15 Effective Home Remedies To Attain Relief From Pink Eye

how to cure pink eye fast

Got struck by pink eye? No medicine is working effectively? Pink eye also is known as Conjunctivitis, is equivalent to a menace for any person who is going through it. It becomes really tough to carry our daily work normally because it turns out to be a complete nuisance. After all, nothing can compare the gift of clear vision bestowed by the Almighty. But it is impossible for us to escape from the problem of sore eyes because today’s hectic lifestyle includes working on computers and laptops for hours and hours and this is the main cause of the pink eye. Generally, it gets cured within 10 to 12 days but these days are not less than years, especially when you go through the trouble. It is such a transmissible disease that it can taint other family members or friends quickly. So, it is really important for you to get rid of it as soon as possible. Though there are numberless home remedies available on cyberspace it is really confusing to make a decision to choose. Hence, we enlist the top 15 home remedies to cure the pink eye fast. Check them out:


1. Saltwater Eye-lotion:

Since time undefined, salt is acknowledged for its antiseptic attributes. So, when it comes to curing a problem like a Pink eye, it will serve as one of the best home remedies. But then you have to bear a little pricking sensation. What you need to do is, to boil one cup of purified water and mix one teaspoon of salt into it. Now, wait till the water cools down and resolves the salt properly within it. Once it is done, spirt this saltwater eye-lotion with the help of an eyedropper about four to five times a day and you will surely analyze the relief instantly. Some irritation is but obvious so if you can handle it easily, then only for this home remedy.

2. Boric Acid Eyewash:

Our kitchen is full of granny’s secret and superb remedies. All that is required is the ability of our eyes to find it out and a sharp memory to remember them for our current and next generation. One of the many remedies is Boric Acid Eyewash which also imbibes of wondrous antiseptic elements within it, just like the salt and this makes it a very effective cure. Boil a cup of distilled water and mix some boric acid in it. Let the water come down to the normal temperature and then it becomes ready to be used as an eyewash for healing pink eye. You are sure to notice a lot of relief with every cleaning and by the next day, the problem of pink eye will be cured.

3. Honey:

Honey is such a boon from nature that if we start counting on its qualities, the words will be too less to describe. Highly plentiful in antibacterial and antiseptic qualities, Honey proves to be an effectual home remedy to deal with the trouble of pink eye. Now, you might be thinking, how is this possible? But yes, it is. Quickly take a container and add two cups of water in it along with three tablespoons of honey. Now put this water on boiling. Once done, wait till it cools down. The honey eyewash is ready to be used and you can wash your eyes with the help of it. This amazing home remedy will not only assuage you from the bothersome symptoms of Pink eye but will quicken the mending process.

4. Potato:

Potato for pink eye… Don’t be amazed, because this actually works! Apart from loving potato for yummy French fries and masala mashed potatoes, you will also praise its sanative properties which work efficaciously to cure the vexatious Pink Eye and lend you with a lot of relief. Pick up one potato from your vegetable basket and cut sleek slices of it. Now place those slices on your pink eye for about 10 to 15 minutes. Do it for various times during a day and undergo the result yourself. Do not re-use those potato slices else discard them immediately once used. A great relief from itching, the reduction is puffing and redness caused by pink eye can be seen after the proper use of potato slices as a home remedy. After all, at that point in time, you won’t ask for anything more than this.

5. Black and Green Teas:

There is no one who has been unknown about the benefits of green tea and so are those of black tea. Both, Green tea and black tea are satiated with bio-flavonoids which assist a lot in fighting against the dangerous bacteria and viruses causing severe infections. They also abridge the trouble that occurred due to inflammation. When the issue is about curing a pink eye, this tea can turn to be a miracle in your life. Make a few tea bags of both these tea and soak them into purified water for a couple of minutes. Now, enforce these tea bags on your eyes for 15 to 20 minutes in a comfort mode. Remove them when the time is up and throw away these used tea bags into the dustbin. The phenotypes and tannins available in the tea will allay the swelling in or nearby your pink eye and grant you relief against the infection caused. Moreover, you can even take the use of that water which had tea bags soaked in it as eyewash for the rest of the day.

6. Cucumber:

Cucumber is bestowed with such cooling qualities that its impact is bound to be there. It works as an awesome home remedy to heal the nuisance caused by the pink eye. It imparts a solacing relief against the inflammation and also relaxes oneself from the irritation. Now, as a curative treatment for pink eye, you need to take a fresh cucumber and cut two slices of it. Now immerse these slices in chilled ice water for a period of ten minutes and then immediately put these on your closed eyelids. Within a few seconds, you will be able to feel the soothing effect of cucumber which will further grant you a lot of comforts.

7. Pro-biotic:

Medically, Pro-biotic is skilled in killing the dangerous bacteria of our body. Hence, they turn out to be an excellent home remedy to cure the bothersome pink eye. One of the best examples of pro-biotic is: Natural yoghurt. Now, the question is how to make use of it? Take a small bowl and pour ample quantity of natural yogurt in it so that two cotton balls can be immersed properly. Once these balls soak yogurt properly, apply these on your closed eyelids. Let it remain there for a period of 15 to 20 minutes. An instant comfort against the irritation, swelling, and redness will be attained. Also, this home remedy is effective in killing the bacteria that has caused a pink eye so you will definitely take a sigh of relief.

8. Hot and Cold Compresses:

The worst part of the pink eye is that it leads to a lot of uneasiness like continuous itching, pricking sensation, puffing, watery discharge, swelling, redness and even burning sentience. One feels like scratching his or her hair, with so many discomforts. So, we get a brilliant home remedy for you that will alleviate all your troubles regarding the pink eye. It is hot and cold compresses but one should know, which compress to use for what trouble. So, here comes a proper guidance in the same regard. The cold compress serves as an effective helping hand to heal inflammation, itchiness and pricking sensation and for this, you need to put water-soaked aseptic gauze bandage inside your freezer for half an hour. Then take it out and place it on your closed eyelids. You will undergo comfort instantly. On the other hand, hot compress assists in healing the watery discharge speedily. What you need to do is to dip a clean washrag in a warm water bowl and when properly wet, take it out and place it on your eyes for about five minutes. This is sure to grant a lot of relief.

9. Milk:

Milk has the best properties to heal your eyes with the soothing effect and so it is sure to benefit you to overcome you from the trouble of pink eye. Now what you need to do is to take a bowl filled with cold milk and soak two cotton balls in it. Once the milk is properly absorbed by the balls, it is ready for use. Put them on your eyes to derive quick relief from the nuisance caused by the pink eye. This is sure to become your first preference in order to heal this issue. The same idea can be used hot compress as well. In spite of soaking cotton balls in cold milk, use warm milk in its place. But the soothing effect will remain the same and deliver equal comfort to you. Mark a point on board that so test the warmness of the milk before you use warm milk as an eyewash else you will result in hurting or burning your eye.

10. Golden Seal:

Golden Seal is a popular herbal plant that constitutes an awesome threesome and they are: It is an astringent with anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory qualities. It is highly plenteous in contending infections and stamping out bacteria because it comprises of a compound known as Berberine. You need to take one cup of water of boiled water and resolve two teaspoons of goldenseal in it. Then soak two cotton balls in this and when absorbed the mixture completely puts them on your eyes. Another way to make use of this medicative herb is to make eye drops out of it and for this, you will need three different herbs: comfrey, goldenseal, and chamomile. Now soak all the three in a boiled water bowl for about 15 minutes and then filter the solution and use it as eye drops.

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  1. Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera is bestowed with healing qualities and hence serves to be very helpful to heal the pink eye. Blend the gel of aloe vera and freeze it into the form of ice cubes and when ready, you can use it to comfort the problem of a pink eye by enfolding it in a cloth and placing it on the eyes. In addition, you can even blend the juice of aloe vera with little cold water and use this by soaking two cotton balls in it and placing it over your closed eyelids. You will feel great with such a soothing effect.

12. Castor Oil Eye Drop:

Have you ever checked the ingredient listing on the bottle of eye drop? Never… then, check it now. Most of the branded eye drops have castor oil within them as a common constituent. So, why to go for a meditative eye drop when you have the original one? With the help of an eyedropper, drop one or two drops of pure castor oil in your eyes. Now close the eyes for next five minutes and remember, little irritation but normal. Do it a couple of times in a day and see how quickly you get relieved from the pink eye infliction. Easy and quick to do!

  1. Chamomile Eyewash:

Chamomile flowers are naturally bestowed with cooling and solacing calibers. Hence works as an excellent cure for pink eye. All that needs to be done is to prepare chamomile eyewash and for this, you will need to boil one cup of water and add one teaspoon of dried chamomile flowers to it. Let it steep only for five minutes and then filter the solution. Once it cools down to a normal temperature, you can use it as eyewash. The best part is that the same chamomile eyewash can also be used as a compress.

14. Indian Gooseberry Juice:

Now, apart from eyewash and compress, the last way to treat eye soreness is drinking Indian gooseberry juice. Make a juice from Indian gooseberry and mix one teaspoon of honey to it. This will be a major help in dealing with infection and other pink eye troubles. In addition, this juice will also boost the immune system of the body. Being good in taste when mixed with honey, is a favorite drink of many people, especially during the summer season. So, to cure eye soreness, drinking a tasty juice is not a bad idea at all, isn’t it?

  1. Use Chilled Spoons:

Even idea of putting chilled spoons over pink eye works superb. There are two ways: Take four spoons and keep them in the freezer for five minutes and let them turn chilled. Now get two of them out and out on your closed eyelids and when they return to normal temperature, use the other two. The other way could be to dip spoons in chilled water and follow the same process. The cooling effect will give you a lot of relaxation against all every botheration that occurred by the pink eye.

In addition to the above home remedies, what you can always do to have healthy vision are:

  • Within every two to three hours gap, swash your eyes with cold water. This will relax the inner nerves and clear the dirt thereby lending ease to your pink eyes from pain caused due to its continuous usage.
  • You can even dip a towel in chilled water and keep it in your closed eyes for some time. You will surely love the feel of relaxation.
  • If you have forgotten to keep the bottle in the fridge or freeze ice, then you can even try to get relief with the packets of frozen foods in your freezer. Wrap the frozen food packet in a clean cloth and place it on your eyes for about 15 minutes.
  • Rosewater, also known as Gulab Jal is an instant relieving home remedy for pink eye. It is simple to use. Either you can use it as an eye drop or you can dip two cotton balls in rose water and after squeezing them a bit, you can put it on your closed eyelids. It starts working effectively within seconds and you will love its solacing quality.
  • Drink as much water as you can! It is really essential that your eyes are kept hydrated to cure the eye soreness. The more water you drink, the more coolness is revived in your body thereby ameliorating your immune system and stimulating the body.
  • Eat nutritious food; full of vitamins and minerals so that it can contribute to the healthiness of your eyes as well. Oil and spicy food can result in increasing irritation like swelling and itching. So, take care of it.
  • Wear sunglasses to save the pink eye from getting worse through the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. Moreover, sunglasses will also protect the eyes from getting affected by dust and dirt. Hence, needs to be covered.

We wish that you never face any such troublesome problems caused by pink eye but if you do, then give a try to any of the above-given home remedies. You would never ever go for any sort of another conventional medicament. Comment and let us know if you have any other effective home remedies that can help to cure the bothersome Pink eye. Also lending a helping hand to your near dear ones, if they are struggling with the same. But in case if you have tried these remedies and still not fully recovered from the pink eye, then visit the doctor is a must so please don’t delay.

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