How long does it take for the tattoo to heal on average?


You’ll undoubtedly be anxious to show off your tattoo once you’ve decided to get one, but it may takes longer than you expect to properly heal.

The healing process is divided into four phases, and the time it would take for the tattoo to heal depends on the size of a tattoo, its location on your skin, and your personal habits.

This page will discuss the stages for tattoo mending, how long they take, and any indicators that your tattoo isn’t healing properly.

The visible surface of skin (the area you see) usually heals in two to three weeks after receiving a tattoo. While it may appear to be healed, and you’d be tempted to let off on the aftercare, the skin beneath a tattoo can take up to 6 months to fully heal.

1st week

The very first stage lasts around a week, from the first to the sixth day. During the first few hrs, the new tattoo will also be bandaged; after that, it will be deemed an open wound. You may experience redness, seeping, minor irritation or swelling, or even a tingling pain as your body reacts to the injury.

Week two

Itching and flaking are possible during this time. Flaky skin isn’t a cause for concern; it’s a natural reaction, and also the ink will stay unchanged, even if some of it appears to be peeling away.

Avoid scratching or picking at the scabs. A tattooist or doctor may recommend a moisturiser to keep the skin all around tattoo hydrated and relieve itching.

Weeks three and four

It’s possible that your tattoo will start to dry out, & the itching will go away. If it doesn’t, and the redness persists, the tattoo may be infected. So a covering on dry skin has grown over your tattoo, it may appear to be less bright than planned.

This will spontaneously exfoliate itself, displaying the brilliant tattoo. Refrain from picking or scratching, as this may result in scarring.

Months two through six

Scratching & redness should have faded by now, and your tattoo should appear to be entirely healed, though it’s still a good idea to keep up with aftercare. Staying hydrated, using SPF or sun-protective clothes, and keeping the tattoo clean are all important aspects of long-term tattoo care.

How can I speed up the healing process?

Everybody wants their tattoos to recover quickly, but it takes time and care, just like any other wound. There are a few things you could do to accelerate your recovery.

Clothing can be used to hide tattoos.

Sunlight can fade your tattoo, and new tattoos are particularly vulnerable to the sun. When you’re out in the sun, hide the tattoo using loose clothing such as long sleeves or slacks. Only use sunscreen after the tattoo has healed completely.

Apply ointment to the affected area.

Because your tattoo needs air to heal, you should avoid using heavy moisturisers like Vaseline until your artist specifically advises you to.

Your artist will most likely recommend applying paraffin, petroleum, or vitamins A and D during the first few days. You can use a milder, fragrance-free aftercare moisturiser or even pure coconut oil after a few days.

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