Essential Tips To Simplify Senior Living

Group Of Senior Couples Enjoying Meal Together In Care Home With Home Help

The irony of old age is well known to the world. While it liberates a person from the jaws of responsibilities, it also encumbers them with fragility, sickness, and the periodic blues. 

If you live with a senior citizen, you may have noticed the difficulties they have to face during their transition into an aging body and the upkeep it demands. But, you can disentangle the stubborn knots of these newfound hardships and make their life simpler.

Read on to know some easy hacks which you can use to make the lives of your beloved elders a little less complicated and a lot more breezy.

  • Buy hassle-free clothing 

For the majority of seniors, moving their limbs freely can seem like a mammoth task. Stiff joints, impaired balance and strength, and loss of motor skills restrict them from doing the most basic task like getting dressed, and hence, senior citizens always look for clothing options that aren’t just comfortable on the skin but convenient to put on and take off. 

Adaptive clothing does this job for them.  These clothes are designed in a way that allows them to dress independently.  The options include magnetic closures, side zippers, and velcro clothing for seniors. 

The designers are considerate of the special needs of the elderly citizens who have to constantly wear medical devices like monitors and braces. Soft clothes with extra room to accommodate these devices (for instance, pants with room for catheters) allow them to carry necessary aids comfortably.

Buying these soft and comfortable adaptive clothing options makes senior citizens self-reliant and keeps their confidence intact.

  • Organize the household items as per their convenience 

Old age is detrimental to memory, as well as movement. And, this side-effect of declining years can sometimes make it challenging for them to even have a glass of water or grab the TV remote. But, with some prudent arrangements, you can remove the complexities from their day to day life.

Arrange their medicines, glasses, mobility devices (if any), phone, TV remote, and every other thing that they use in one place so that they don’t have to rummage through drawers and shelves to find them. You can use turntables on the shelves to further simplify the task. 

  • Ensure their safety within the house

Frail limbs, weak hand-eye coordination, and compromised maneuverability put the elderly citizens in a constant threat of falling or hurting themselves. Their ailing physical, as well as mental health, emphasizes the importance of introducing safety design elements in the house. 

Consider thoughtful repositioning of items like furniture to prevent them from colliding and sustaining injuries. Make all the sharp corners of the furniture blunt.

Furthermore, install anti-skid mats on the floor to prevent them from falling. Make sure that your house is well lit, making it easier for them to move around, especially during the night. Also, install grab rails in the toilets and staircase. 

  • Use embossed stickers for controlling gadgets

Low eye-sight comes as a part and parcel of old age. Their limited vision keeps them from doing basic tasks like dialing mobile phones, operating TV remote, and controlling the AC and lights.

You can simplify this task for them by using embossed dot stickers on the phone and remote buttons. Put these stickers on the most frequently used buttons like call and hang-up buttons, volume buttons, and on and off buttons on the AC remote, as well as light switches. 

The Bottom Line 

Aging is inevitable. You cannot stop your loved ones from growing old, getting weak, and developing age-related diffidence, but you can make things easier for them with a little thoughtfulness. If you live far away from them instead of leaving them alone why not search for senior care brooklyn. This will ensure their safety as well as give you peace of mind.We hope these tips help you in simplifying the life of the senior members in your family.