How To Display Towels In A Basket?

How to display towels in a basket

How to display towels in a basket? – People who have a passion for cleaning and renovating their houses never leave their bathrooms unattended in looks. Queer towel decorating storage ideas might not be a look-changing factor to your bathroom/toilets, but it adds the touch of cleanliness and uncluttered arrangement to your bathroom. However, towels are very messy if not managed properly.

They can cover a huge space in the room, so storing them properly is essential. Towels for master, full, and half bathrooms can be used as an aesthetic outlook. A question lies in it, why buy good-looking towels if we’re going to hide them anyway?

Therefore, towel storage drawers, baskets, racks, and tables can be an effective and practical way to arrange them. Because, to be honest, using the bathroom and finding smelly, soggy towels can be a major turn-off for the guests experiencing it.

So, you should do everything in your hands to keep the bathroom clean, tidy, and arranged. Here are some unique, beautiful, and modern designs for towel storage ideas for bathrooms:

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It is a storage idea that consists of a basket for storage, which is made of chunky weaving rope. It is a great alternative to plastic and hardwood as it is very eco-friendly. Plus, the white color in these baskets is like ‘Cherry on the top as it adds a royal touch and goes with every color. On the contrary, Mahogany wood matches grey and white the most to give an aesthetic touch. Also, cotton material is affordable and cheap for everyone in terms of shelf texture and units. Perfect for guest towels, face cloths, for special treatment. 


For those, who are interested in impartial color schemes and want an objective stratagem, nothing can be better than wicker baskets. This is a very simplistic way of both organizing and storing bath towels. Keeping in mind the moisture, a bathroom containing the accessories should be water resistant and durable, which is a win-win for us in wicker baskets. Roll up these towels in the old-fashioned yet elegant way to keep them. In this, towels large in size must be at the back, following the small ones in the front, giving a proper look of the ‘bouquet.’ 


You must understand that some bathrooms have much space on the floor/ground whereas others don’t have space on the walls; in that case, laundry baskets can be a pretty good storage example. Regardless of the material of the basket, the towels should be suffocation-free and should have enough space to breathe. According to the reviews, these laundry baskets are particularly to repulse moisture and dry faster without harming their quality, as they are mostly made of synthetic polymer and wool. 


Towels are mainly used for drying wet bodies or body parts. It then requires them to dry in a fast and fresh manner. Keeping them dry and fresh poses a challenge in front of us. Therefore, these baskets should not be made of materials like synthetic, cheap wood, plastic, and so on because they are kept in the bathroom where water is the primary factor that can exploit their quality. However, towels are used for some purposes, but they also need air to breathe, so wire mesh baskets are highly recommended.


Several bathroom decoration ideas can give a rich look to the toilet. One of them is ‘bowl.’ Bowl can be of any solid, i.e., wood, stone, marble, etc., but wood is a kind of material that is versatile and goes with anything and everything. People prefer wood for most furnishings in their homes. Moreover, if you have ever been to a spa, you must’ve seen wood accessories as they give a luxurious and aesthetic appearance. It is not at all difficult to get a similar kind of interior in your bathrooms; you just need a well-built olive-wood bowl, where towels are again kept in rolled-up style inside it. But, one thing that should be taken care of is that you should not dump wet towels in it. Because, along with its quality of being ‘antibacterial,’ it is also ‘absorptive’ as it soaks up the water entirely, leading to material exploitation.


That’s right! Fruit baskets are used for more than just keeping the fruits. Just like they give an elegant look to the kitchen, they are also very efficient in giving a similar appearance to the bathrooms/toilets. Towels are kept in all these baskets in the same way, i.e., rolling them up for convenient use. But, this basket idea differs from the others in the accessory that is used as a ‘glass bowl.’ It manages to give a neat and sophisticated look to the loo.    


Always, the bathroom towel decorating ideas need not be expensive and complicated. Rather, some can be very effortless and chic. Many people focus more on ‘how readily can these towels be stored?’ Because, when it’s time for the guests to visit your house, facilities at your place can be an impressive attribute for them. Therefore, sometimes these towels should be kept open so they are easily visible and approachable. 

A bucket-style basket can be put beside the shower or bathtub so guests can find it easily,, which is exactly the whole point of this storage idea.


Trying linen-lined wire baskets can be an eye-opening and fruitful decision for you. People owning industries and farmhouses are very much fond of ‘linen-lined wire baskets. And even people wanting an industrial or farmhouse look in their bathrooms go for these baskets. As mentioned in the name, Linen lining maintains the ‘Freshness’ in towels till they are used, which doesn’t lead to any kind of smell and untidiness. They are most useful in industrial and farmhouses because they are very portable and can be moved from one place to another, and they are low maintenance yet are successful in giving a rich look.



If we talk about a bathroom with dark color contrast, then adding a towel rail is a far better option than baskets. In dark shades, steel shines as a star in furnishings, so silver steel railings will give a luxurious look. You must’ve seen these types of towel rails in 5* Hotels. After the steel towel railings are added, remaining other things like light fixtures and WC can be put in contrast to give the classy and amazing look. Also, these railings do not occupy much space, so they are suitable for small-sized bathrooms as well. 


The vertical ladder storage idea can easily be called the most versatile and portable design in your bathrooms. It gives us full freedom to put things on different shelves according to our wishes. Plus, it takes very less space as compared to the other racks. People usually like to put houseplants everywhere in their homes, including the bathrooms. For them, this storage idea can be of good use because at the top; the shelf can be filled up with these plants to maintain the freshness. It can go along with the towel baskets as well.

It comes in two types, one that needs the support of the wall to stand and the other that can stand on its own. Speaking of the colors, wood has many dark and light shades from which one can choose. 

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A very common technique in middle-class homes is to hang towels. ‘Towel Rings’ are mainly for small-sized hand and face towels/napkins. You must have seen these in your houses beside your washbasins. These are well-mounted within your reach. Because it is round in shape, the towel gets enough space to dry itself for later use as it can spread a little. Therefore, they are handy in nature. 


Space is the main thing that is considered before getting into any renovation. Bathrooms small in size have enough height, which must be used to its extent. ‘Electric Towel Rail’ is the best way to store towels by using the space vertically in height and leaving the open space on the floor. It is considered to be the smart and effective way as it is cheap, long-lasting, and low-maintenance. In this, you can even control the temperature of your bathroom. Therefore, it is named the best way to store towels.


Not only your house but Bathrooms play a role in assessing our way of living. Guests visiting our place can make an impression of our lifestyle; some people are very passionate about interior designing; for those who aren’t, we have put together several ideas for getting accessories and making your bathrooms look aesthetic with reasonable and efficient characteristics.