How to Get Rid Of Swollen Taste Buds

how to get rid of swollen taste buds

This post is based on the treatment and reason of Swollen Taste buds and how to get rid of infected, irritated and inflamed taste buds.

Tongue and taste… walks together!!

Do you remember having an annoying inflamed taste bud? Well, how can you forget that! The last time when you had an infected, irritated or inflamed taste bud, your tongue does not seem to relish any of the tasty foods thereby leaving you unhappy. Taste buds happen to be on the tip of the tongue and are completely creditworthy to lend you the sense of tasting good or bad. An infected taste bud not only hurt but also twinges and spoils your flavour whenever you have something. You are not able to derive the exact taste of what you are eating.

What Causes Inflamed Taste Buds?

What causes inflamed taste buds? That’s a question that many of us have asked at one time or another in regard to certain food and beverage preferences. A little known fact is that the disease or condition known as monilia can lead to an infected taste bud, known as a moniliasis.

What exactly is moniliasis? It is a condition that results from a build-up of bacteria, called monilia, on the surface of the tongue. When the moniliasis is not washed away with the water as they are, it is possible for the bacteria to spread and affect other parts of the mouth, causing a condition called moniliasis.

Know what causes inflamed taste buds through the functioning of taste buds

It is important to understand how the taste buds on the tongue works. There are glands on the tongue that secrete a sweet substance known as papain. When the sweet substances associated with foods are introduced into the cells lining the back of the tongue, they help to stimulate those cells. The more stimulated the cells become, the more likely they will create a chemical reaction with the food.

This reaction occurs on the surface of the tongue and is referred to as a “flavor.” In some cases, a second taste bud develops in the back of the tongue near the gum line. A further reaction that takes place when the tongue and taste bud are attacked by the moniliasis bacteria is the coating of saliva, which keeps the bacteria away from the second taste bud.

When an infected taste bud has this coating of saliva around it, the bacteria become trapped there. The result is that they continue to flourish, leading to the infection of the taste bud and the destruction of the surrounding cells. If the taste bud is in the mouth for a long enough period of time, it will die, causing the common reaction of a swollen taste bud.

All About Swollen Taste Buds

To be able to determine if you have a swollen taste bud, squeeze the bud gently and look for the appearance of redness. The swollen taste bud will appear swollen, red, and maybe swollen at the base. These are symptoms that may indicate the presence of moniliasis.

It is best to take action once you know what causes inflamed taste buds. If you have a swollen taste bud already, it doesn’t only show an indicator of moniliasis, but also it is often caused by oral thrush. Thrush is an infection of the mouth, resulting from the overproduction of acid in the mouth.

A swollen taste bud is not dangerous to your health in itself, but it does cause many other complications. If you have been suffering from moniliasis, you should see your doctor immediately to get a proper diagnosis. If you are currently suffering from moniliasis, then seek advice immediately as it is quite common that the infection will return after a short time.

There can be few reasons behind swollen and infected taste bud, such as you had something excess hot, you happen to bite your tongue by chance, or you had excess salty, spicy or acidic food. To add on, if we see from the doctors’ point of view, according to them an infected taste bud is also the symptom of an upset tummy. So reasons differ from person to person. But the truth is; irrespective of any reason, one facing this problem only wishes to get immediate relief and his or her tasting power back.

So, let’s check out how to get rid of swollen or Irritated taste buds:

  1. Drink chilled or cold water:

Drinking hot water or even the lukewarm water will only increase your problem, so prefer drinking chilled cold water when you are the victim of infected taste buds. In such instances, Cold water works as an anti-inflammatory thing. All you need to do is to drink ample of cold water by taking small sips one by one and then twirling in your mouth before swilling it in. You are sure to experience a lot of comfort from the irritation and pain both in case of infected taste buds.

  1. Make the use of Ice Cube:

Just like the cold or chilled water, the Ice cube will also assist you in the most soothing way when infected taste bud is bothering you a lot. What needs to be done is to take one ice cube and place it on your tongue and let it remain there for some time. You can remove and place as per your convenience. Though this might prick you in the beginning but then slowly will make you feel a lot better. To add on, as it has been mentioned above, don’t miss on drinking chilled water and you can even drink cold milk in case of infected taste buds. This method is sure to be a lot soothing.


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  1. Go for An Antiseptic Mouthwash:

Another most efficacious method to provide you easement against inflamed or infected taste buds will be to go for an antiseptic mouthwash. Listerine Mouthwash is one of the options that possess anti-inflammatory qualities. In case if someone is allergic to this, one can even try Peroxyl as it is well known to cure such an issue. Also, another way out could be to take the advice from a doctor to avoid any allergic reaction. Then, gargle your mouth with the prescribed antiseptic mouthwash for about twice to thrice a day. This will kill the bacteria over your tongue and lend you with instant relief from the pain caused due to infected taste bud.

  1. Have Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt:

Now, this is something that will not only comfort you but also make you happy. In case of Irritated taste bud, have a good amount of ice cream without any shy. Moreover, even frozen yoghurt will play the same role and do the needful. This method will also cure the infection at its best because bacteria heighten the infection when it prevails and grows in hotter conditions. Thus by having cold things bacteria will not get chance to grow more or survive and so will also ease the inflammation over your tongue.


  1. Gargle with Salt Water:

Salt is such a gift of nature which is known for its inflammatory properties, and so it can undoubtedly provide us relief against inflamed taste bud as well. The process that needs to be followed is to take one glass of lukewarm water and mix a half tablespoon of salt into it until the time it dissolves completely. Then gargle with this water by taking small sips and twirling it inside for a period of half a minute. Then spit out the water and repeat the same till you finish that one glass of lukewarm salt water. You can follow the same gargling process for up to two to three times in a day depending on how infected your taste bud is. If done sincerely, through this method you will be able to witness the inflamed buds becoming tiny thereby comforting you from the pain very soon.



  1. Manage your Daily Diet:

As mentioned above that infected taste bud can also be the cause of consuming too much spicy food or acidic food. Though you might be the lover of spicy food for the time being you, need to control your taste desires. Have normal food at least spices and also avoid the food or eatables that cause acidity. Add green vegetables to your daily diet. Moreover, if you find the problem of infected taste bud repeating very frequently, then it is a symptom that your body is more acidic rather than being alkaline. Well, now you must be thinking how this can be cured? First of all, get your drinking water tested as this might be the only reason. The pH level of water needs to be nine or best would be 10.5, but if it is less than this, then you need to do something in the same regard.

  1. Disturbed Tummy:

A happy tummy is a happy you! No taste or even the tastiest of food seems to be tasteless if you have an upset tummy. It has been found that the disturbed tummy also causes infected taste buds. So, it is advisable to get your stomach infection checked or any issues related to it before you go for any sort of pain comforting or anti-inflammatory medicines. So, keep your stomach equally health as you do for your body.

Hope all the given information helps you to cure the problem of Irritated or infected taste buds effectively thereby providing you relaxation against irritation and pain. May you soon be able to taste well! Let us know which method proved useful to you and also share if you have any valuable ideas on the same.