80’s fashion trends : Like it or Leave it!

fashion trends from 80's

Fashion trends from 80’s had a charm of its own. Retro style clothing is followed by many theme parties. Even in the twenties era, retro dress ideas are adopted to carry a different style statement. Back in the days, it was a common practice to show off class and wealth through garments and accessories. 80’s outfit ideas donned sequins and diamonds, to exhibit the richness. Talking about clothes, shiny, bright and expensive costumes became a part of big magazines like Vogue; during the late eighties. Accessories were equally vivid to match up with the garments. Large gold earrings and pearl necklaces were class statements during the era.

Talking about hair: Hairstyles in the 1980s were typically puffed up in bouffant style to adorn it with 80’s dress up idea. But fashion trends from 80’s took turns to change at intervals in that decade. Early fashion trends from 80’s were tame and straightforward in comparison to the late 80’s outfit ideas. Even middle 80’s had its own set of style statement. So, to take you to the world of old fashion, we would like you to take a look at the changing trends adopted by the 80’s fashion women.

fashion trends from 80's

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80's outfit ideas

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The Early 80’s Outfit Ideas

  • Fashion sense in the early 80s reflected aestheticism and class. Clothing colours were far from bright. Subdued colours like brown, tan and light orange were a fashion for the ladies. Accessories were not so much of a highlight till then.                                                                  
  • Sweaters and pullovers were highly fashionable in the early 80’s outfit ideas and are considered important part of retro dress ideas. The shirts either donned the turtleneck, V shape collar or some had the crew neck collars. If you see now in the current fashion scenario, some pullovers are style by the 80’s fashion sense. They are still considered as the hit retro-style fashion. Fur line puffer jackets and velvet blazers were classics of the early 80s..
  • Leather tunics had a special place in the 80’s outfit and retro dress ideas. Do you know that crop tops and tube tops had their origins during the early 80’s?
  • Knee length skirts and flowing knee-length dresses were a rage in the early 80’s. Tube tops and crop tops are girls’ favourite even today at clubs and discotheques. Low necklines were in vogue in the early 80’s too. Necklines were self-assessed in the early 80’s dress up ideas. There were no hard and fast style statements for necklines when it came to dresses. Both high necklines and low necklines were in fashion then.      
  • High waist loose trousers were typicality of the early 80s and are important part of retro dress ideas. Along with that, embroidered jeans entered the style zone of the early 80s gradually.
  • Accessories of the early 80s were mostly carried over from late 70s. Embroidered jeans were accessorised by knee-high boots and thin belts and these are good retro style clothing. Thick kitten heal was also in.
retro dress ideas

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Women were as much of a fitness freak in 80’s as they are in the 21st century. Sweatshirts and sweatpants were the common fitness wear. Tracksuits, by early 80’s were already in the sports fashion list and retro style clothing. Sports accessories in the 80’s dress up ideas were very athletic. Those included leg warmers, wide belts, head-bands and for the legs, it was either sneakers or trainers.

Corporate Wear

Women that step out for work were earnest about their equality in the corporate field. Their seriousness was reflected in their professional clothing. Knee length skirts and wide-legged slacks were topped with a matching blazer. To make it slightly striking, corporate women wore the different coloured blouse under the blazer.

The Mid 1980’s

The early 80’s subdued clothing style, took a bright turn in the mid-1980s. From knee-length skirts, the style went to either tight miniskirts or long flared skirts. Women preferred tapered trousers rather than loose trousers. Pastel bright jumpsuits and heavyweight sweaters started pouring in as the new trend. The mid-1980s saw the introduction of large scarves and beanies. During winters, women began wearing leather gloves along with leather jackets. Rather than sneakers, the plums and kids became more popular as sports shoes during the mid-80s.

Madonna, the famous pop star was a vast influential fashionista in the 80s, especially from 1985. She brought in the style of short skirt worn over tight leggings. That was her famous “street urchin” look!

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She popularized the fishnet stocking and laced or finger fewer gloves.

Black was considered as a fashionista’s colour, unlike in the early 1980s.

During the 80s, visible undergarments straps were either a taboo or a fashion faux. But the mid-80s witnessed a drastic change in this respect. Women wore fancy slips, and the visibility of lacy straps took an entry into the fashion list.

retro style clothing

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Television shows like ‘Dallas’ and ‘Dynasty’ had a powerful impact on shaping the shoulder pads as the new style statement. Taking influence from the daily soap ‘Dallas’, women started dressing in Bright clothes and expensive jewellery.

Pointed toe shoes and spiked heels were a rage in the 1950s and 60s. The style revisited in the mid-80s too as corporate friendly shoes.

Power dressing was a new concept in the mid-80s. It was largely an attempt to look masculine and powerful in and around the workplace. Thus large sleeves, padded and wide shoulders were in high demand in the mid-80s.

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Another women, whose style statement was attracted like a magnet in the 80s, was the British Leader, Margaret Thatcher. The single toned colour suit, with matching the hat, jacket and knee-length skirt was a rage amongst the women power fashionistas.

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The Late 80’s

This era was committed to consumer-friendly fashion. Fashion designers were all in all into making short skirts. Though knee length and long skirts were not totally out of fashion, miniskirts still ruled. This trend was popularised more by young and teenage girls. Large shoulder pads were shifting towards smaller shoulder pads. Babydoll dresses and pouffe dresses were the new “cool” statement in the late 80s. Jumpsuits, jackets and reversible coats were equally in fashion.

Neon hues, plum, gold and bright wines were the favourite late 80s colours.

For accessories, bright coloured sandals with long heels were preferred. Beaded necklace and plastic bracelets were more popular. Lacy gloves were also a rage in the late 80s.

So, in conclusion, you see in a decade, the 80s saw quite many fashion varieties to talk about. The most striking part of retro style clothing, some of the fashion trends and styles are coming back in the present century as well. So, grab some fashion out of this article and apply it today. Nobody would say it is out of Style! Even if they say, who cares! Right girls? Just dress up as you want with a charm of confidence! Good luck.

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