Are you anticipating traveling to the nearest foreign country from Florida? Focus your attention on Cuba, which would be near the Sunshine State. This Caribbean nation is well-known for its salsa, alcohol, and cigars.

Notwithstanding being the shortest way, there had not been any direct transportation route between Cuba to Florida for several years due to tense diplomatic relationships between Cuba and the US. Have you often questioned how far it would take to travel from Florida to Cuba the quickest?

Continue to read the manual to find the answers to your inquiries about the distances connecting Florida and a little nation in the Caribbean. Let’s begin without any further ado.

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How Far is Cuba From Florida?

Do you know how far Florida is from Cuba?

Between these two locations, 103 miles separate them. The States of Florida connects Cuba to Florida distance. It stretches across Cuba, the Florida Keys, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Gulf of Mexico. Measured in nautical miles, the distance throughout the Strait of Florida indicates how Cuba is roughly 90 miles south of Florida. The distance between Key West, Florida, and Havana, Cuba, seems to be the shortest.

Where is Cuba?

It is crucial to first comprehend the country’s characteristics before looking for how long it takes to travel from Cuba to Florida in hours. The Atlantic Ocean, the northern Caribbean Sea, and the Gulf of Mexico converge near Cuba. The Bahamas, Haiti, Mexico, Jamaica, Honduras, and the US are all sea neighbors of such an island republic.

The Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean Sea, and the Gulf of Mexico surround Cuba, located within the northern Caribbean. It is mostly an island with a mainland, one smaller island, and a few small islands. Among the 26 Caribbean nations, Cuba seems to have the largest overall land area.

Is it true that Cuba is 90 miles from Florida?

Most individuals assert that Cuba is only 90 miles southwest of Key West, Florida’s southern point. The 90-mile length is a nautical measurement in statute yards, though, and is only utilized by substantial ships at sea. The real distance between Cuba and the Sunshine State is approximately 103 miles. Estimated between the southernmost point of Florida and the capital of Cuba, this length is the shortest possible. In other words, a measure of 90 miles is simply utilized for sea navigation and has no connection with the distance measurement.

Check the price of living in Florida and take action by it if you’re looking forward to having such an immediate vicinity to Cuba.

Can Florida be seen from Cuba?

Despite being direct across the Strait of Florida from Florida, Cuba is invisible from the Sunshine State. Cuba to Florida’s distance is 90 miles, which is simply too far for the naked eye to detect from the water level. Regardless of the highest tower, you would have to be at least 5000 feet (1524 meters) in the air to see that far. All things considered, you cannot see Cuba from Florida, but you may still travel there quickly by air or boat.

Can you swim across Florida to Cuba?

Definitely, yes. Although it is possible to swim across Cuba to Florida distance, it’s strongly discouraged due to the enormous depths of the ocean. The Sunshine State and the Caribbean are separated by a peak of water of roughly 6000 feet. Both amateur and seasoned swimmers cannot finish the course due to the depth.

Furthermore, swimming through Cuba to Florida requires longer than two days, which adds additional challenges. Diana Nyad needed 53 hours to travel the full distance by sea between such two locations.

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Most nearby US cities in Cuba

Key West, located in Florida, is the nearest American city to Cuba. In essence, the navigational distance of 90 miles is calculated from this particular city in the Sunshine State. Even Key West’s southernmost Point Buoy boasts the phrase “90 miles to Cuba” even further to emphasize how near the city is to this Caribbean nation. 94 miles would be the more exact distance between Key West and Cuba, but “90 miles to Cuba” sounds much better. Are you contemplating relocating to Jacksonville and wondering how far it is from Jacksonville? Jacksonville is about 654 kilometers away from Cuba. Discover Jacksonville, Florida’s nicest neighborhoods and take advantage of the city’s respectable closeness to the Caribbean region. That’s how far Cuba is from Florida. 

Are you able to sail your yacht to Cuba?

Not at all, no. Given the strained political ties between the United States and Cuba, unlawful entry into Cuban waters is prohibited. Boat owners in South Florida are strongly advised not to break the law by entering Cuban territorial waters, which extend 12 miles beyond the shore of the island country.

Anyone caught taking their boat or yacht to Cuba without such necessary authorization faces criminal and civil penalties of approximately $25,000 each day and 10 years in prison, as well as the confiscation of their vessel.

Miami to Cuba Distance

The quickest distance from Miami to Cuba is 531 kilometers or 330 miles. Between Miami to Cuba, travelers can travel by boat, which will take them there in approximately ten hours. Depending on the wind direction and flying, the journey from Miami to Cuba usually requires one hour and 5 minutes to arrive (direct or indirect). South is the direction of your flight from Miami to Cuba. Find out how much it will cost to live in Miami and remain there while visiting Cuba.


All of that pertains to Cuba to Florida distance. I hope that this information about ‘How far is Cuba from Florida?’ would assist you in understanding the overall distance between these two locations to adjust your travel arrangements. Due to their shared Strait of Florida, Cuba and Florida are rather close. The 90-mile trip from the island country of Cuba to the Sunshine State can be completed by tourists in a short time. Amidst being the shortest way, there is no short flight from the Sunshine State to the Caribbean nation. Now that you’ve become acquainted with how distant Cuba is from the USA, you can start planning your vacation to this lovely island country from Florida to experience its breathtaking splendor.

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Q1) Is Mexico close to Cuba?

Ans: With a steady speed of 50 kilometers an hour, you could drive from Cuba to Mexico, which is 1800 kilometers away, in about 36 hours. About 1588 miles separate these two nations while traveling by air.

Q2) What is Cuba’s distance from Cancun?

Ans: Southwest of Cancun is the island country of Cuba. Among Cancun, Mexico, and Havana, Cuba, there are 510 kilometers altogether. It’s indeed equal to 275 nautical miles or 317 kilometers. The two locations are separated by 585 kilometers in terms of air travel.

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