Rapper Babytron Real Name, Net Worth, and Biography

babytron real name

Babytron real name – James Johnson III, who goes Babytron real name, is a rapper from the United States. He became famous for his first album called “Bin Reaper,” where he collaborated with the well-known rapper Lil Yachty. BabyTron is also part of the rap crew called “shittyBoyz.” In 2023, BabyTron is believed to have about $500,000 in his bank account.


Babytron real name is James Johnson II, was born on June 6, 2000, in Ypsilanti, Michigan. His dad, Mr. Sadistic, is a rapper known for Motown Rage, and his mom is an English teacher. During his early years, he enjoyed listening to 80s pop music a lot, and it eventually became his favorite kind of music.

BabyTron’s Net Worth and Career

At first, BabyTron began his rap journey as a part of a group called the ShittyBoyz, alongside TrDee and StanWill. He started rapping about things like hacking VPNs, doing scams, and using stolen credit cards, following the style of rapper Teejayx6.

BabyTron was really good at creating unique beats, which caught the attention of many music producers. He collaborated with producers like Marc Anthony, Helluva, and Danny G.

As time went on, BabyTron improved his lyrics and developed his own style. He even casually rapped over Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal.” He rapped over 19 different beats on his relentless project, “Prince of The Mitten.” In 2021, BabyTron released four projects and gained popularity not only among mainstream rap fans but also in his own region.

His most recent album, “Megatron,” came out in March 2022. This album has 23 songs, and each one feels special in its own way. The album’s title is a tribute to Detroit Lions Legend, Calvin Johnson, who was nicknamed after the Transformers villain because of his toughness and strength. 

BabyTron is becoming more and more productive like Calvin Johnson, and he’s representing Detroit in his music.

BabyTron’s Music and Videos:

In November 2021, he released an album called “Bin Reaper 2.” In the beginning of the album, he used a part from Harry Potter as a sample. On the first track called “Half-Blood Prince,” he rapped with clever lyrics and mentioned many things from pop culture.

Then, in June 2022, he put out a song called “Emperor of the Universe.” In this song, he used a mix of different musical instruments and drew inspiration from artists like Lil Wayne. So far, he has released 6 solo projects and 5 more with his group, ShittyBoyz.

BabyTron also shares music videos for his songs on his official YouTube channel called “BabyTron SB.” He posted the official video for the song “Dog Shit Militia Cypher #1” on August 5. 

Also, he uploaded the official video for “Blah Blah Blah” on July 31, 2022. In June 2022, he released a popular track called “Mr. Do The Dash” and the official video for it has gotten over 1 million views as of August 2022.

BabyTron’s Weight and Height

BabyTron is currently 22 years old, and he is about 5 feet 11 inches tall, which is roughly 180 centimetres. He weighs around 65 kilograms, which is about 143 pounds. We don’t know his chest, waist, or hip sizes, but his hair and eyes are both dark brown.

About His Personal Life

As for his personal life, BabyTron hasn’t given any information about his romantic relationships. It’s not clear whether he’s single or dating someone because he’s kept that private. He’s a rapper from Michigan, and on his official Instagram account, @babytron, which has 509,000 followers, he hasn’t posted anything about his relationships or affairs. 

He seems active on Instagram and on August 11, he shared a video promoting a new music video by his group, ShittyBoyz, called “Video Games.”

BabyTron’s Net Worth

As of 2023, BabyTron has around $500,000 to his name. He made most of this money from his music. He also gets money from his YouTube channel, where he makes between $11.7K and $187.6K each year.