5 Things About Green Crystals We Bet You Didn’t Know About


For many reasons, crystals are said to have several powers that have helped in stabilizing man’s life for centuries. From aligning chakras to fighting depression and bringing peace to mind, Healing crystals have been used for many purposes for ages. And among them, the most popular and powerful ones are the green crystals. 

No other color is as relaxing as green, as it symbolizes mother nature and reminds you that you are a crucial part of this beautiful environment. Apart from being soothing to the eyes, green crystals help ease out your surroundings and provide a kind of physical and emotional strength.

In ancient times many cultures regarded green as a symbol of wealth and prosperity and was often worn by people in the form of crystals to attract abundance.

Even in today’s world, where most people don’t believe in healing crystals, many celebrities and famous personalities have been seen wearing them.

If you are curious to know more about how crystals can help you align your chakras or kill your anxiety, then stay tuned. In this article, we’ve compiled everything you need to know about green crystals and which one would suit you the best.

How do Green Crystals work?

Although there is no scientific evidence behind the working of green crystals and their healing process, many people who have tried them have found them beneficial in many different ways.

According to experts, green crystals act as a power source for healing and allow positive and fruitful energy to flow into your body. And like any other form of therapy, green crystals work by maneuvering energy levels, thereby focusing on healing your body from the inside.

Benefits of Green crystals

Green crystals for Physical Healing

When chosen correctly, green crystals can also help your body’s physical healing and rejuvenation. Being green in color, these crystals are regarded as heart chakra stones that positively impact your cardiovascular health.

They help strengthen your heart, lungs, and the whole respiratory system, allowing you to breathe more deeply and easily, flushing each cell of your body with fresh oxygen.

Green crystals are a great option for people with low energy levels and a poor immune system- as they help empower physical and mental health, giving an improved sense of strength to the body.

These green crystals also help restore the sleep cycle and peace and calm the mind.

Green crystals for Wealth

In many ancient cultures, green was regarded as a symbol of wealth and prosperity and was often associated with abundance. Available in various shades of green, these crystals are said to bring good luck and success, as they help you stay focused and full of energy at work and projects. They also increase your creativity levels when creating new ideas or lifework.

Chose the ideal green crystal for yourself, and you’ll see wealth spilling to your door in many different ways.

Green crystals for curing your heart chakra

Close to nature, green crystals will unlock your heart to heavenly light, profound love, and true healing with their paranormal powers. These stones will help you lose any stagnant energy present in your heart and unblock your heart chakra to receive and give love in the purest you wish to overcome any past problems of mistrust, heartbreak, or betrayal. These green crystals are an ideal pick for you.

Green crystals for Healthy Relationships

Fill your house with these beautiful green crystals, and you’ll see your relations with your family and friends getting better. These stones not only improve your relationship with others but also with yourself. They will help you build beautiful bonds with your loved ones cutting down the feelings of jealousy and insecurity.

Try these green crystals, and you’ll witness the changes yourself.

Do green crystals work?

These gorgeous green colored gemstones have their vibrations and frequencies, which arise mainly due to their molecular composition and green color. 

From the way they are used, these vibrations uplift our mood and improve our mental and physical health similarly as therapeutic oils and aromatherapy do.

These crystals absorb the negative energy around you, leaving only positive energy.

When used in a particular way, these green crystals can also improve concentration and creativity. 

Altogether, they help to cleanse your system and rejuvenate your body naturally.

Are you planning to align your chakras and infuse your life with positive energy with green crystals but couldn’t find the right one yet, dont worry; we’ve come up with a list of green crystals that cater to various needs. Stay tuned

8 Best Green Crystal Names


This heavenly green stone is great to soothe your soul and calm your mind. The color of this stone will always remind you of earthiness that symbolizes peace and harmony.

This one is a great option for plants and pets as well.

While crocodile jasper will provide you with a sense of security, ocean jasper will invite you to explore the deepness of your soul.

Try this healing stone and let us know…

Green Jade

The reason behind the immense popularity of green jade as an amulet lies in its quality of bringing good luck. For centuries, people have used this stone to attract good luck and fortune.

It is the ideal pick if you want to; pace up your business and attract wealth, abundance,e and prosperity in your life.

With good luck, green jade also brings confidence and protection against misery with itself.


Also known as the gamblers stone, Green aventurine is the ideal stone for you to attract money and prosperity into your life. This type of crystal is cool to touch and symbolizes the kind of energy it brings very well.

Not only does this stone help you attract good fortune, but it also protects you against any misfortune coming your way.


If you lack self-confidence and the power to make decisions, then this stone s the perfect one for you. Green in color with red spots on it, bloodstone is also known as the warrior stone, and it will help increase your confidence levels ver well.

In ancient times, warriors on the battlefield used bloodstone as it granted a sense of protection to them and kept them mentally and physically strong.

It would bring the same energy to your life and make you and your decisions stand out.


With a soothing shade of green, this stone will help you maintain a balance between your spiritual nature and physical powers.

It is a symbol of courage and calmness and can be used to increase the levels of creativity in your life or to manifest your dreams and ambitions.

Green Calcite

With the same freshness as limes, this gem is believed to bring a burst of freshness and vitality to people’s lives,

Green Calcite is associated with the feelings of compassion and forgiveness towards others and one’s self. It teaches you to let go of things and forgiveness and ultimately find your flow in life.

Green quartz

This light green crystal gets its name from the greeks and is also known as Prasiolite. This type of stone will bring joy to your life and clear out any stagnant energy inside your heart and mind. For those who want to give a fresh start to their life and invite more love, this stone is the best option to go with


This beautiful light green crystal is as fresh as spring and is sure to bring a rain of abundance and prosperity to your life. It will make you rediscover the joys of life and align your chakras with soothing your body, mind, and heart.

How to use Green Crystals?

There are many ways to use these gorgeous Green Crystals, but the best one of them is to keep them close to your body. Wearing gemstones is a very old culture, and, in this way, you let these magical stones stay close to your mind and body to sync with the vibrations of your body and help align the chakras.

Keeping them close to your skin will help them work more effectively and improve your wellbeing.

Best stones to combine with Green Crystals.

Pink gemstones

Green crystals are best combined with pink ones as they complement each other’s color very well, and both of them are chakra healing stones for the heart. Any of the soft pink gemstones like Rose Quartz, Rhodonite, Morganite, etc., can be easily combined with these green crystals to make the perfect matches.

Clear crystals 

Apart from the pink ones, clear crystals can also be teamed up with the green ones as they will uplift your power levels very efficiently.

Final Words:

The color green represents growth in life; it is the color of flourishing souls and hearts. Keeping everything aside, the color keeps you connected with nature.

Green Crystals are great for keeping yourself connected to nature and attracting wealth, abundance, and prosperity into one’s life.

Try these Green crystal options to align your chakras and clean your aura. Do let us know how they turned out for you.