How Do I Recover My Snapchat Account?

steps to recover snapchat account

How do I recover my Snapchat account? – Likely, you are here to discover how to recover a Snapchat account. It may be because your friend, family member, or even your best friend has done this, and you want revenge. Or maybe the other person has made a mistake and wants you back on their account so they can rectify the situation without having to talk about it with the person who got deceived first. 

This article will describe how to recover a Snapchat account by getting back on it yourself (if the person has left you their password) or by gaining access on your own. Recovering a lost or stolen account can be a daunting task. It is because there are not many options to choose from, and the available ones take time to complete. In addition, you can recover your friend’s account only if you know their username and password, as this is a requirement for logging in to their account and signing out of it. 

There are two methods you can use: one by going through Facebook and another by going through text message verification for Snapchat. Unfortunately, recovering your Snapchat account is difficult; many lose their accounts by mistake. 

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How to Recover Stolen Snapchat Account?

If you’ve already found someone who’s stolen your account and you know their username, then recovering it is pretty straightforward. You can recover your Snapchat account by following the step-by-step guide below:

1) You should ask the person who has taken over your account to give it back as soon as possible. 

2) After this, visit Snapchat support and write an email there. The letter states that a person has taken over your account and you would like to recover it. In this case, include the secondary email address you use regularly and where you will be able to check for messages from Snapchat about your account being recovered. 

3) When writing an email, write about what happened. In this case, write about how you lost your account and your information about the person who took over the account. 

4) If there’s no contact information written on the email, then Snapchat will be unable to help you in recovering your account. 

5) If you have some pictures that are too important for you, back them up first. And then send them to Snapchat support. 

6) Finally, wait for a response from the Snapchat Support team within 24-48 hours (if this has already passed and you didn’t receive a response from us, try contacting us again).

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How to Secure Your Snapchat Account?

You can’t wait to log in again when you get your account back. However, there are some methods to help prevent this from happening again. 

First, you should change your password. Please don’t use the same password as before; change it to something strange or put a combination of letters and numbers in one phrase. When you’re able to log in again, change the password again. Second, when you update the password on your account, ensure all your friends can see it, so they know not to take over your account. 

Third, remember that the registered phone number should be kept private and only used for Snapchat. And never share this information with anyone. Last but not least, don’t open an account in someone else’s name, and don’t give them access to your real account.

Enable Two-Factor Authentication:

With Snapchat, you can enable two-factor authentication, which will help secure your account. You should enable this on your mobile device and keep a backup of the application data on the same device. 

Generate a Recovery Code:

Snapchat allows you to generate a recovery code that can be used to recover your account. You can get this code by logging in to your account at and then going to Settings > Account > Security. You will find it on your screen when you do this. If somebody takes over your account, you should delete everything from it but use a recovery code to retake control of it.

Request a Security Question Answer:

In authorizing the recovery process, you must answer a security question that gives rise to your recovery code. You will have 24 hours to complete this task, and the recovery code provided in response will be invalidated. If you don’t get access to your account within 24 hours, then contact Snapchat security. Also, ensure that you are not contacted by anyone who may have your password or other personal information about your account.

Use Best Practices for Passwords:

Snapchat account passwords should be difficult to guess. These passwords should not be written down or shared with anyone. Use different passwords for all your accounts and use random character combinations in them. And only choose a password that you can remember. Keep the password for your Snapchat account private, and do not use it for any other accounts you may have. And don’t use the same password for multiple accounts, as this will allow others to access them.

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How to Report a Lost or Stolen Snapchat Account?

You can report a Snapchat account being stolen in two ways. One is by using their official iPhone app, and the other is through text messaging verification. You must create a Snapchat account before using any of these methods, and when you do, don’t change your username or security question answers after doing so.

Link email id:

If you want to report a stolen Snapchat account, write an email to [email protected]. In your message to the Snapchat team, include the following information: your username and the username of the person who has hijacked your account. The second option is reporting an account hijacking by sending a text message with this information. To contact the security team through text, you must send a text message because they can’t receive calls from unknown or international numbers.


If you follow these tips, then it will help you in securing your Snapchat account. Remember that the most important factor when securing your account is always to remain alert. So if you keep changing your password regularly and do not share it with anyone, your account will be safe from online thieves. Always be careful with passwords, don’t use the same password for multiple accounts, avoid using personal information in any passwords and make sure they are easy to remember.

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Q. What if I don’t have any phone number defined on my Snapchat account?

A. You can pick up one from your friends or use a number not associated with anyone who has access to it. In addition, you can add extra security by sending a screenshot of the information that has been asked on the application settings page and emailing it to [email protected].

Q. I can’t sign in to my account; what should I do?

A. You should wait a few minutes and try again. If you still have no luck, try going to Settings > Account > Security.

Q. What if my account is not sending any messages anymore?

A. You should write an email to [email protected] informing them about your problem and attach your Snapchat account information as proof that it has been hacked or stolen.

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