Things you need to do during a trip to the UK


If you search for a place that could offer you a lot of variety when it comes to culture, tradition, food, myths, communities, and much more, you should be visiting the United Kingdom. With the mixed culture and traditions of London, Northern Ireland, England, Scotland, and Wales, this place is full of fascination for tourists. When in the UK, you could enjoy both the countryside lifestyle and the cities’ buzzing nightlife.

The villages promise lush greenery, local pubs, and quiet night to stargaze. At the same time, the cities like London, York, Edinburgh, and Manchester show you the modern architecture, cultural celebrations, and historical landmarks. If you intend on a trip to the UK, you should not miss the most interesting things the country offers you. You should participate in the cheese rolling with the natives, visit archaic colonies and architecture, take long walks along the city, and visit local pubs.

These are some of the few things you need to do during a trip to the UK – 

Shakespeare’s hometown

If you are a literature enthusiast, a theatre artist, or a theatre lover, then watching any one of Shakespeare’s plays in Shakespeare’s Globe should not be missed by anyone. If you want to see a Royal Shakespeare Company Production, visit Stratford-upon-Avon by the riverside theatre. And after that, you could head off to pay homage to his birthplace and the church where his body is laid to rest in peace.

Afternoon tea

Tea is the national drink, the Brits also love coffee, but tea is something they could have at any time and anywhere. You could never go wrong with an afternoon wherever you are, it The Ritz in Central London, Cornwall, or Devon. You might want to make some space in your tummy after lunch by taking a tour around the York Castle, The Shambles, or the ancient city walls. This way, you’d make some space for a cup of late afternoon tea at Betty’s in Yorkshire. Also, don’t forget to help yourselves with amazing scones while the tea has been served in small fancy china cups since 1936.

Take a tour of the National Parks.

The beauty of the UK can be well portrayed through its rural side, which shows off its mighty mountain peaks, ancient woodland, serene lakes, rugged moors, and rolling green hills. There are around 15 different National Parks in the UK, all of which promise to help you witness the country’s diverse landscapes. You could visit the flat Norfolk Broads, the Northumberland, the Lake District, and Peak District. Hiring a car would help you take a trip to such beautiful national parks in the daytime and get you back to the dazzling nightlife of the city on the same day.

Visit the Buckingham Palace

It is one of the remaining few working palaces globally, and guess what? You could visit Buckingham Palace from the inside, especially in the summers, when you could get a glimpse of the 19 State Rooms. Book online and make prior arrangements for yourself, your group, or your family, and do not forget to visit this palace, at least from the outside. There is a specific time to visit the palace from the inside because it is open to the public only for a few specific months and not after that.

Apart from visiting London, the most entertaining city globally, you would also love to take walks around the city, the countryside, and shopping places. Accommodation and transportation can never be an issue in the UK as you would get cheap inns to fancy chain hotels to stay in. When it comes to transport, you might prefer walking the most to look around the places and buildings, but if you are short of time, you might opt for renting car services or public transport like the double-decker buses, etc.