How To Gain Weight Fast For Women – Tips to Gain Weight Fast In A Week

how to gain weight fast for women

This post is based on the weight gain tips and methods for women. These tips will surely help women to gain healthy weight within the 10 days.

Body Mass Index lesser than the 18.5 in women may lead to weight loss issues and maybe searching for weight gain ideas. To maintain a healthy lifestyle, women need to adopt healthy eating habits that help in boosting the immune system and good fat in the body.

Being underweight, women may suffer from many health issues like decrease muscle mass, dull skin and nails, unhealthy hair texture, weak and lower immune system, fatigue, and weak bones. Sometimes it also leads to irregular menstruation cycles. Thus, gaining a healthy weight and maintaining a good healthy lifestyle is very crucial for women to be healthy.

Hence, women need to look after healthy weight gain procedures and ways that may help to increase the good fat.

Here below are the three significant steps that you must include in your lifestyle and follow them regularly to gain healthy weight:

Step 1: Eat Healthy and High-Calorie Food

To start gaining weight fast and quickly, add extra calorie foods to your meals.

  1. Eat Extra 500 Calories per Day: Consume eating 500 more calories each day by adding extra portion in your meal. If you eat extra 500 calories a day daily as per the instruction, one may easily gain the weight around 1 pound to 1.5 pounds in a week.
  • Do not add junk food to get extra calories, fresh vitamin-rich, and fatty foods
  • Include Protein Powder in your meals
  • Always Consult Nutritionist before embarking your weight gain goals
  1. Eat Healthy Fat Foods: Healthy fat foods are fully packed with nutrients and are also high in calories, including these foods in your meals help gain weight fast and quickly within the week.
  • Include foods like nuts, avocados, olive oil, peanut butter, almond butter, and seeds in your meals, help in boosting healthy fat in your body, and also have various health benefits to your body.
  • You can also consume fats derived from animal sources but in a moderation form. Animal products contain unsaturated fat and have bad effects on the body.
  • Try including more salad and veggies based meals by sprinkling olive oil on top.
  1. Intake More Protein Rich Food: Include protein-rich foods in your meals like legumes, tofu, beans, and fatty fish. Protein helps in building lean muscles and even do not add any extra fat to meals.
  • Drink protein shake in breakfast. You can also include them when you feel the hunger in the evening. Add one scope or 10 grams of protein powder in your smoothies so that it may also get easily digest.
  • Include foods like fish, whole grains, eggs, dairy products like full-fat milk, paneer, cheese, and legumes to gain natural protein.

Step 2: Try To Change The Eating Habits – Schedule Meal Time and Portion

Another step that you may include in your diet is changing the patterns of eating and consuming meals at different times of the day.

  1. Eat Meals More Frequently: To gain weight fast and quickly, you must need to eat your meals more frequently throughout the day. Experts suggest that eating five to six mini meals in a day is much healthier than that of eating two to three large meals.
  2. Increase the Portion of Meals: For those who are looking for increasing the weight instantly are advised to eat big portion sizes of meals than they eat usually. Beginning, you may feel hard to eat a bigger portion, gradually your stomach become habitual and can easily digest the big meals.
  3. Eat Smaller Portion More Quickly: You may be heard of that dieters often suggest to eat slowly as this helps to make one feel fuller before they overeat. Thus opposite works for those who want to gain weight. Eating meals faster helps you consume more food before you start feeling full.

Step 3: Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle – Exercising, Sleeping, and Healthy Habits

While adopting healthy meal habits and increasing the sizes of meals, it is also advisable to regularly do exercises. One significant fact that is linked with weight gain is body workout, exercising makes the muscles active and helps them get strong and thick rapidly.

  1. Try Keep Journal Of Your Meals: Keep a journal of your meals. Write down at what time you are going to have your meals. It this way, the journal will help you to track your weight gain goals and enable you to evaluate which method is working best for you.
  2. Quit Unhealthy Habits: As you may know, habits like smoking, drinking alcohol, and any other addiction is extremely unhealthy for your body. It won’t be easy to quit addiction instantly but leaving them as soon as you can help you gain healthy and keep you away from diseases.
  3. Try To Reduce Stress Levels: One of the main reasons behind the low body weight is due to increased stress levels. Stress leads to an increase in the effects like lowering the mood, you may start to neglect regular eating and exercising.

We hope these tips and methods help women to get gain weight fast and quickly within the week or 10 days of proper application.

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