Top 5 NFT Games To Play: 2022

best nft games to play

Are you looking for the best NFT games to play? The growing popularity of NFT games is catching everybody’s attention right now.

As these games come with the possibility of earning money, they are considered in the “next big thing” category by players.

Players are going crazy over these thrilling games mainly because these offer the chances of increased profitability. 

Over time and with the increasing popularity of NFT games, many top players have understood the value of entering the world of NFT gaming sooner.

As per Cryptominati Capital, the biggest reason for the popularity of NFT games is due to low entry proof and higher benefits later.

When NFTs combine with blockchain, a new era develops, with the gamers evolving into critical roles. This is true in the gaming economy, where players can now receive only lucrative rewards.

Most of the free NFT games promise a 3+ digit return percentage of on total investment.

If you, too, are an NFT fan, then in this article today, we have made a list of the five best NFT games that you can play and earn profit.

Types of NFT Games

There are two main types of NFT games that are getting very popular these days. The details of which are given below. 

Play to Earn NFT Games

The best NFT games take video games to the next level, and play-to-earn games are on of the top NFT games where players are most focused on earning. While playing the participants earn a variety of valuable items that belong only to them. 

The play to earn version of NFT games is creating a lot of hype and what makes it different from other traditional games are the inbuilt incentives.

The concept of these built in incentives takes the power from the hands of game publishers and gives it to skilled players.

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Games for Players 

The second kind of NFT games is where Players play the game by collecting in-game assets, especially the ones that hold some absolute monstery power. The best games of this category have tokenized the game assets, which lets the players collect them as NFTs.

In such games, players collect and also trade their weapons, vehicles, characters,  and other in-game assets these can be played in many ways. Trading is done only in the form of NFTs. 

The rules for every game vary from the other and players can either compile NFTs till the time they pay back crypto rewards or even sell their NFTs to make a profit.

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5 Best NFT Games to play: 2022

Here is a list of the best NFT games to play. Stay tuned.

Star Atlas

This is the most anticipated blockchain NFT Games to play, in the list of best NFT games, atar atlas tops the list.

Its space theme along with the grand startegy is outstanding. The game has been set in the year 2060 and is built on the Solana blockchain.

Star atlas uses the popular and groundbreaking video game Unreal Five’s engine, as a result of which the players can experience real-time environments in cinematic quality like never before.

Everyone who has watched the trailer of Star Atlas already knows that the game is a visual spectacle.  You can enjoy the interface of deep space and encounter spaceships spread across wide galaxies in the game.

 Also, you will also experience a variety of terrestrial and celestial assets in the game and once you have found them you can mine, refine and trade them in the Universal Marketplace.

The Star atlas is featured in two-game currencies.  The first is ATLAS and the other is POLIS. The game is creating a lot of hype by Entropia Universe or EVE.


This game provides unbeatable joy to the players in the form of headshotting enemy players. Which makes it one of the most remarkable ways of stacking sats. 

 Well, this excellent game Lightnite was developed by Satoshis games. The game falls in the same category as of online game games like Fortnite and multiplayer games like battle royals games.

The Beta version of the game is already out, but if you are looking forward to its full version then you will have to wait. 

Although lightnite falls in the category of play-to-earn games an exciting twist about the game is that it provides monetary incentives in two different ways.

In a first way, it rewards the players with bitcoin, who have exceptional skills and who out skill others in PVP combat. While the players who get shot, lose their Bitcoin and are even penalized.

Lightning leverages the Layer 2 solution of bitcoin. The mechanism is known as Lightni g Network. Each of the players in the game is given an in-game balance which has the potential to increase in real-time.

You can improve this balance by shooting other players and collecting valuable objects.

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Sorare is a fantasy game that is very popular among soccer fans across the world. This soccer game lets the players sell, buy and manage and trade a virtual team using Digital player cards. Sorare was developed in 2018 using blockchain technology based on Ethereum. Adrien Montfort and Nicolas Julia are the two famous personalities behind this development.

In the game, players create virtual teams each of which consists of 5 players in total. The team depends mainly on the cards available on the sorare platform. 

These virtual teams are then ranked on the basis of the players’ performance, which takes place on the real world soccer pitch. 

The players are also rewarded with Ether tokens, which are the second most valuable cryptocurrency in the world.

Sorrare is one of the best NFT games to play that allows you to make a profit by simply defeating your opponents.

Axie Infinity

Known for being the best early pokemon style game, Axe infinity is a play-to-earn game based on Etherum Blockchain. The game recently implemented a very important scalability solution, Ronin. It is one of the most reliable solutions when it comes to transactions because of no fees charged. 

With the main objective of defeating other gamers, the players brief and collect Acies which are NFT-based digital characters. Every Axie is different from others in its genetic signature. 

And because of this, the descendants get all of the faults and strengths of the axis.

You can also trade Axis on any popular NFT marketplace. The prices do vary from one site to another depending upon the traits and rarity. You must get yourself at least 3 axis before you start playing this game. 

For each combat or mission completion, you will get a Smooth love Position as a reward. This is the ERC 20 currency of this game.

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Metawars us a futuristic sci-fi game that is based on the multiplayer strategy. The role-playing game is everything about space and the gamers can immerse themselves in the most realistic space experience. The players are also given the chance to monetize and earn the war economy. It happens due to the vast Metawars galaxy that is constant,y shifting from each player’s collective actions.

The game has three main aspects, the first one of which is related to Exploration, the second on fleet formation where the players are required to make their boats and fleet the ships.

Metawars let’s players stake and complete the challenges as a result of which they earn war tokens. They are free to match and mix devices, weapons, and modules that add to their gaming strength.

NFT gaming becomes very easy once you gain the right knowledge about them and the gaming business world. These games seem to become more understandable when you learn things about NFT.  If you too wish to play games and make a living out of it then don’t forget to check out this article where we have compiled a list of the 5 Best NFT games to play.