types of nail polish

Did you even know that nail paints come in different classes? If not, let me tell you that there are various types of nail polish. This article will help you know the different kinds of nail polish you can have in your collection.

  1. Crème

It is the most basic type and standard nail polish that all women use. It is dinky shiny and comes in different colours. You must have used this type of nail polish many times.

  1. Metallic

Metallic nail paint is a nail polish with a metallic finish. It does not contain glimmer as a glint nail polish does. It has a metallic lustre, just like gold or silver has. It does not have a boorish texture like the glitter nail polish has.

  1. Gel

Gel nail paint is entrenched, non-resistant, and expensive, but people mostly confuse it with crème nail paint. In today’s date, you don’t need to go to salons to get gel nail paints with UV Lamps, and this can be done at home to get similar results.

  1. Chrome

Many nail paints are said to be chrome nail paints, but it is more of a manicure. You can always buy chrome nail paints to get a mirror-like rumination. It is more of a treatment of manicure, which is better if done at the salon to get the best results. This long-lasting treatment is worth doing.

  1. Pearl

This pearl nail polish was famous in the ’90s and used at it most. It contains admirable pearlescent particles, which give this nail polish an exclusive, elegant gleam.

  1. Glitter

It is simple to identify glitter nail polish. Whenever you find glitter in a nail polish like stars or squares, that is glitter nail polish. It is applied to solid colours to give the nails a perfect look.

  1. Matte

This nail paint keeps the nails coloured but also keeps it shine-free. These are exclusive pastel shades. These colours feel like you have sketched your nails with sketch pens.