TagAndChill.com-Netflix Tagger Job Scam


Tagandchill – Have you recently seen www.TagAndChill.com and whether it sounds too good to be true? So is there such a thing as a Netflix tagger? If they do, how are people to get them? For more answers to these and other questions keep on reading.

Is the Netflix tagger job a scam?

The TagAndChill.com site for Netflix tagger jobs is a total scam. You can not get a Netflix tagger job there; it’s all about taking people’s info. It really looks like the real Netflix site, but it is not.

This is done to help make people more willing to believe that it was actually set up for them (which of course it was not). Moreover, TagAndChill.com says that “No resume or experience is necessary,” and that space is limited. These are nothing but common attempts used by scammers to get everyone to apply early.

Clicking “Apply Now” on the scam website, TagAndChill Netflix, would bring up a screen requesting such information as your name, email address, address, and Social Security number. All of this information is common ground in applying for employment, but in the bad actors’ hands, it could be deadly.

By filling in data on the site, you were giving the scammers direct access to it, and they could then use your information for all manner of criminal corruption or even use your identity to break into your online banking account, bank account, etc.

Other Fake Websites for Netflix Tagger Job

  • netflixtagging[.]com
  • Flixtagger[.]com


Another such website is FastSideHustles[.]com, which advertises not only Netflix tagger jobs but also Roblox and Amazon game tester. Also, none of the advertisements for jobs on FastSideHustles[.]com are genuine. Alike TagAndChill.com, as they are scams designed to swipe people’s personal information.

Is This a Netflix Tagger Job?

Well, real Netflix tagger jobs do exist. Perhaps it is because they are so sought after that you do not see them often advertised. But when there are openings for tag and watch Netflix post jobs, the positions can be found in the job listing NETFLIX website section of the (jobs.netflix.com). 

Take a close look at this part of an address to make sure it is for real. However, keep in mind that they are not the “no experience/resume necessary ” postings advertised by the scammers.

How to Know About Scam Sites

There are a lot of fraud sites on the net. They increasingly look like authentic ones. Trend Micro Check will appeal to those seeking the simplest and most dependable way of checking out websites at no cost.


Is the Netflix tagger a real job?

Those are real Netflix Tagger jobs, but they are rare offering. Besides, this job needs a good educational foundation and some work experience, so not everyone can just come along. If you brothers see such an advertisement, go to Netflix’s official website to verify its authenticity.

How do I become a Netflix tagger?

Applicants must have: a background in film or entertainment; a relevant degree; experience. The average salary for a Netflix Tagger is about $30K per year. To be part of the tagging team, apply online through the Netflix Jobs Portal. Nielsen will also pay you to watch Netflix, take surveys, and perform other miscellaneous tasks for other jobs.

Is this whole tag and chill thing really a thing?

Don’t bother with TagAndChill.com for Netflix tagger jobs. It is a complete scam. You can’t get a Netflix tagger job there; the whole site is just trying to steal people’s data.