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In generic term, Flatulence is also known as ‘passing gas’ or ‘passing wind’ which is a natural and conventional physical disorder. It is ideally a situation which occurs when excessive gas enters the ‘gut or ‘alimentary canal’ thereby causing burping or farting. But who cares of this fact? The truth is that it is an embarrassing and awkward disorder to deal with. Well, don’t worry because no problem comes without a solution. If you have been trying hard enough for a long time now to find something that can prevent you from this, then here your chase ends. We have some extremely effective natural home remedies that can help you to avoid flatulence.

However the cure turns out to be the best solution when we are aware of all the symptoms of any disease or problem. In this context, when we talk about flatulence, some of the common symptoms are as follows:

  • The excessive air in the stomach and intestines causes cloggy and swelled up stomach.
  • Aching abdomen
  • Burping and uneasiness

Here we enlist 10 super quick and effective remedies which will help you a lot in overpowering this problem and balancing your digestive system as a whole:

  • Ginger:

According to the herbal medication, ginger is one of the best organic medical and is purposely used to eliminate the problem of exuberant air in the intestines. It is also effective in decompressing and easing the intestinal pathway. Besides being effectual it is really easy to make use of it. All you need to do is to soak some sliced ginger into lemon juice for about an hour’s time and consume one slice of this soaked ginger after every meal by chewing it. This home remedy can unimaginably descent your problem within no time. However we understand that its taste is inversely proportional to its efficiency but no medicine is ever sugar coated. Still; if bearing its taste is completely out of your league, then the other impressive alternative could be to sip some raw ginger juice.

2.) Nutmeg:

Nutmeg has been a popular home remedy since ages, especially for treating and curing many sort of physical disorders; right from flatulence to insomnia. Not only this, it is also recommended as a testified brain tonic and as a cure to overwhelm the state of depression. To pull its utmost advantage in order to avoid flatulence, you just need to add a little quantity of nutmeg into the regular vegetable soup recipe and say goodbye to this ill-at-ease disorder.

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3.) Peppermints:

Have you ever wondered why restaurants serve mints after the meal? If you think that they do it because mints are merely mouth fresheners, then let us reveal the secret to you. Peppermints contain abundance of methanol in them. Apart of being a good mouth freshener, methanol comforts the gut muscles, hence eliminating the gas trouble. So if next time your stomach feels cloggy and bloated just follow this simple home remedy: Chew a peppermint gum or some peppermint leaves and you can experience the relief from this uneasiness with an immediate effect.

4.) Asafoetida (Daily Drink mix):

Asafoetida hit the highlights of medicine world from the times of Ayurvedic medication and has served as an efficacious home remedy to prevent flatulence. Fundamentally, it soothes the inflammation in the intestines and thus extinguishes the abdomen problems such as gas and acidity. Now, the question that arises is to know how to make use of asafetida to avoid flatulence? The answer to this is: Take a glass of lukewarm water and drop one teaspoon of each of them, which are, asafoetida, black salt and pulverize ginger and mix it well with a spoon and then drink it. For quick improvement, make sure you do not forget to drink one glass of this drink once in a day.

5.) Cardamom (A Drink after meal):

There is no particular timetable to take this home remedy. Cardamom can be consumed on daily basis for healthy digestion. But when it is about getting rid of the flatulence problem, all you need to do is to form a pulverize mixture of three vital organic substances namely black pepper, ginger and cardamom seeds, in the proportion of 1:1:1/2. Then, add this mixture to warm water and drink it after each meal keeping an equal interval of one hour. Well, what if this drink does taste as good as orange juice but it proves to be the best home remedy for getting rid of this physical disorder. After all, Cardamom serves as an amazing detoxifying agent.

6.) Fiber Ingestion:

Are you worried looking at your fibre ingestion chart because you have crossed the limit? Is it causing inner disturbance in the form of flatulence and making you humiliated? Don’t worry; you will soon get it resolved. It is just that you have consumed excess of fibre in your diet today and you just need to reduce it. For time being, do some walking so that the excess fibre can be sourced out in the form of sweat. But mark a point that you should not consume more than 20 to 30 grams of fibrous contents in your regular diet. Balancing the fibre ingestion can reduce a lot of stomach problems along with flatulence. However the increase in the consumption of fiber may affect your overall health adversely resulting into many other serious health issues.

7.) Decrease Carbohydrates

If you are a food freak and eat those food items that contain a good quantity of carbohydrates then it is high time to improve your diet. With the increasing modernization, the diet of many people has also turned modernized, especially the youth. Lot more consumption of carbonated drinks and foods have increased gradually and this has become the major cause of flatulence. This does not mean that one should not take carbohydrates at all rather one must definitely should, but in very limited quantity. So, if you balance the content of carbohydrates in your diet, your body will also remain balanced forever. So, take care always.

8.) Soaked Beans:

Beans contain carbohydrates, but the fact is that, these carbohydrates are soluble in water. So, if we soak up the beans in water for all-night and then cook them after disposing that water, then all the carbohydrates will also get strained along with that water. Hence, through this, you can reduce the chances of developing gas in the abdomen and prevent the urge of flatulence. Ideally, this is also a reason that why we drench rice, pulses and beans in water and wash them off numerous times before cooking. So, a safe cooking can be a great help to you.

9.) Artichokes:

Globe artichokes can impressively reduce various problems related to digestion. Artichokes can solve anything from an irritating stomach to acidic burps and flatulence. However, lack of knowledge about the variety of artichokes can put you in a worse condition. On one hand, where globe artichokes can unimaginably reduce the evil of flatulence, on the other hand its first cousin Jerusalem artichoke can magnify the problem to a dozen times. Thus, we propose you to be very peculiar while picking an artichoke. So, choose sagely!

10.) Food Intake:

There are two major things that impact the process of digestion in your body. First is the way you eat and second is the timing when you eat. The way and time you eat your meal, greatly affects its digestion. Since the digestion procedure starts in the mouth itself with the help of saliva, hence it is always suggested to chew food slowly. The more you chew, the more easily it is digested by intestines. So, chew properly and slowly and bid good bye to many other digestive problems too. Moreover, if you are too choosy about what to add on to your plate then this can majorly increase the problem like: eating too oily food, Burgers, French fries etc. So, always eat healthy food by balancing everything that is demanded by the body but nothing more than advised.

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Nonetheless it’s been rightly said that precaution is better than cure. A few cautions can safeguard you from dealing with the problem. We here enlighten you with a few precautions, if you follow them you would not need to cope up with this embarrassing disorder.

  • Reduce the consumption of carbonated and high yeast level products.
  • Discard items like broccoli, cauliflower, beans, cheese etc. from your diet.
  • Do not indulge into any kind of smoking habits.
  • Chew each bite of your food at least 32 times.

Sometimes this abashing disorder leads to even more awkward but funny situations. Where you feel ashamed but cannot help laughing hard holding your stomach. To add to your surprise there are many funny and interesting facts related to farting. Laugh as you read and forget about its lousiness for a while.

Fun facts about flatulence:

  • It is normal or an adult to pass gas 15 to 20 times every day.
  • Fart contains only 1% of sulphur that makes it stink. The rest 99% is nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, methane and oxygen in ascending proportions.
  • It travels at a speed of 10 feet per second. So next time if you urge to pass gas make sure that no one is standing lesser than 10 feet away from you.
  • The gas that is produced is flammable. So beware of farting near fire.
  • America has a national day to celebrate farting, no! We are not joking. It is celebrated every year on 7th of January as national pas gas day.

Adapting these cures and precautions and also changing your food and eating habits only a little bit can make you avoid this malodorous distress forever. These result in eliminating numerous other problems as well. We truly hope you that will make the best use of these remedies and enjoy the change. In addition if you have any doubt on these or if know some other cures that can be added to this list; please write down in the comment box.

Also if these cures worked for you and in case if you have come across someone who have faced the same trouble; go to them and kindly share the word of help.

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