Experience Cruise Nude Once in a Lifetime & Get Quirky All Over


In today’s modern era of the themed cruise, there seem to cruise fit for all and every personality. Given that, just imagine if I tell you that we even have something known as Nude Cruise or Adult Cruise. Would you believe me?? Well well…. You have to because, as per the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR) states that nude recreation is approx. $440 million every year. And so, it isn’t a surprise that every year so many cruises are chartered as nude cruise.

The entire concept of the nude cruise is aimed at people who enjoy naked vacations, or more like nakations in one comfortable and safe environment. Here, in this article, we underlined some basic things you need to know before cruising naked.

Who offers Adult Cruises?

These cruise trips take place on different cruise lines to multiple destinations, though areas with warm weather climate are much preferred. All of these cruises are booked as full ship charters, which basically means that a third party operating company would rent out the entire ship and then sell cabins to different people on board for a nude trip. Nude cruise trips are operated by companies like Bare Necessities, Castaways Travel, etc.

Difference between Regular Cruise and an Adult Cruise

Apart from the undeniable fact, the rules of etiquette and code of conduct are much stringent compared to any regular cruise. For example, companies like Bare Necessities have rules like, no pictures, no touching anybody without their consent, etc. 

Be ready to watch people roam around naked

There are some specific things you require to know before cruising naked. The most basic one being the fact that you will Cruise Nude. Though this seems to be very obvious, the point here is you don’t just need it but accept it as well, provided you need to be much, much comfortable with it. once on the nude cruise, you cannot shy away from people waltzing around naked.

The crew’s cool and clothed too

The cruise lines do an outstanding job in training the crew to manage the Adult cruise with finesse. Provided, the team is clothed. Yes, you read it right. On a nude cruise, the crew attending to people is completely clothed. 

No Kids, please!!

Many alternative lifestyle cruise lines have the policy of ‘No Kids,’ Nudist Cruise being obviously one of those. Not because they hate kids or so, but for the apparent reason (in case of a nude cruise, as the name itself suggests). In addition to this, many people on being asked said, the basic reason for them to go on a cruise was to get out of ‘Parenting mode.’ 

Costume and theme parties are a must for Nudist

Mostly, costume and theme parties are a must on nude cruises. It is more like wearing costumes out of as little clothing as possible. You could even call it wearing an outfit good enough to pass it for not wearing any clothing.

Nudists are not always Swingers

It is a common belief amongst people that all nudists are swingers. It is just not true. Not all nudists are swingers (people who practice sex with different partners). You will be astonished to know that many nudists are wholesome couples, deeply in love with each other, who wouldn’t want to switch their partners for anything in the world. For them, it is more like, their will to add in some spice to their sugary sweet relationship.

Is it necessary to be naked for all?

A good answer to this question is NO. There is no specific rule which says you have to be naked on an adult cruise. But then, what is the point in going on a Nude Cruise if you aren’t going to be naked. Though it might take some time for people to ease in such an environment, still, there is no problem in wearing a piece or two of clothing until you get comfortable enough to wander around naked.

Hope this article helps you out in deciding your next quirky vacation on a Nudist Cruise. If you want to make your beachy trip turn into more fun, click here to see the ideas.