List Of Dumbest Country In The World

dumbest country in the world

Dumbest country in the world 

We’ve created a list of the world’s dumbest nations so you can see where your nation falls if you’re concerned about how the rest of the world perceives your nation. Despite producing some of the world’s best minds in every subject, several nations struggle with abject poverty and indebtedness. Further on in the text, we’ll try to address the potential causes of this.

One could first hope their nation does not figure on the list because no one likes to be considered stupid. Nevertheless, the data in this article, titled “dumbest country in the world,” is taken from the World Economic Forum’s Report on Global Competitiveness. 

We considered four requirements to choose which nations to add to this ranking of the dumbest nations. The International Telecommunication Union provided the information to WEF. Most of the information we used was from 2015, although we incorporated information from previous years for countries without recent figures. We took the average of their positions in these four areas to rank the countries. Since 152 nations were represented in the WEF dataset, it is highly possible that some of the non-member nations would have relatively high rankings. According to our findings, the world’s most dumb nations are listed below.

Using data from a WEF survey, we ranked nations based on their mathematics and science training caliber. The WEF received the tertiary, gross enrolment ratio from the UNESCO Institute for Statistics. Used The number of filings per million inhabitants is used to evaluate nations according to their development.


Pakistan is an Asia-Pacific nation with a rich cultural heritage. The nation does not rank in the top 10 in any of the categories described below, but its inclusion within everyone propels it to position number one on our list of dumbest country in the world.

3.30 for mathematics and science education standards; 42 for math and science education quality.

Participation in higher education: 9.51

The level depends on enrolment in higher education: 28

Millions of patent claims: 0.0279

Ranking determined on patent applications: 31

Internet users as a percentage: 10.8

Internet service ranking: 28

Rankings score on average: 31.27


Uganda is ranked second highest on our list of dumbest country in the world, mostly due to its far below median student enrolment in higher education.

Sciences and math proficiency: 3.12

Ranking according to the standard of math and science instruction: 28

enrolment in tertiary education: 9.2

 25. Ranking depending on attendance in tertiary education

0.0265 patent filings per million.

According to patent filings, 16.3 percent of people use the internet, or 31%.


Honduras is a nation in Central America that is not renowned for its technological achievements. The nation has 0 patent applications per million.

Educational efficiency in math and science: 2.93

Rank according to the standard of math and science instruction: 24

Ranking based on online availability: 37

Rank grade on median: 30.68

Enrolment in tertiary education: 20.41

53. Ranking based on enrollment in tertiary education

Millions of patent applications: 0

Rank is determined by patentability: 1 % of the total internet users: 18.8 Rank determined by internet access: 43

Rank score on average: 30.27


Africa is the location of Rwanda. One issue the nation is dealing with is its failure to function technologically.

Mathematics and science schooling excellence: 4.11

Enrolment in tertiary education: 7.23

Ranking depending on the number of tertiary students: 18 

Patent applications/million: 0

Rank is determined by applications: 1. 

Percent of internet users: 8.8

 Rank determined by internet connectivity: 21

Rating score on mean: 29.55

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Mozambique’s low rating in the excellence of math and science training and its slow adoption of cutting-edge technology is why it is ranked second in our ranking.

Mathematics and science education standards: 2.59

 13 Rank depending on the caliber of science and mathematics instruction

Tertiary participation percentage: 4.67 

Position based on tertiary enrollment: 14

Millions of patent claims: 0

5.56 percent of people use the web; 1 

based on patent applications, and 18 based on internet access.

Ranking rating on median: 11.65

Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso is yet another African nation that made our list of the dumbest nations in the world. Being an isolated nation, it struggles greatly with the rate of higher education enrollment.

Ranking based on the level of mathematics and science schooling: 3.85

The number of patent claims per million: 0.0244. 

Ranking depending on tertiary admissions: 11

4.6 percent of people use the world wide web; 

14 percent of the population have connections to the web and an average ranking score of 28.85.


Timor-Leste occupies a spot here, with only 1.1% of the population having an Internet connection.

Mathematics and science educational excellence: 2.70 

Rank depending on mathematics and science quality education: 6

Enrolment in tertiary education: 17.94

Number of patent applications per million: 0.2976 Ranking depending on tertiary enlistment: 49

Ranking according to the number of patent applications: 59 

percent of internet users: 1.1

position based on online accessibility: 31

Rank value on average: 27.46


Madagascar is a well-known archipelago with stunning beaches, but the nation is having trouble keeping up with technological innovation.

The educational level in mathematics and science: 3.76.

 Rank associated with educational quality in mathematics and science: 57

Enrolment in tertiary education: 4.27

12. Ranking depending on enrollment in higher education

Millions of patent claims: 0.0457

Rank based on the number of applications: 2.36 

percent of internet users.


If we consider patent applications per million, Lesotho comes in first. The nation also does poorly in the area of higher education.

59.2 based on the quality of mathematics and science schooling.

Quality of mathematics and science education: 3.71

Tertiary education participation %: 10.9

Rank based on participation in tertiary education: 34

Rank based on the number of patent claims: 2


One important factor is how effectively the nation functions in research and development. The key element may be how well the nation educates its inhabitants in mathematics and science, and a third factor could be how many students engage in a university degree. As the last criterion, we added broadband access.

Ultimately, we ranked countries based on their internet availability using the percentage of people who use it. 

What nation is the dumbest on this planet? Since IQ is subjective and affects people differently, there’s no clear-cut answer to this query. Since IQ levels can differ widely from person to person, there is no single correct response to this query. Nevertheless, an IQ of 128 or more is typically regarded as a brilliant IQ. 

The capacity to think is measured by examinations, which can be classified into three primary categories: performance IQ, fluid IQ, and analytical IQ. An IQ test often yields a result of 110. A person’s IQ can be measured using the Wechsler Intelligence scores. For people over 25, the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale-Revised was developed. I hope this article dumbest country in the world was informative.

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