What Is Truist Routing Number? (2024)

truist routing number

Truist Bank is a big bank in the U.S. that started when SunTrust Bank and BB&T Bank joined together. It is really important for people who use the bank and others to know about Truist’s special routing numbers. 

These numbers help make sure money moves around easily and correctly. Knowing about these numbers shows why it is good to understand banking today.

What is Truist number (routing) for wire transfers?

The routing number for Truist Bank used for both domestic and international wire transfers is 061000104. This is the number you will need to use to ensure your wire transfers are processed correctly. Remember, it is always a good idea to double-check with the bank or on your checks to confirm the truist routing number before making a transaction.

Why a bank should have different routing numbers

When money is sent to a bank, the bank’s routing number is always the same, no matter if the money is coming from inside the country or from another country. This number is like the bank’s home address in the world of money moving.

However, banks use different routing numbers for different kinds of money moves. For example, they have one number for wire transfers but might use another for direct deposits or when money is moved automatically (like when you pay bills online).

Also, if you look at a paper check from a bank, the routing number on it might be different from the one used for wire transfers. That’s because checks use special numbers that are for certain areas or branches of the bank. This helps make sure the check goes to the right place in the bank and the money gets to the right account quickly.

Truist routing numbers in United States

For online banking in the U.S., you really need a routing number. Truist, which came from SunTrust Bank and BB&T Bank joining together, has different routing numbers for different states. These numbers are very important because they make sure electronic payments go to the right place.

Truist uses these numbers to meet the banking needs of each state, showing they care about making things easy and safe for customers. Keep reading to find out the special routing numbers for each state and see how they help you with your banking.

What is the use of routing number?

A routing number is a nine-number code that is really important for figuring out which bank gets money in a transaction. This special code makes sure the money goes to the right place. The first four numbers tell you the Federal Reserve district the bank is in.

The next four numbers are given by the American Bankers Association and they help tell banks apart. The last number checks that the whole routing number is right. This last number helps avoid mistakes when money is moved electronically and makes sure payments are handled well.

The significance of routing numbers 

Routing numbers are important for two main reasons:

  • Identification: They act as an address for the bank, telling other banks and financial institutions where to send the money.
  •  Transaction Processing: They help sort and direct payments correctly, ensuring that the money goes to the right account without any errors.

These numbers make sure that every transaction is quick, accurate, and secure.

How to get Truist routing number

To find your Truist routing number, you can:

  • Check your checks: Look at the bottom left corner of your Truist checks. The first nine-digit number is the routing number.
  •  Bank statement: Your routing number may also be listed on your bank statement.
  •  Online banking: Log into your Truist online banking account, and you should be able to find the routing number in your account details.
  •  Contact Truist: You can always get in touch with Truist customer service for help with your routing number.


What is a routing number? 

It is a nine-digit code that tells where your bank is located in the U.S. It is used for sending and receiving money.

Does Truist have one routing number? 

Mostly, yes. Truist uses 061000104 for all wire transfers. But, some accounts might still use old BB&T numbers, which are different for each state.

Where can I find my routing number? 

You can find it on the bottom left corner of your checks, or you can ask the bank.

Why are routing numbers important? 

They make sure your money goes to the right bank and help with different kinds of banking like direct deposits and paying bills online.

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