wood
  • Empty boxes
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Craft glue
  • Pipe cleaners

Let Them Paint

Most kids like experimenting with paint. You can make it even more fun by providing different objects such as leaves to paint on. You need to get materials such as poster paints, watercolor paints, oil pastels, and markers. However, be careful to only use child-grade paints only as adult-grade ones may contain chemicals that are not good for a child’s health. 

Involve Them in Snack Prep

Involving your kids in some house chores is another great way of keeping them occupied. If they want a snack, let them participate in preparing it. You can make your kitchen kid-safe by getting things like a nylon knife, a vegetable scrubber, and an apple slicer. You can also allocate some other simple tasks such as dusting to the kid. However, such chores are only suitable for kids past five years old. 

Working from home comes with several challenges, and having kids around can make it even more challenging. However, it is still possible to get work done with kids around. You only need to get them occupied. Sometimes it can be challenging at first, but they will slowly get used to it within no time. You can also join them in these activities whenever you are free, for a minute or two.