Why Do Korean Women Have Beautiful Complexion?

Reasons why Korean Have beautiful Complexion

We all envy Korean skin. Korean women have a beautiful complexion. We often wonder what do they do differently for achieving such a clear complexion. We all are aware of the 10 steps Korean skincare routine, but is that all that they do? No, there is so much more than the famous 10 steps Korean skincare routine. Korean Diet, 4-2-4 skin cleansing routine, weather, and many reasons responsible for Korean women’s beautiful complexion.

There are five possible reasons for the Korean women’s beautiful complexion.

  • Korean diet– If you believe diet plays no role in getting beautiful skin, then you are wrong. Korean people get a clear complexion because of their diet. A study showed that adults who consumed a Low-glycemic diet for up to 10 weeks had significant improvement in the inflammatory and non-inflammatory acne lesions. The inflammation rate reduced by 50 percent. People consume seaweed, Kimchi, ginseng, bibimbap, and strawberries. Learn how Koreans make their food and try implementing it in your cooking routine.


  • Favorable climatic conditions– the climate is also the reason behind the beautiful and clear complexion of Koreans. The latitude has a great effect on the complexion of people. You will find darker skin in the equatorial regions and fair complexion in the south and north regions. But you will notice fewer variations in regions with a large population. You will see women in the Northeast Asian Countries like Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan are very fair in complexion. Taking preventive measures when going out in the sun will help in maintaining a clear complexion. Slather on the sunscreen and cover your body when going out in the sun. If you are willing to take some risks, you can also consume skin lightening and brightening supplements.


  • Korean Skincare Routine– South Korea rules the skincare world. They offer the best Korean skincare products and have the best skincare routine. Korean women have access to the best serums, toners, face masks, and the best skin treatments and at very affordable prices. The products are priced at very competitive prices; Korean women can apply face masks daily and easily afford multi-layer skincare products. Koreans focus a lot on a clear and smooth skin and religiously follow skincare routine and Pore refining, hydrating and brightening skincare products for glowing face. Korean women regularly visit Aesthetic Doctors and Dermatologists. Following the Korean skincare routine is not very difficult. Be aware of the new skincare innovations and follow the skincare routine religiously.


  • Deep Cleansing– Koreans stress a lot on thorough skin Cleansing. Koreans skin cleansing is more elaborate than Japanese double-cleansing. They cleanse their skin thrice. Koreans follow the 4-2-4 cleansing skincare routine, which was made popular by Suzy Bae. This not a complicated cleansing process. 4-2-4 represents a three-step facial cleansing routine, which requires 10 minutes. The first step in the 4-2-4 skin cleansing routine is using oil-based cleanser or cream to massage the face for 4 minutes. The second step is washing the face using a foam-based cleanser for 2 minutes. The last step is to rinse the face using lukewarm water for 2 minutes and then cold water for another 2 minutes. Using cold water to finish off is a great way to close the pores and preventing skin infections.


  • Perfectionist Mindset– Having a perfectionist mindset is all that you need to get that super glowing and clear complexion. Korean women give utmost importance to their skincare routine and physical appearance. Korean men and women can go to any extent to achieve the perfect looking skin and body. Korean men pay equal attention to a skincare routine and are the biggest consumers of face masks, face mists, and anti-aging skincare products. Korean peoples have different genes, and that is the biggest reason for a brighter complexion, and no matter how much we try, we cannot achieve the same level of perfectionist skin.

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