Most Common Pothos Varieties For Indoor Gardening

Pothos varieties

Pothos is one of the first houseplants that plant lovers started with, and for good reasons. Pothos varieties are highly versatile and easy to care for as you can grow them in hanging pots, moss poles, or on windowsills, mantles, etc.

These plants can easily grow in low light conditions and thrive best if kept in bright indoor areas. These do not require a lot of watering; just make sure that potting soil is moist enough.

The best part about the Pothos plant is that there are plenty of varieties so you can find something that you really like.

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Types of Pothos Plant Varieties

Golden Pothos

Golden Pothos is one of the most popular varieties. It is also known as Devil’s Ivy.

You can easily find them at any local nursery garden center since they are common types of Pothos plants. These are easy to identify because of their heart-shaped telltale green leaves splashed with golden hues. Golden Pothos is resilient and the easiest plant to grow of all the Pothos varieties. 

Marble Queen Pothos

Marble Queens are a type of Pothos plants that have a cheesecake type of look to them. The dark green and white colors are interwoven together, forming a knit blanket or tapestry in the form of gorgeous variegation. 

Marble Queen Pothos are highly variegated varieties resulting in slow growth because of less chlorophyll content in the leaf. You should keep them closer to the light source or windowsill to lead to higher growth.

Neon Pothos

Neon Pothos plant is a lime green leafy plant standing true to its name. These are unique types of Pothos plants with heart-shaped leaves in bright green color. The young budding leaves have bright hues, and when they turn old, they develop a deep neon tinge. 

If you want your Neon Pothos plant to get a striking neon color, growing these under bright light is best. The leaves tend to get dark and dull in dim or low lighting. 

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Jessenia Pothos 

Jessenia Pothos plant has heart-shaped foliage with greenish-yellow hues. Every leaf of these Pothos varieties grows differently than the remaining similar to the Marble Queen Pothos plant. Jessenia also grows at a much slower pace than other non-variegated Pothos due to less chlorophyll content. 

You can easily differentiate between Jessenia and Marble Queen as the lime green vegetation of Jessenia is darker than the whiter color of the Marble Queen Pothos plant.

Manjula Pothos

Manjula Pothos varieties is a patented type of Pothos produced originally in Florida University. The major difference between Manjula and other types of Pothos plants is in the leaves. Manjula Pothos plant has heart-shaped leaves with curvy edges that do not lay flat. 

The leaves are variegated with hues of silver, white, cream, and green. Like other types of Pothos plants, Manjula pothos has different leaves. Some leaves may have green patches, while others may be painted with hues or covered in freckles. Also, the Manjula Pothos leaves do not have a clear cut, so you will see specks of green color on whiter areas.

Pearls and Jade Pothos

This is also a patented Pothos variety produced by the University of Florida. Jade and Pearls Pothos have green-colored leaves variegated with white and silver-gray hues. These can be easily spotted in the midst of various Pothos plant assortments because of their variegation patterns. 

The leaves of Pearls and Jade Pothos grow on edges instead of center. The white portion of the foliage is clouded with silver-gray and green colors. These plants have smaller leaves compared to other Pothos plants and grow at a slower rate. 

Silver / Satin Pothos

This pothos plant flaunts a heart-shaped and dark green foliage. The dark green leaves are speckled with silver bits. These types of Pothos plants have smaller foliage than other types.

These have a vine-like feature and sparkling-looking leaves, which makes them a great addition to the indoor jungle. Place this Pothos in a hanging pot and let the leaves move where the hearts desire. You have to keep this plant in bright indirect sunlight to get sparkling silver color.

N-Joy Pothos

This is a new Pothos variety available in the market. The foliage of the green leaves is covered with white and looks unique. You can make white leaves grow and foliage spread if the N-Joy Pothos is kept under bright light.

N-Joy Pothos types of Pothos plants are easier to grow as compared to other types of Pothos. You have to keep them under bright indirect sunlight and let the vine thrive. However, you will have to be a little patient and let the plant grow. 

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Cebu Blue Pothos

Cebu Blue Pothos is a unique variety of Pothos with arrow-shaped blue-green leaves. These leaves usually have a metallic blue sheen to them which makes them unique.

The young Cebu Blue pothos leaves have vague arrow-shaped leaves. However, if you keep them in bright light, they will enlarge and also form natural splits. These leaves require a lot of time to grow, so you will have to be patient.