8 Best Fortnite Dropper Codes you must know


If you, too, wish to know more about Fortnite Dropper Codes, then you’re at the right place. 

Dropper maps refer to a popular map type meant for the games that allow custom content. The basis is that the players start up high and must find a way to get down to the bottom either without dying or as fast as possible they can.

These maps usually consist of thematic elements that draw players in or unique content that sets them apart from the crowd. Fortnite Dropper Map codes can give you a ton of these maps where you can find a soft spot to land. These maps provide players with a new challenge and make the Biggest battle game, Fortnite, even more interesting. 

In this article, we have picked some of the best Fornite Dropper Map codes, focusing more on the recently released ones. Stay tuned to read more.

 8 Best Fortnite Dropper Codes

The premise of these Fortnite Dropper codes is that you must complete ten falling levels and finish before everyone else.

Below is the list of some of the best and most challenging Dropper Maps with their respective codes. Stay tuned.

  • Variety Dropper Code: 3547-1699-5825
  • Garden Dropper 4: 4221-0987-2879
  • Dropper De L’Impossible 2: 8852-0483-3945
  • Default Dropper + Deathrun: 4392-6608-9942
  • Garden Dropper Halloween: 5905-3494-7075
  • Kenny Dropper: 4283-2322-5833
  • A Pirates Journey Dropper map code: 6483-6300-1906
  • Default Dropper Map code: 6585-0575-5408

The Variety Dropper Code

Given by the well-known mapmaker 2xVOID, Variety Dropper is a popular and fun Fortnite dropper map code. This map follows the basic “Avoid stuff while you fall” format but the list of objects given by this that you need to avoid while falling is what makes this map special and different from others. 

It challenges you in many different aspects in which you must dodge different objects while falling at each level.

So if you are looking for a Fortnite Dropper code map to set the standard you can use to compare other Dropper maps, this one can surely be an ideal pick.

Code: 3547-1699-5825

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Garden Dropper 4 

One of the most popular Fortnite dropper maps out there is Garden Dropper 4, the fourth installment to the Garden Dropper series. Developed by the renowned Fortnite Mapmaker Choupala, this fourth installment continues the Garden dropper series formula by providing the players with a challenging yet entertaining Fortnite Dropper Code that will keep you occupied for hours.

Code: 4221-0987-2879

Dropper De L’Impossible #2

Dropper De L’Impossible #2 can be the ideal pick for you if you are looking for some of the most challenging fortunate dropper maps. There is no rhythm or rhyme to the levels of this dropper map, and it all just seems like the developer just picked up some random objects and threw them all together, making it very impossible to reach the end of the game. You can use the video guide to get through each level, but the real challenge lies in completing each level and making it to the end without using the guide.

Code: 8852-0483-3945

Default Dropper + Deathrun

These top Dropper map codes are suitable for the players who like both the Droppers and Deathruns. It has seven levels with increasing difficulty, with Noob being the easiest level and Pro being the most difficult one. 

In addition, it provides the player with an option to use the Time Trials Mechanic, where you can run as fast as possible through the difficult levels to show off your control, reaction, and skills to other players.

Code: 4392-6608-9942

Garden Dropper Halloween

This one is specially meant for Dr strange’s multiverse jump fans. Everything in the Garden Dropper Halloween map feels like it has an identity. This Fortnite Dropper map code is one of the most painstakingly beautiful maps and is the most mind-bending dropper code you will ever find.

Choupala has also developed this one

Code: 5905-3494-7075

The Kenny Dropper code 

The Kenny Dropper map code will help you face everything you can think of with neon lights and a pleasing theme transition. Apart from this, this map has made great use of assets in Fortnite, giving it the feel of a game. Each element of this dropper code is perfectly designed, making it different from other dropper code maps. It has been executed in such a way that you’ll never get bored of playing it.

Code: 4283-2322-5833

A Pirates Journey to Best Dropper maps code

Ever wondered about a dropper map filled with roofs and scales giving you a vibe of a pirate ship. It may not be very pleasant at first, but the challenges it will give you can surely not be underestimated.

While it may not be one of the best-looking dropper map codes, it will keep you engaged with the plenty of twists and turns it offers. This Fortnite dropper map code can not be for everyone but is best for those who possess a love for challenging and time-taking games.

Code: 6483-6300-1906

Default Dropper Map  code

This one is full of lava and rocks, and you’re stuck between them. Your job is to protect yourself from this lava and stones and ensure you don’t get hit with anything while falling. It is easy to decide where to jump and where not, but the real challenge is less in maneuvering yourself for it.

The Default Dropper is one of these dropper map codes that look breathtaking and will tire you out with the multiple challenges it offers. This is one of the most addictive and easy Fortnite dropper codes you will enjoy.

Code: 6585-0575-5408

Final Words

These were some of the best Fortnite Dropper codes we know so far. These are all different from each other in appearance and level of difficulty. While some are easy Fortnite dropper codes, the others are relatively hard to play.

Try these if you possess a love for Best Dropper Maps codes in Fortnite Battle Royale game mode

Let us know how you liked this article and which are your favorite dropper codes from the above list through the comments below.