xWeather- Best Weather Forecasting Application


xWeather forecast app is highly interactive and was created after months of development and research. It features a professional and modern design with great screen space and an amazing interface. This application also features a bookmark and search tool to track the weather condition in your area.

XWeather Forecast includes a moon phase and radar, which is great for planning outdoor activities. The best part of all is that it features Apple Watch, which means you get a weather report anytime and anywhere. 

It is made with advanced technology to get accurate weather information. It allows the user to customize the display according to their preferences. Users can search for any region and look for weather conditions and even use the bookmark feature as it comes with cross-curricular links.

The User Interface on this app is a great tool to get weather information of multiple regions along with radar and moon phase. The xWeather team helps people from all over the world to plan their next trip. xWeather used different weather data for the forecast, including the temperature and time of a particular area.

XWeather – Weather Forecast App Review

xWeather forecast app is one of the fastest and most accurate weather apps on Android. The program features weather conditions of ten different cities at a single time.

It also supports Traditional Chinese with customizable features like you can change the icon size, wallpaper, and theme of this device. You can switch between seven types of views, including satellite and animated images. It displays pressure, precipitation, dew point, and humidity. By simply tapping on the map, you can easily switch between weather types to decide whether it’s a safe time to go on a road trip.

Radar Express is another great feature of the xWeather forecast app as it gives real-time updates about storms. Also, this weather app loads really fast and has a high-resolution animated weather radar.

How to Use the XWeather App on Your iPhone

xWeather app lets the user check the weather report of their current location. This application provides detailed information about expected precipitation, wind speed, UV index, wind speed, and weather reports for the next nine days. The users can also add new locations and get a weather display of any airport or city in the world. 

It is available on iPhone by default, but you can download the latest version anytime you want. Open your app after installing, tap on the three square dots at the top of the screen to switch between Precipitation and Air Quality. You can also check rain prediction on the slider.

You can click on the help icon to get a more detailed weather report. Also, you can delete or add more cities to check the weather situation. After you have rearranged the List, you can even change the measurement unit by tapping on the “Menu” tab and picking any region or country. 

XWeather Pro Application

XWeather is a great forecast app for the iPhone. Users can view weather reports of any location in the world, UV index, precipitation, current weather, and wind speed. You can get advanced weather forecasts for upto nine days when you are traveling for pleasure or business.

When using this app, users can even add or delete any location. XWeather is a great tool for people who are always on the run to places. Its easy-to-use interface and Palm oS 1-Hand navigation make it even better. This software is highly customizable and has amazing features like theme and wallpaper changing and switching between cities’ maps. 

XWeather app for Android

xWeather is one of the fastest Android application on weather forecast which gives up-to-date information on all parts of the world. It supports all languages, including traditional Chinese. 

Users can customize the weather interface easily and pick from different local weather profiles. You can change the feel and look of this app and even add widgets from the gallery.

xWeather is an easy-to-use app for Android with a clean interface. You can change themes, wallpaper, icon size, and so much more. Whether You are in China or the USA, you can check the weather report of any part of the country irrespective of where you are.

It is the fastest weather rooting app on Android. You can see the weather report on your display of about ten cities at once. You can send alerts to your family and friends and even check the temperature of the local area.

Language settings

 xWeather offers multiple language features, including English and Traditional Chinese. The interface is easy to use and supports one hand navigation. By doing appropriate settings for local weather you can set up xWeather on your iPhone. One of the most useful features of xWeather is enabling multi-language systems and adding new languages. 

Because of its simple interface and Traditional Chinese language support, xWeather has become highly popular. It offers weather reports of upto ten cities at once. You can customize the font, appearance, background color to match your preferences. 

XWeather app for iPhones

xWeather is a highly popular application for iPhones, being one of the fastest and most efficient. It can even read weather reports in Chinese and is super easy to use. Users can customize the xWeather software to meet their needs and can switch between different views. 

The xWeather interface is highly intuitive, easy to navigate, and also allows a wide range of weather information. Unlike some other weather apps, you can even change the wallpaper, icon size, and themes. You will get the most relevant weather information depending on the region you live in. 

xWeather has various functions and features. It is built with advanced technology, which allows you to save certain print areas of the country and even the results. This app offers a cross-curricular link which helps you learn about weather reports in your area. 

xWeather interface is a highly customizable app that allows the users of specific regions an easy reference. You can easily customize this app according to your requirements. The best part is you can even get a search and bookmark feature in xWeather.

Getting Started


PrivateKeys.cs contains four const keys. These can be set in empty strings and allow the program to build and run well. However, it may display “testing” static weather information. 

To enable live API on display weather data and also utilize the GPS apps on Android devices, you can take the below-mentioned steps and acquire the correct API keys.

Weather Underground

XWeather received correct weather report data through Weather underground API. The static files with Android and iOS app bundles teh permit required to create and test applications using the test information. 

You will be required to create a weather underground account to get additional location weather reports. Getting free developer options is also ideal for running this application. 

Google Maps API key (Android)

To make changes in the location service of the Android version in xWeather it is essential to acquire the API key of Google Maps.

Visual Studio Mobile Centre (optional)

The mobile center is a result of a merger combining Xamarin Test Cloud, HockeyApp, Xamarin Insights, and many other brand service varieties. Mobile center application works on every aspect, which is a part of the continuous integration and deployments, including build distribution, test, crash report, and analytics. 

The process to set up a Mobile Centre is optional. If you wish to configure, you can do so by following the below-mentioned steps.

  • Register by opening a new Mobile Center account.
  • Create a new app that can work on both Android and iOS platforms.
  • Set two values from AppSecret within Private Keys. cs

Visual Studio Mobile Center

xWeather makes use of Mobile Center to get regular integration and Deployment using all the features of beacons.


When someone updates the Mobile Center repo, beacon creates it and also distributes the new version of the repo for both Android and iOS.


The test beacon Mobile Center will bring the potential of Xamarin Test Cloud to allow UI tests on actual devices and in one single dashboard. 


After launching a new version of xWeather and meeting the Mobile Centre tests, the Distribution beacon will deploy a pre-released version to choose Beta testers

Crash Reporting

In this app, the HockeyApp Crash reporting feature was integrated into the beacon Crashes of Mobile Centre, including some stack-traces and real-time data of crashes that can occur in the open. 


XWeather uses an Analytics beacon to record and track data of the user base and also custom events.


xWeather is designed by Colby Williams. 

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