Don’t Miss to Taste These Dishes While You Travel to the USA


To explore the diversity in cuisines traveling is very much necessary. If you are going to the USA, then surely you will get to taste yummy and delectable dishes. The USA has a lot to serve you if you are a person who has got a deep love for fast, junk, and processed food. So along with traveling, don’t miss to have your hands on these incredibly delicious dishes of America.

  • Key lime pie

Your interest in lime is centered only because of the lemonade; then, this crucial yummy lime pie will help you grow your love for lime. It is the officially recognized dish of America, having a worldwide reputation.

  • San Francisco sourdough bread

The era of this bread is as old as the pyramids. Its variety comes from San Francisco. It is believed that in ancient times, this bread was carried by the settlers in pouches, which they used to hang around their necks.

  • Pot roast

It has got ranking in the top ten comforts foods of America. The beef brisket is put in the deep roasting pan with different vegetables, be it onions, potatoes, carrots, etc. rid wine or beer is used to oil the pot roast.

  • Jerky

The backpackers, snackers, and road trippers have a deep love for this protein-rich recipe. It is said to be the versatile food of America that is entirely packed with nutrients.

  • Banana split

It can also be called the variation of a sundae. You will surely love the experiment, which is done with this fruit. Don’t miss to have this sweet tooth while roaming America.

  • GORP

On a trip you need to have some food which can help you in boosting your energy, well GORP will go to it for you. GORP stands for good old raisins and peanuts, make sure while returning to your place you get enough GORP for your family to eat.