How Much Does Minecraft Cost? 

Minecraft Cost

Minecraft is a video game that has become so popular and famous among people worldwide. If we take a look at the sales of copies then the number count is over 100 million, more than 100 million copies of Minecraft have been sold for all the platforms. When it comes to gaming, Minecraft has become a huge sensation not only among the kids but also the adults are very fond of playing it in their fun time.

Initially, when the game was introduced it was only available to play on PCs but with time they expanded its setup and launched many newer versions that work on many devices/platforms, including mobile phones. Majorly there are two versions of Minecraft games that you will see, one is Minecraft Java Edition and another one is Minecraft windows 10 edition. The most amazing thing about the game is that it gives cross-platform playing availability.

But before you download or install Minecraft on your PC, laptop, or mobile system, make sure to purchase it because you can not play the game without buying it. Now the question arises, How much does Minecraft cost? Does the price vary with the change of platform? So, in order to answer all your questions and to clear everything related to the pricing and purchasing of the Minecraft game, here is this article for you with all the following details.

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How to select the suitable Minecraft version? 

As already mentioned above, there are various versions of the Minecraft game available. So before you think of buying it, think of the version you want and this step needs to be done wisely, i.e. of choosing the right version of the game. Though the game is available to play on many different platforms, the latest and updated features you will get to enjoy only in the PC version of Minecraft. 

However other console versions also offer you many amazing features and will contribute to make your fun time a memorable one but in comparison to the PC version they lack at some points. The reason behind the same is the restrictions, they require approval from companies, like- Microsoft and Sony.  

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How does the cost of Minecraft vary based on the platform?

You can get Minecraft games for many different platforms and devices but the place where you will find the difference is the pricing. When it comes to purchasing the game, the cost of the Minecraft game is different for different platforms, it varies accordingly. Like if you are thinking of getting it for your PC then be ready to pay an amount of around twenty-seven dollars. But on the other hand, if you are downloading it for any of your console systems then it will cost you between $20 to $30. 

This range of $20 to $30 is for the base game, now if you go to buy your favorite pack on the WiiU then be ready to pay $30 and even more. If we talk about the most affordable version of Minecraft then it is the Minecraft: Pocket Edition. You can enjoy playing this version on any of your mobile devices and you will be very amazed and happy to know that this version of the app will only cost around $7. 

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