Why You Should Use A VPN?


The term VPN (a virtual private network) sounds intimidating but is easier to use than one might think. VPN is beneficial for individuals and large companies alike. You can do almost everything safely with a VPN, for instance, watching Netflix, transmitting sensitive information, using public WiFi, etc. 

In this guide, we will discuss VPN and its common uses in 2022, so you can learn the best way to use VPN at home or work. 

What Is A VPN?

VPN software helps in protecting your information by making the IP address of your device. The software works by encrypting the routes and data through a secure network to serve different states or even countries. VPN helps to hide your identity online and allows you to browse the internet anonymously. 

Why Use VPN?

There are many other benefits of using VPN app other than increasing security and privacy online. 

Let’s take a look at some of them:

VPN uses for self

Streaming content from any part of the world

Movies and shows available on your favorite streaming app vary from region to region. When you travel abroad and find that your favorite show has disappeared, you can use VPN to connect to the server of your country. This way, you never miss an episode of your favorite show while traveling. 

No more worries about using public Wi-Fi

Have you ever spent some time at a local coffee shop using WiFi, but soon the place becomes overcrowded and uncomfortable? This is the biggest downside of using public WiFi, and so are hackers. If you send or receive any important information using free WiFi like passwords, or files, these could be hacked by cybercriminals.

VPN ensures your connection is always protected, even on public networks. 

Added security to online banking

We all take all the necessary measures to keep our bank account information safe; however, have you ever checked the security of your internet connection? We love online banking for its convincing. However, it would change if our identity is stolen online. 

VPN adds an extra protection layer to online banking without anyone breaking into your account. 

Stay safe when you shop online.

Shopping is now easier than ever, thanks to the Internet. When you spot a lock icon on the Address bar of an online shopping site, the website follows extensive security protocol to keep user data and card information secure. You can add extra encryption using VPN, afterall hackers always find sneaky ways to get into the personal detail of users on websites.

Unblock websites at work or at school 

What do you do if you ever need to access your social media account in school or the office and find that the access is blocked? USE VPN. Many organizations often restrict access to different online services or websites for censorship or saving bandwidth, to increase productivity, and ample other reasons. In such cases, VPN is the essential tool to unblock any website that you need to access.

VPN Uses for Business

Keep Your Shared Network Secure.

Using a shared network increases the risk of hampered privacy. You can use VPN to ensure all shared business communications are safe and secure. As using VPN is legal it also makes the company less susceptible to any form of cyber attack. 

Control Access

VPN offers a feature to access the control options to ensure that confidential information is not accessible to all company employees. You must log into the account and verify authorization to access it.  

Bypass Geo-Blocking.

When you go on business trips, you may face blockage of certain websites in different locations. This can cause hindrance to your work if you need to access any work-related website. With the help of a VPN, you can access your home network anytime and use all the websites.

Maintain Account Access

Banks are always on high alert for fraudulent activity, and people logging into their accounts using a foreign VPN address can be a red flag. You can instead use VPN to log in to your bank using a regular address and avoid account freeze because of suspicious activity. 

Conclusion – So, do I need a VPN?

The answer to this question comes down to your needs. Many people do not need VPN to secure their private networks from cyber crimes. However, there are many benefits of using a VPN. 

If you regularly use public WiFi and are worried about ISP or cyber crimes or are willing to access content from different parts of the world, VPN comes in handy. 

Your online preferences and habits determine the importance of a VPN in your life. Investing in a good VPN app can make a big difference in keeping you safe and secure online.