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crystals for money

Crystals For Money -You have likely got advice about money before, like saving for later, spending less on things like takeout or subscriptions, and investing in different ways. However, here is something you might not have heard: making yourself more tuned in to wealth.

Think about it, a special crystal that’s all about abundance could be like a super cool investment. You might not mention it to your money expert, but lots of people believe these crystals can bring wealth. It might sound unusual, but when you look into why, it starts to make sense.

Using special crystals to bring success can help you see and grab opportunities with confidence. When you think positively about your money, more wealth can come your way. If you want to improve how you think about money, these crystals for wealth and success are like your secret weapon.

Getting these crystals for success and prosperity can give you extra energy support as you work on your money goals, whatever they may be. Whether you are aiming for a new job, saving money, or just want more prosperity, each of these lucky stones for money and success has its own way of helping you get the wealth you want.

When you mix the power of these money crystals with your own thoughts and goals, it is the best way to open up your life to getting more money and abundance.

Money and Wealth Crystals

Wealth can mean different things to different people, and it might change as you go through life. Whether you are aiming for a money target or seeing wealth as having a lot of good things, these crystals are like helpers for you and your goals.

Each of these wealth crystals does things in its own way, but they all aim to bring more wealth, success, and good things into your life. They work on different parts of your money and energy to help you be your best and reach your goals.


If you often feel like luck is not on your side, try using Aventurine with your success crystals.

Aventurine is green, like many money crystals, showing it is about wealth. When you connect with it, you get the energy of prosperity, helping you bring in more money and good things.

It is one of the best crystals for money because it is super lucky for attracting wealth. It is also about opportunities, opening doors for you to succeed, especially with money.

Using this crystal helps you make your own luck and reminds you to be open to new chances. You never know when good things might happen, but with Aventurine, your luck will guide you in the right direction.


Malachite is not just good for improving your love life but also for helping with money. When you connect with this crystal, it can help you understand the money patterns that might be stopping you from getting the wealth and good things you want. Malachite is all about growth and energy, making it great for bringing in more money.

Whether you are aiming for financial freedom or a specific money goal like buying a house or getting a raise, Malachite’s energy can help you in different ways. Both Aventurine and Malachite are joyful crystals that are like lucky charms for money, good to have in your crystal collection.


Sometimes, the key to grabbing a good opportunity is having the right energy. If your energy feels stuck and is blocking good things, Red Garnet helps it flow again. It clears any blockages in your body.

Your personal energy gets better with Garnet. It makes you feel grounded, passionate, and connected to the present moment. This energy can open new doors for you.

If you want to get rid of bad energy and start thinking about success and prosperity, use Garnet. Try a simple practice with at least 2 Garnet stones, and you will see changes. Boost your good vibes by using Garnet and Malachite, two awesome crystals for money and success.


If you ever feel like you do not deserve good things, then Pyrite is the crystal for you. Pyrite looks like gold and shines with really fancy energy. Just seeing this stone makes you feel like there is much good stuff coming your way.

People love using this crystal for money because it helps when you are having money troubles and brings in wealth. It makes you more confident and feel better about yourself, turning you into a magnet for money. Pyrite is great at bringing wealth in both small and big ways.


If you want to see things differently, try Tiger’s Eye. This special stone reminds you that there is more than one way to do things. If you have been looking at something the same way for a long time, it is like you have blinders on. Tiger’s Eye helps you see things in a new and fresh way. It shows you that there are many ways to find success with money.

This stone gives you the strength and determination to be successful. It helps you face your fears and move past any doubts you might have. Instead, it pushes you to take brave actions to reach your goals.


Clear Quartz is great for making your goals clear and making them happen. First, figure out what you want, and Clear Quartz helps you see it clearly.

Even though you might not think of Clear Quartz as a crystal for wealth, it is super useful when you are planning money stuff. Imagine trying to start a big project without a clear plan, it is not a good idea! Clear Quartz helps you be super clear and boosts your positive energy. It makes you like a magnet, pulling in good things with a strong and focused mindset.

Heather’s Favorite Crystals for Wealth

Heather really likes using Lucky Crystal Elephants to attract abundance. When the elephant’s trunk points up, it is believed to bring in wealth, new chances, and extra luck.

Pairing Aventurine and Tiger’s Eye with these crystal elephants makes them even more powerful for changing your luck with money. If you’re wondering how to use these crystals for wealth in your home or office, here is what you can do:

  • Put your elephants on your office desk to bring in wealth, opportunities, and abundance.
  • Place them on your crystal altar to create a space filled with wealth and energy.
  • Position them facing your front door for protection and strength.
  • Put them by your front door facing into your home to welcome in a free flow of wealth and abundance.

Using Crystals for Money

It is best to choose eight crystals for wealth, and they can be the same or different. The number eight brings extra prosperity energy. Once you find the right crystals for your money goals, keep them in a small bag and carry them with you in your purse or pocket. It is good to have money stones around you all the time, so find a way that’s easy for you to carry them.

Another strong way to use your crystals for abundance is to put them in your home. If you have a workspace or a home office, that is a great spot to add crystals and boost your wealth energy. If you have business-related things like a business card or financial documents, put your crystals on top to send out good energy into the universe.

You can make a special arrangement of crystals in the southwest part of your home, known as the wealth and abundance area. Pick the crystals and layout that match what you want, and leave them there for 21 or 40 days, depending on how quickly you want to make things happen. These crystals, when set up together, will bring abundance into your life and home.

Interested in learning more about crystals for money?

Check out the Prosperity Formula, a one-hour online class by crystal expert Heather Askinosie. In this recorded class, she shares a powerful method for attracting prosperity, giving you quick results in your finances.

The class includes a digital workbook to guide you through the prosperity formula and teach you how to use the money-attracting stones featured in the class. Whether you are new to crystals or an experienced user, this class will help you boost your crystal and manifestation skills.

Some FAQs

Which is the Best Crystal for Money:

The top crystals for wealth are Malachite, Pyrite, Aventurine, Tiger’s Eye, Green Jade,  Citrine, Garnet, Clear Quartz, and Iolite.

Which is the Lucky Stone for Wealth and Prosperity:

Pyrite, also called Fool’s gold, is known as the ultimate lucky stone for attracting wealth and abundance. Yellow sapphire is another one that activates energy and helps bring big dreams into reality.

Where to Put Money Crystals

For more wealth and prosperity, place a crystal money tree in the living or family room. These areas are connected to the energy of wealth and abundance, and the money tree attracts positive energy and good luck.

Which is the Luckiest Crystal

The best crystals for luck and money include citrine, green aventurine, green jade, malachite, clear quartz, and tiger’s eye.

Which is the Most Powerful Stone for Money and Wealth

Yellow Sapphire is a powerful gemstones for attracting prosperity and wealth. Wearing it brings good fortune and prosperity, increasing revenues and good luck for your company.