Everything you need to know about caravan holidays


If you’re thinking about starting your summer in June with a bang, then a caravan holiday is the perfect way to stay!

You can experience both the comforts of your caravan, along with your chosen holiday destination.

What makes these caravans even better, is that (depending on your holiday provider) you can personalise them to your preferences.

But, what else do you need to know about your caravan June breaks UK?

There are different kinds

When opting for a caravan holiday, they’re not all the same – some will be more basic, whilst others will have more luxuries.

Choosing the one you want to stay in will largely count on who you’re holidaying with, how many people, and your budget – do you want that extra bit of luxury?

Check with your holiday provider beforehand, but most should come equipped with washing machines and utilities to help you cook, creating a home away from home!

Choice of locations

Yes, there is more than one location to visit within a caravan – there are lots!

You can choose from a variety of caravan parks to stay at, depending on what kind of holiday you’re looking for.

If you’re travelling in June, the best option might be a sandy beach to enjoy the UK sun and there are a variety of beach locations to choose from, like Cornwall!

It’s not just a caravan

As mentioned, you can choose from a variety of places and parks to stay in your caravan, but many people think that’s all you’ll be able to do – just stay in your caravan.

This couldn’t be further from the truth! You’d be amazed to know how many activities you can partake in around your caravan park, meaning that you never have to spend all day cooped up inside.

For example, many destinations, like the New Forest, offer a wide range of walking trails – perfect for June and those summer evening nights watching the sunset!

You can explore your holiday location, then return to your caravan to wind down after a long day of exploring…


Another great thing to know about caravan holidays is that they’re dog friendly, so you won’t have to leave any member of your family behind.

Remember to check with your holiday provider if you can bring your furry friend and if you can, not only can you explore your favourite holiday destinations, but your dog can too – keeping tails wagging!

Friendly community

As many caravans are located around different parks, there is a large community of people who love to spend their holidays in a caravan, especially at the start of summer.

That means there’s no need to be nervous about meeting new people – even if you don’t become the best of friends with other holiday goers, it’s lovely to have a casual chit-chat with others around you.

But, if you do make some good friends, you could go on walks with your new pals, or sit outside your caravans in the lovely June weather and share some drinks and snacks!

However you decide to spend your caravan holiday in June, you’ll be sure to have an amazing time, so where will you be heading first?