Enumerate an Indigenous Vibe to Your Inland with the Help of Mandala Tapestries


Mandala Tapestries and Hippie Tapestries are a classic example of exclusive art. Such decorative are entirely handmade. Two kinds of hippie mandala tapestries are accessible, which are bedsheets and wall hangings. Mandala Bedsheets made of cotton are available in trendy and traditional color and also in Bohemian Hand Block Print.

These awesome products may be used as bed sheets, bed covers, curtains, table-cloth, and most of all, tapestries or wall hangings. These tapestries being made up through the method of hand block print, add a cinematic touch to your walls, and literally communicate with you in an intangible manner. The culture of the USA is increasingly adopting tapestries due to their uniqueness.

If you are a culture lover and appreciate ethnic décor, then it is definitely something you’d love to have. A tapestry is an epitome of hard work performed by people who handcraft as well as modify some old clothes, bedsheets, and other necessary things to become a masterpiece.

Some Unique Attributes about Hippie & Mandala Tapestries

The specialty of these tapestries is that they are handcrafted using only traditional methods. These are made up of 100% cotton. These can be gently hand washed or dry cleaned. The mandala tapestries are suitable for all occasions and places where you want to add a pinch of harmony and breezeless. You can use them in the living room, yoga, or meditation area. Tapestries are extraordinary artistries, and one should not miss them to own. A time period of one week is needed to complete these tapestries.

These are gone through screen printing (not covered, quilted, knitted, or woven) using all ancestral approaches. The hippie tapestries are very lean and thin in a structure just like a film. These are extremely finely and tightly constructed with circumscribed edges. The eye-catching fact to these tapestries is that each and every one of them is imperfect in its own way. This imperfection seems to be better than perfection in all senses.

Uses of tapestries can be understood through the elements through which tapestries can be showcased:

  • Wall Hangings
  • Beach Throw
  • Table Clothes
  • Bed Covers
  • Bedsheets
  • Yoga Mat

Some of the Innovative Ways Through Which the Uses of Tapestries Can Be Embraced

As a Headboard

If you intend to give your headboard an exclusive look, then you can opt for covering it with the help of a tapestry. Also, you can add a tinge of uniqueness to your room with the help of using tapestries as a headboard.

As Decorative Pillows

You keep on changing your pillow covers from time to time. And if you are fond of pillows, then you must remain in search of attractive and stylish pillows. If you are interested in some DIY projects, you can make pillows of any shape and cover it with tapestries to locate bloom to your room.

As a Picnic Sheet

Printed tapestries have been transformed into something, i.e., soft and made up of cotton according to the rising need of the same. You can use it as a comfortable picnic sheet for your next outing.

As Chair Pads

Tapestries can also be used as chair pads. Your guests will be mesmerized to see the innovativeness you would be introducing to your space. Also, you can cover your cushions with another design of tapestries and make your space look awe-inspiring.

Tapestries can also be used as:

  • Wallpaper
  • Beach Throw
  • Round Beach Blanket
  • Curtains
  • Round Wall Hangings
  • Floor Poufs
  • Sofa Covers
  • Bed or Outdoor Tent
  • Meditation or Yoga Mat

While revolutionizing the décor of your home, if you still feel something is lacking, you can rectify the errors using these tips.