2020 Guide To A Cleaner and Healthier Indoor Air At Home

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Your home is where you and your loved ones should feel the safest. That safety comes from knowing that you are breathing healthy, fresh air every second of every day. Although one would think that with regular cleaning and dusting, the air quality in their house would be perfect, that is not always the case. Some people find it challenging to maintain a cleaner airflow in their houses.

If you too are struggling with this, read on to find out the most effective, air-purifying methods in 2020.

Install Air Filters/ Purifiers

Having clean air in each room of the house can be tricky. No matter how hard you clean a room, there will almost always be some particles stuck in the air that can cause respiratory problems. According to this filterbuy information, an effective way of dealing with this problem and purifying the air is by installing air filters or purifiers. Air filters use fans to move the air towards the appliance where it is treated and cleaned. They work on eliminating small particles of dust and other contaminants such as smoke, and can also release hot or cold air depending on the season. Air purifiers, on the other hand, work on killing any airborne bacteria and molds by using an electrical charge to attract and eliminate the impurities

Check Your Cleaning Products

Cleaning your house on a regular basis is great for maintaining a healthy household. However, many people purchase cleaning products without carefully checking their components which can have adverse effects on the air quality inside your home. Many cleaning products contain certain substances that can produce toxic gases when used, including ammonia and chlorine, which are incredibly harmful to inhale. When attempting to purchase safe cleaning products, you should check that the label says the product contains low or no VOCs (volatile organic compounds) to ensure that they will not compromise your air quality.

Consider Investing in an AC

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Although it might not seem like it, the air that can be found indoors is still likely to have allergens— either in small or large percentages, depending on the cleanliness of the place— that taint the air quality. If you or someone in your house suffer from any type of respiratory disease like asthma, then these allergens would most likely have a bigger effect on you. This is where the AC units come to the rescue. Most people buy air conditioners simply to use them when the weather is too hot during the summer. But quality air conditioners can actually purify the air from all those allergens and most other pollutants, so investing in one can offer you much healthier air running indoors.

Keep Any Greenery Outside

Numerous people buy plants and place them indoors, not just for the aesthetic quality they add, but also because they think that this can help clean the air inside the house. The truth is, it can have the complete opposite effect. The plants that you grow indoors can be a hotbed for different types of airborne bacteria and, at times, even mold. Yes, plants can naturally improve the quality of oxygen, however, the cons of placing them indoors are a lot more than their pros in this case.

Allow Regular Fresh Air In

The easiest and most basic way of ensuring the air inside your home is both clean and pure is by regularly letting fresh air in and ventilating the house properly. Every house has some kind of ventilation source. From windows to balconies or even doors that lead to terraces, you should always try to keep these sources of fresh air, wide open whenever possible to allow healthy, fresh air in and release any old, polluted air out. When this process is done routinely for a little period of time, you would quickly notice the cleanliness of the place and how much better the air smells afterward.

Maintaining a clean home requires maintaining clean and pure air indoors. Although it might seem challenging at first, improving the air quality in your house is not that hard. All you would need to do is ensure that your house is well-ventilated and avoid anything that might contaminate that air quality. If your budget allows for it, you can always invest in purifiers or air conditioning units that can help make your life easier. This is especially important if the ventilation sources in your home are not that wide, or if they don’t let in that much fresh air. In all cases, routine cleanliness is key to keeping your house healthy.