Forgotten Early 2000s Kids Shows You Must Not Remember

Forgotten early 2000s kids shows

Forgotten early 2000s kids shows:

Cartoons enjoyed a golden age in the 2000s.In the first decade of the new millennium, children devotedly tuned into the Big Three:Every day, viewers tune in to Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, and Cartoon Network to watch their favorite shows, including SpongeBob SquarePants and The Wild Thornberrys.

There was another cartoon that wasn’t quite as memorable for every Dexter’s Laboratory.These now-forgotten shows were on in the 00s when kids were watching their favorite shows.You did not turn off Nickelodeon once it had finished airing for the day.

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When that commercial revealed the next hour and a half of programming, which started with Hey Arnold!, a show you didn’t like, Rugrats.Just now, you watched the entire block.This list honors those forgotten cartoons.They aren’t necessarily bad, but they don’t have the same legacy as SpongeBob SquarePants.

Although they may have started in the 1990s or ended in the ’10s, every show on this list aired in the first decade of the 2000s.We’ve already looked at completely forgotten teen films and live-action TV shows from the 2000s; now it’s time to look at toons.

Completely Forgotten 2000s Kids’ Cartoons will transport you back to Saturday morning cartoons from your childhood.

THE DAYCodename:

Kids Next Door, which aired on Cartoon Network from 2002 to 2008 under the codename Kids Next Door, is a show about five children who are members of Kids Next Door, a global organization that fights evil adults.In Sector V, our five main characters live in a high-tech tree house.They fight against the horrible things that adults force kids to do, like flossing and homework.

These scumbags are known to us by both their common and codenames:Numbuh One, Numbuh Two, Numbuh Three, and Numbuh FiveTheir leader is Numbah 1.He doesn’t really look like a child because he is bald;more like Lex Luthor if he wore sunglasses from the 1990s.Except for Numbuh 3, everyone’s eyes are obscured by hair or glasses for some reason.What makes her unique?

In any case, these five youngsters are really cool.They move about like spies and each has a unique skill in combat.Additionally, the opposition to homework can be supported by any young viewer.

Forgotten Cartoons Grim Adventures:

The Grim Reaper is forced to be the enslaved best friend of two children in The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy (2001–2007).Billy with no brains and smart, cynical Mandy.He does whatever these two children want.The show’s best element is Mandy:She is tough and funny, and she spews insults like it’s her job.However, the way her hair is drawn is a little off.On the other hand, Billy is kind of annoying.Although his character was intended to be stupid, his exaggerated dumb voice quickly becomes irritating.

Grim & Evil was originally a show that combined the Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy and another series called Evil Con Carne.The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy quickly became the more successful of the two when Cartoon Network split them up into separate shows.

Braceface (2001–2006):

In Braceface, Alicia Silverstone plays Sharon Spitz, an adolescent who gets braces and learns that they have strange electromagnetic powers that put her in dangerous situations.In addition, having braces generally causes awkwardness.During the time that this show was on, a lot of kids in the ’00s were going through painful orthodontic treatment, which was related to Sharon’s struggles.

Connor, a nerdy but lovely person, and Maria, a stylish woman, are Sharon’s best friends.Also, Sharon and Alden, her crush, have a very cute storyline about trying to find the right time to fall in love.Sharon was moved to tears by an amazing voice performance by an Alicia Silverstone post-Clueless.Stacey DePass took her place after she left the show before the third and final season.The show clearly suffered as a result.


Which ran from 1997 to 2001, was a wonderful show about six friends and their adventures during the daily recess at their school.Each child has a unique personality.There is a self-assured leader named Theodore J. “T.J.” Detweiler, a jock named Vince LaSalle, a tough girl named Ashley Spinelli, a sweet boy named Mikey Blumberg, a nerdy Gretchen Grundler, and a shy guy named Gus Griswald.With her big boots and leather jacket, Spinelli was a badass who everyone knew.Pamela Adlon, best known for her work on Louie and the Better Things, provided the character’s voice.Then there is Ms. Finster, the unpleasant teacher with the granny glasses and gray hair who constantly tries to ruin recess.

You may be familiar with the theatrical film Recess:School has ended.Our protagonists return to the dreaded educational establishment to stop a villain who is attempting to eliminate recess during the summer, when school is out.

The characters of Dave the Barbarian (2004–2005):

This medieval-era television series follows Dave, a timid and bumbling barbarian who lives in the kingdom of Udrogoth.Dave, his ferocious sister Fang, and his superficial sister Candy are left to defend the castle and kingdom while his parents, the King and Queen, are frequently away.Faffy, a small, pig-like dragon with a few crayons left in the box, is the delightful family pet.The show’s narrator talks to the characters and vice versa, breaking the fourth wall.

Dave the Savage is like The Flintstones in the manner it consolidates the middle age setting with present day developments and distractions, yet Dave doesn’t measure up to Fred Flintstone.Dave the Barbarian was okay, but it only ran for one season before it was canceled.

Fillmore!Fillmore! (2002-2004):

Displays his school ID, Fillmore!gets its name from Cornelius Fillmore, played by Orlando Brown of That’s So Raven.Fillmore is a juvenile offender, and after his most recent misdemeanor, the safety patrol at his school offers him the chance to join them and start over.

Together with his friend and fellow officer Ingrid Third, portrayed by the prolific voice actress Tara Strong, Fillmore solves crimes at school.Horatio Sanz, Jeff Probst, and Wendie Malick round out the cast.

Fillmore!is sort of a children’s police procedural.Fillmore and Ingrid solve child-friendly crimes like who stole Lobster the Lobster, the school mascot.Their team was pretty amazing.Also noteworthy:Ingrid has black hair that is very shiny.The show was only on ABC Kids for two seasons.Fortunately for Fillmore! fans,Disney Channel regularly broadcast reruns.

Completely Spies:

From 2001 to 2014, the protagonists of Totally Spies!

Completely Spies!is a cartoon in the style of anime that follows three friends in Beverly Hills, Sam, Alex, and Clover, as they work as spies for the World Organization for Human Protection (WOOHP) in secret double lives.Their busy lives as high school students help them keep that in check.Each of the three heroines was a familiar face to every preteen girl.The spies are dressed in well-known catsuits, and each girl has a favorite color:yellow for Alex, red for Clover, and green for Sam.

Jerry, a suit-clad middle-aged British man, is their boss. He gives them cool gadgets and gives them missions.Fox Kids and Cartoon Network broadcasted the French and Canadian series in the United States.It ran for six seasons, which were spread out between 2001 and 2014.

Angela Anaconda (1999-2001):

 Angela Anaconda It is necessary to state the following:Angela Anaconda’s animation is upsetting.Cutout animation, a type of stop-motion animation, was used in the show, giving each character the appearance of being assembled from black-and-white photographs.However, their clothing and hair were colored, giving the impression that they were pale corpses.Additionally, Angela’s voice is irritating and grating.

In the fictitious town of Tapwater Springs, the show follows Angela Anaconda and her friends on a daily basis.The Canadian-American show began as a collection of shorts on Nickelodeon’s KaBlam! sketch show.It was shown on Nickelodeon and Fox Kids in the United States.This show had high ratings and ran for three seasons despite its visually terrifying nature and mixed reviews from critics.

Characters from the anime series Hamtaro (2000–2006):

Hamtaro is a cute Japanese anime series about hamsters.What more information do you require?

It was aired in the United States, dubbed in English, on Fox Kids and Cartoon Network.”Little hamsters, big adventures” serves as the show’s catchphrase.A 10-year-old girl by the name of Laura Haruna (Hiroko Haruna in the Japanese version) owns Hamtaro, the main hamster.

The Ham-Hams (awww) are the name of Hamtaro’s friends.They all have adorable names like Panda, Jingle, and Pashmina and big, cute eyes.Boss is their leader, or Taisho in Japanese.

The show originally ran from 2000 to 2006, but it has been brought back a lot of times.In Japan, Hamtaro is a well-known brand:There are movies, video games, toys, manga, a children’s book series, and video games.Sadly, it did not fare as well in the United States.