What Are The Different Types Of Simple Owl Tattoos?

Simple owl tattoo

Owls have been around for thousands of years. They are a common symbol used in English folklore and have stood for beauty, protection, and wisdom. Unfortunately, the tattoo taking the internet by storm combines these symbols with a mischievous personality. The simple owl tattoo is beautiful and beautifully disgusting at the same time. 

It clutches an apple while looking around with its big round eyes, and its colorful feathers make this a favorite to be drawn on your chest or arm. The owl tattoo is also a wisdom, magical, and protection symbol. This creature is depicted in many cultures as a symbol of high intelligence. What better way to represent this than with a tattoo? 

The owl is known to be birds of prey that are larger and stronger than they are. Yet they can still use their wings like hands to grasp onto tiny insects with the hope of catching the other creatures alive so that they can eat them later on. 

Essential about the concept:

The owl brings us back to the Egyptian goddess Isis because that was the meaning of protecting wisdom from robbers and some elements call this tattoo Asclepius, god of healing. This owl tattoo symbolizes protection and wisdom but has its darkest side in stories. At night an owl is known to eat infants to make them come into the world when they are young as they can hear their newborns’ cries, which they can not invoke themselves. 

It is why you should be wary of owls while they are in dark places. An owl tattoo has to be drawn with care. If you want it to look right, or if you want it to look good, or if you want it to look fabulous, then this article is for you. The owl tattoo tells us that you have a higher purpose and wisdom to be learned with your life. 

This creature is also known for its superior eyesight, which enables one to see in the dark by adjusting the lens of their eye. The dark is where this tattoo brings us. It brings us back to the secrets of our past, holding them in its claws while observing with round eyes as it flies around at night.

Owl eyes tattoos:

The color of the flame can be anything from yellow to orange, red, green, or blue. The shape can be round or rhombic. The most common type is round iris and vertical pupil. All these shades are used in tattoos so that the color would blend with your skin color to give you a unique look. The facial expression of this tattoo is like a bright red flame with eyes looking around as if looking for something or someone while clenching an apple in its wings. It is a type of simple owl tattoo.

However, it is possible to design different types of images on the face, but you should look at a lawyer before making this choice because what you are designing might bring bad things to your life. The meaning of this tattoo is to show that you have a higher cause and will be protected from danger. This tattoo is severe and shows that you are not a person to be taken lightly. They also look lovely, but you should never forget that beauty can be deceiving. This tattoo will give you the wisdom you need in your life and protection from the chaos around you.

Owl wings tattoos:

Owl wings tattoos are not only trying to create the illusion of having wings, but they are also trying to represent the idea of having superiority over night creatures like bats or other monsters so they can fly freely at night and hunt for food without being bothered by any creature that comes their way. Some people try to represent the idea that wings are hard to get, which is why you need a bird to spread its wings and bring them out.

Wisdom is also a form of protection, and this tattoo shows that you have something that no one else can understand, like the owl. These tattoos are lovely, but they will bring you good things if you use your time wisely; if you use your time badly without any purpose, it will end up bringing bad things.

Snowy owl tattoo:

The snowy owl is a magnificent creature that never moves its eyes from one direction. In this way, it keeps an eye on its prey until the time comes, and it will fly down to catch them. A person using this tattoo would be a person that never loses in the game of life.

The snowy owl is also often called a witch’s companion because they are seen living with them in the forest. This kind of owl tattoo can be used as a symbol of protection and power or as a reminder that yourself entirely controls your life and you have no one else to share blame for your actions but yourself. Owl tattoos for girls are gorgeous. An owl is known to be a wise creature, and a person with wisdom can be seen as their most beautiful aspect. 

It is said that your soul will have a figure of an owl at night if you have an owl tattoo. So if you want to get this type of tattoo, you should find out more about it before you make your choice because it is your decision whether or not you want to get this kind of skull design.

Women’s owl tattoo meaning

It is the most potent owl and represents protection, vigilance, and the ability to see in the dark. When the owl gets angry, it can use its paws to slash or grab anything near it. Owls are known to have excellent vision and superb night vision, making them very useful in the dark.

These tattoos are gorgeous, but people can also use them to symbolize power and strength, so you need to think about that before you choose to get them.

Small owl tattoos:

The owl is a symbol of wisdom, and wisdom comes from knowledge. So the owl is drawn with its eyes looking in opposite directions as if it was watching everything around it; this way, it can ensure that nothing gets close without the owl noticing it. 

This tattoo is also a sign that you have something to say, and what you say will be heard by many people. It also shows that you are not afraid to speak your mind about anything and everything.

Tribal owl tattoo:

This tattoo is full of mystery, and mystery is a sign that you might have something to tell, but because of the curious nature of this animal, it will never be able to tell what it has for you. The owl represents curiosity and intelligence because they are known to have excellent vision. 

This type of bird tattoo can be used as a symbol of protection or power, so if you think this sounds nice, then you can make that kind of choice. This tattoo is unique and cannot be found anywhere else in the world but in the tree where an Owl lives.

Owl chest tattoo meaning:

Wisdom, serenity and independence are all attributes of an owl tattoo. They can also be seen as a reminder that your life is yours alone and not to blame anyone if things go wrong because they only happen if you make them happen. 

All these kinds of tattoos can be beautiful or harmful, depending on how you use your time. It is up to you to make the right choice about getting an owl tattoo because every choice is essential, and this one will show you what kind of person you are.

Owl neck tattoo meaning:

Boldness, wisdom, and the ability to see in the dark are all attributes of an owl tattoo. When these tattoos are made as a complete drawing, it can represent that you have both eyes open to see everything that is going on around you.

It will also serve as a reminder that your life is essential, and it is up to you to do something good. This tattoo looks beautiful on the neck or shoulder, but it will look even better if you consider what you are designing and why.


Owl tattoos are trendy for both men and women. They are beautiful and can also be used as symbols of something important. If you want to get a simple owl tattoo, you should find out everything about them before making a final decision.