How to Clean Your Flat Iron?

tips to clean flat iron

A hair straightener is essentially a help (buh-bye, obstinate fly-aways), however, you clean it… never. Also, hey, all that item develops on the plates is rapidly offsetting all the work you put into styling your hair in any case. So we tracked down a simple answer to assist you with disposing of the buildup. Let’s learn how to clean flat iron.

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The most effective method to clean a flat iron

What you want: Cotton balls, scouring liquor, and warm, sodden material.

What to do: When your flat iron is totally cool (and turned off), plunge several cotton balls in scouring liquor and delicately swab them to clean the plates. At the point when you’re finished, wipe down the whole flat iron with a material.

Furthermore, in the event that the hair item is truly solidified on: Grab a perfect toothbrush or Magic Eraser (our number one rough). Give extreme to-clean spots (like the lip between the plate and the plastic) a concentrated scour.

At the point when you ought to get it done: One last PSA: You ought to really be cleaning your flat iron no less than one time per week. Your victories will be much obliged.

Doing a General Cleaning


Plug in your iron and turn it on at the least intensity setting, and let it heat up for two or three minutes. The intensity will assist with relaxing any development or grime that might be on the iron, which will make it a lot more straightforward to really spotless.


Turn off your iron and let your flat iron cool on an intensity safe mat or hand towel for around 5 minutes after you’ve switched it off and turned off it from the power source. Try not to set your flat iron straightforwardly on the counter or on the edge of the sink since it could consume these surfaces.


Wipe the flat iron down with a moist material or paper towel. While your flat iron is as yet chilling off, hold your hand about an inch over the flat iron to decide whether it has sufficiently chilled to securely contact. When it feels somewhat warm to the touch, delicately hose a washcloth or paper towel with warm water. Clean Wipe all surfaces of the iron to finish a fundamental cleaning.


Utilize an expert cleaning arrangement in the event that you’ve never cleaned your iron. Magnificence supply stores convey various expert cleaning items made explicitly for hairstyling instruments. In the event that you’ve utilized your flat iron many times and this is your most memorable time cleaning it, you might need to involve an expert cleaning arrangement to effectively finish a more broad cleaning.

Eliminating Buildup and Stains

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Rub-down the iron with liquor and a cotton ball. In the first place, ensure that the flat iron is totally chilled and splash a couple of of cotton balls in scouring liquor. Wipe the iron with cotton balls and utilize a q-tip to clean little hiding spots. Subsequent to doing this, daintily saturate a perfect material with water and wipe once more.


Make a baking pop and hydrogen peroxide glue. Put about ¼ cup of baking soft drink in a bowl. Then, at that point, spurt in hydrogen peroxide and blend the two until the combination looks like glue. Rub the glue onto the flat iron with your fingers to eliminate gunky development of hairspray and other hair items.


Clean your flat iron with a toothbrush or Magic Eraser. Utilizing a delicate grating, like a toothbrush or wizardry eraser, tenderly clean predicaments, including the lip between the plastic and the plate.[7] Magic erasers contain a mix of sodium bisulfite, formaldehyde, melamine,  and water, which make simple evacuation conceivable.


Apply cream relaxer to your flat iron. Relaxers are commonly used to chemically fix wavy hair, yet they can be utilized to clean the flat iron too. To clean your flat iron with a relaxer, do the accompanying:

  • While the flat iron is turned off, apply an even layer of the cream relaxer to the flat iron plates.
  • Plug the iron in and leave it for 10-15 minutes.
  • Switch the flat iron off, let it cool totally, and afterward eliminate the relaxer with a washcloth soaked by water.

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