How Much Is My Fortnite Account Worth? 


A lot of people have been asking the question, “How much is my Fortnite account worth?” a lot too much these days. If you too want to know about the same, you have come to the right place.

Knowing the worth of your Fortnite account also becomes important when you plan to sell it. This way, you can make sure that your Fortnite account is priced correctly and make a profit by selling it.

Let’s look at some factors that play a crucial role in determining how much is my Fortnite account worth. Stay tuned.


Outfits are one of the major factors that determine the overall price of your Fortnite Battle Royale account. But unlocking outfits in Fortnite isn’t an easy task, you will have to go through a lot of challenges at each level.

While completing these challenges you will notice that some of the most valuable outfits in Fortnite are season specific that is they are available only in some seasons and getting a hold of such outfits will surely increase the worth of your Fortnite account.

So to calculate your Fortnite account worth, take a look at your outfit collection, and you will be able to get a basic understanding of how much is your Fortnite account worth.

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Battle Stars and V Bucks

In Fortnite you can use battle stars to get through the battle pass. For this, you will have to get them by purchasing XP out of the season pass.

But this is not the only option by which you can progress through the battle pass, you can do the same with the help of V Bucks as well.

This not only helps you in proceeding to the next level of the battle pass but will also help you to determine how much is my fortunate account worth.

Battle pass and Season pass

The Battle pass and the Season pass will get more valuable as you progress in the game Fortnite. Hence you can consider them as important factors that will help you in determining the overall worth of your Fortnite Account.


Banners define the overall progress you experience within Fortnite. As you progress in the battle pass you shall unlock many different colors and parts.

Hence banners contribute significantly towards determining the overall value of your Fortnite account. But for this, you will have to determine the impact of banners on your Fortnite account. 

Some other factors

As you progress with XP, numerous opportunities to unlock different by-products will come along your way. These include harvesting tools, emotes, skydiving trails, and gliders. 

Since all these products are associated with the progression of your Fortnite account they also play a significant role in determining the worth of your Fortnite account. 


Another quick way of price guessing your Fortnite account value is by comparing the value to the current market price. You can check out websites that reflect the price such as PlayerAuctions and PlayerUP.

Look for accounts with matching cosmetic items like yours and then do the price guessing.


Rare skins in Fortnite are the highest value cosmetic items because it is not easy to get them. For instance your Fortnite account is worth $350 because of Raiders Revenge, Raider and Blck Knight SKin.

Buying all the skins of higher value will add to the worth of your Fortnite account value. Fortnite accounts with expensive cosmetic items are likely to be sold quickly than other epic games account.

Check out some of the Fortnite account worth below with rare skins:

  • Black Knight + Omega + AC/DC +Floss Emote | 150$
  • Original Ghoul Trooper + Renegade Raider, Aerial Assault 1 Glider Black Knight + Mako Glider + Raiders Revenge| 1200$
  • Merry Mint + Various Twitch Prime Skins | 220$
  • Triple OG Renegade Raider + Skull and Ghoul Trooper | 400$

This is all that we can teach about how much is my Fortnite account worth. There is a lot of details and hacks that go into Fortnite accounts in order to estimate the account value like battle pass skins, Marvel skins, and emotes. Therefore it is important to keep everything in mind before you put a monetary value to the Fortnite Battle Royale account.