All You Need To Know About 14k Gold?


How much is 14k gold worth – Gold is valuable for many reasons, but mainly because it does not rust, tarnish or react with other chemicals. Gold is made of mixed alloys to create the gold color and weight that we are all familiar with today. People usually ask how much 14k gold is worth; the current price of 14 k gold per gram is 31 USD.

Gold can be purchased as 18k, 14k, 10k, and 8k. The higher the number “karat” (or karat age), the more pure gold there is within the jewelry item, and thus, the more expensive it will be. Let’s discuss everything you should know about how much 14k gold is worth

A Brief History of Gold:

Gold has long been used for adornment, for the most part in jewelry. Gold was first discovered in Egypt two thousand years before Christ and in Nubia about 1300 B.C. It is also said that the Pharaohs were covered with gold sheets to preserve their bodies from decomposition. The Egyptians used gold for coins and jewelry before 4000 B.C., most of it coming from Nubia, now known as Ethiopia, but they much later started mining it out of Egypt itself. 

After Egypt, Greece began to use gold more commonly around 750 B.C., and again in Rome, it was used by the upper classes for jewelry and coins. Throughout Europe, gold became a common currency in the late Middle Ages. However, even though gold has been used as currency since ancient times, it wasn’t until the discovery of South African gold mines that the price per ounce of gold reached its high point. The first South African gold mine was discovered within the Witwatersrand region in 1887.

Gold is much more malleable than other metals and is also very attractive to the human touch, which makes it ideal for jewelry. All these traits, combined with its hardness, made it one of the precious metals most suitable for making jewelry objects, ornaments, and decorations.

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What is 14k Gold?

14k gold is the weight of gold that an additional 14% has increased. The term was commonly used in the 1860s to distinguish lower 18k gold from higher 22k gold. Most jewelry items use 14k or 18k gold, and some of the most popular materials consist of 14k Gold filled, 14k Platinum, and 14k Gold plated. Some people commonly refer to this as 18kt gold, which is technically incorrect.

14K gold is what most people are familiar with because it is so commonly used in manufacturing jewelry and accessories. But there are many types of 14K gold because different grades and types depend on the metal’s purity. For example, 14k gold is not pure gold, so it doesn’t have the same characteristics as 24k gold, which is 100% pure gold.

 Is 14k gold good?

14k Gold Plated refers to the process in which exposed metal is plated over with another layer of pewter or other metal to make its surface more attractive. 14k Gold filled refers to a metal with very little alloy and is put under high pressure while being melted. The metal then becomes denser and heavier than pure gold without increasing the amount of alloy content. It results in jewelry or parts that appear thicker than they are

14k Yellow gold refers to a yellow gold alloy consisting of 60% pure gold and 40% total other metal composition, such as silver, copper, and nickel. 14k Yellow gold is most commonly used in jewelry manufacture because of the color. Yellow gold is the warmest color for white, rose, or other colored gold alloys. For example, 14K Rose Gold will be a much more excellent shade of pink than rose or red diamonds that are naturally found.

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Other Gold Karat Comparisons:

The higher the karat of gold, the purer of gold you are getting. 

24k and 14K Gold are prevalent in today’s time. 24k is a very high purity of gold which is as near pure as possible but does not yield any chemical reaction, whereas 14K usually has an additional 14% to produce it to its final weight. Because 24k gold is so pure and stable that it doesn’t require any other metals to make it more stable, less will be added in case there’s no other metal that can be used for something else.

  • 10K Gold: 10K gold contains 10 parts of gold per 100 parts of silver. 10k gold is considered a low-karat gold. There is a lot of silver in 10k gold, making the overall weight a little heavier than usual. It can be obtained by adding either silver or nickel to pure gold. Usually manufactured as jewelry, 10k gold is not very popular due to its high cost – about three times higher than 14k – and some people believe it has no value as it has no color or durability.
  • 18K Gold: 18K Gold is not only the highest purity of gold but also the most beautiful. It has a purity of 99.9% and is usually used for making jewelry and intricate designs. Thus it is trendy; 18K Gold can be manufactured using other metals such as platinum. 

Price of 14k gold per gram:

$31.26 is the price of 14K gold per gram. 

 How much is 18 karat gold worth?

The price of 18 Karat Gold per gram is $41.604

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