Great Ways To Show That Nobody Needs To Go Without Sex


You hope you are over the worst, a few months after a relationship that you hoped would be long lasting has broken up. Heading home after a late shift at work can hurt the most, but you break the journey by having a couple of drinks before returning to your apartment.

There’s usually something on TV to keep you mildly entertained, but of late, you have been heading to the adult channels as your libido has recovered, if not your confidence. Instead, of getting close to a new partner, you have decided to go adult shop, you are going solo for a while, using several ways to please yourself.

  • Well, going it alone isn’t 100% true, as you have invested in a California Exotic, The Girl Next Door Sex Doll who is helping you enjoy sex without wasted emotion. She’s amazing, and she doesn’t complain, offering three usable and authentic love holes with a squeezable body which helps you get to grips.
  • You also bought some lubes to help the experience feel that bit more like the real thing from the online company which has an amazing range of products to suit everyone’s sexual needs and fetishes, from whom you received a discreet and fast delivery, along with the benefits of being a member.
  • Your cuddly curvy partner is adaptable in several positions and never says no. She’s easy to clean, requiring no special care, and never asks for money to go shopping. Last week you went a step further and bought her a naughty nurses outfit to wear, which you had dressed her in ready for your return, which has added to your excitement.
  • However, your lover cannot replicate the thrill of receiving oral sex, but the Wild Secrets Instinct Deluxe Vibrating Hands Free Masturbator with Female Voice Mode certainly can. You simply add lube, slip inside, and lay back as you’re sent to heaven, as you listen to her moan just like the real thing. It has several vibrating options, as well as two suction modes, meaning you are never bored with this toy.
  • Your former lover was never shy of giving you some satisfaction with anal probing, so you wanted something to replace what you were missing. The Adam and Eve 8.75″ Vibrating Anal Bead Stick gives you amazing satisfaction, in fact better than ever before. It comes with many different vibrating speeds with the top three beads being flexible and sensual as they move with your body. The USB charger means it’s soon ready for action and because it’s waterproof you just love using it while soaking in the bath.
  • And while you’re in the water, you love using your hydro penis pump, which is powerful, fun, and increases your length and hardness in readiness for fun with your doll.

There’s no need to go without sex just because you’re short of a partner. The amazing, imaginative and safe world of sex toys purchased from your favourite company allows you to smile and have fun whenever you want.