Everything You Need To Know About New AC Installation Cost

How Much Does Installing New A/C Cost

How Much Does Installing New A/C Cost?

Air conditioners are a necessity during the summer months in many parts of the USA. You would not want to be stuck with a broken air conditioner, during the summers. Purchasing a new air conditioner is the best option when the repair doesn’t work. There must be hundreds of questions in your mind like what type of cooling system to buy? What are the different AC options available in the market? How much does installing a new AC costs? We understand and are here to help you. The damaged AC that you have in your house must be 10-15 years old. Usually, AC is purchased for a long haul. If you are using a Decade-old air-conditioner, then it’s the time to buy a new air conditioner rather than paying 1000 bucks for air conditioner repair. AC with modern technology is more powerful, quieter, and way more energy efficient than the old models. You will save a lot of money on your electricity bills every month. In this article, we have mentioned the different types of AC availablebest air conditioner company, and how much does installing a new AC cost?

Types of AC available

There are different types of AC available to suit different requirements and fit in different room spaces.  

  • Central Air Conditioners– In a central AC, evaporator, compressor, and condenser are all placed on a concrete slab or roof near the system foundation. The ducts run from the units through the exterior wall and throw the cooled air inside. Central AC can be paired with a natural gas furnace or set of heating coils (heating systems) to be able to maintain the perfect temperature indoors.
  • Portable Air conditioners– Portable AC is similar to window AC. TYPE OF AIR CONDITIONERS

They are an evaporative HVAC system and can be moved from one room to another around the house. It can be freestanding or self-contained, which makes it portable. It only required a window for the exhaust air and a power outlet.

  • Window AC units– These are the most simple and common central air systems. It is installed in a regular window space and mostly used to cool small spaces. All the components are fitted inside a single box and have a single thermostat gauge. Window AC installation cost is lower than the other type of cooling systems.
  • Hybrid / Heat Pump Air Conditioner- This cooling system alternates between using fossil fuels and electricity. It saves both money and energy while cooling your house. During summers, it normally works by pulling indoor heat and distributing outside. During the winter season, the hybrid pump works by pulling hot air from outdoors and pumping it indoors inside the house to make the temperature comfortable inside.
  • Split AC/ Ductless system- These are also called a mini-split system.Split AC

This uses a dual central system combining both the outside and inside AC to keep comfortable room temperature. You will need a separate cooling unit for every room, similar to a window AC. 

  • Geothermal cooling and heating system– Geothermal is a new technology that extracts the heat from the ground beneath and pumps it into the house. The coil is installed into the ground and used to cool or heat your home. During summers, it extracts the heat from the house back to the ground and vice versa during winters. This cooling system is energy-efficient, sustainable, and has a longer lifespan than any other options available.

How much does installing a new AC costs?

There are many factors responsible for determining the new air conditioner installation cost. Some of the main factors are the brand you choose, home’s square footage, SEER rating.

  • AC installation cost based on the Tons– the first step is to determine the ideal size requirement of the air conditioner depending upon how big is the area you need a cooling system for. On an average AC unit can cool 400 square feet area of the house per 1 ton of cooling capacity. This means 12000 BTU’S every 600 square feet. For example. For a 2000 square feet space divided by 400 square ft. The area you will require 5 Ton cooling capacity air conditioner. A 5 ton AC costs about $1,980 only for the AC unit for the house approximately, and total installation would be $3,690. Similarly, different ton capacity of the air conditioner system has different prices. A 1.5 ton AC will cost approximately $2000, 2 Ton AC for $2,620, 2.5 Ton AC for $2,895, etc. Choosing the size can also depend upon other factors like; an underground basement space is comparatively cooler than other areas of the house and many other similar factors.
  • AC installation cost based on SEER Rating– Nowadays, with growing technology, AC cooling systems are becoming more and more energy-efficient. High energy efficiency capabilities, also known as a high SEER rating. High energy-efficient cooling systems save a lot of money on an average electricity bill costs. But a high SEER AC means higher HVAC installation cost. SEER rating varies between 13 to 24 SEER rating. The Average AC price for a standard AC unit ranging between 13-14 SEER is $2,770, including the total installation. Similarly, a 24 SEER rating AC will cost about $6,800, including installation. 
Factors responsible for determining the total installation costs are:-
  • Type of AC– Different types of AC have different prices. Mini-split AC and Window AC costs are lower in comparison to Central air conditioner systems.
  • AC brand- The brand you chose also affects the installation cost. American Standard Air conditioner is the best Air conditioner company in the market.
  • Insulation– windows, doors, and insulation are also the major AC unit cost determining factors. Before buying a new AC, you will have to pay to get the insulation, doors, and windows checked.AC INSTALLATION COST
  • Ductwork– Requirement of ducts and vents also affects the new AC unit installation cost. Getting a new duct installed can cost up to $3000.
  • Labor charges- These may vary depending on the area. In some regions, labor, chares are cheap compared to other areas. On average, it can sum up to $300-400.
  • Extras- Electrical work, plumbing, removal of the old cooling system, modifying the framing system, all add up to the total new AC  unit installation cost.