How to Get Back in the Gym After Plateauing

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Whether you have had a steady gym routine or you’re just getting into the swing of things, there will become a point where you stop seeing results. This is called a plateau—and plateaus affect every kind of gym-goer regardless of goal or frequency. That’s because to see results in the gym, a routine is necessary, but plateaus are also created by routines that have little variation. So what’s the solution to getting back into the gym after you have worked so hard just to see progress come to a screeching halt? Just switch up your routine.

While switching your routine may seem like a simple adjustment in order to see regular progress, it’s easier said than done. Plateaus can be extremely discouraging, but along with changing your routine, you can focus on lifting your spirits and getting excited about the gym to assure you to keep striving for your goals. But how? We’re glad you asked. Here is a guide to regaining confidence and motivation after hitting a plateau. Implementing these strategies into your gym routine will put you on the right track. This guide can also help those who aren’t necessarily experiencing a plateau, but have lost the motivation to head to the gym, too! We get it, everyone needs a break from the gym, but now it’s time to get back into the swing of things.

Look Good Feel Good

The first thing is first, what are you wearing to the gym? You may think that your athletic attire doesn’t have much to do with your plateau or lack of motivation, but it could be the very thing that inspires you to get back into the gym. Studies show that when you look good, you feel good, and in order to hit those hard reps, you want to feel more confident than you ever have before. These are some gym essentials you should pick up from a plus size boutique to kick your gym motivation into high gear.

Supportive Clothing–Of course, when you work out, you want to feel just as good as you look, which is why you should invest in plus size sports bras that fit you perfectly. You’ll also need some squat proof yoga pants that ensure you’re covered during all of your workouts. Whether you’re an avid yogi or you love high-intensity interval classes, the last thing you want to be worrying about while working out is not having the right support. Boost your confidence and motivation with gym attire that fits you like a glove.

Double Time–If your lack of motivation to go to the gym comes from the feeling of not having enough time in the day, try embracing plus size athleisure so that you can run your errands and then hit the gym when you have a second. Sporting this flexible style will make you feel like you can truly do it all. You won’t have to run home to change or pack a bulky gym bag that you have to lug around all day, which means no excuses!

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Change the Scenery

If the gym crowd is intimidating, chances are your motivation to hit your reps as thoroughly as possible—let alone go to the gym—is probably diminishing. So, once a week, take your workouts to places that inspire you. Whether that be your own home, the beach or the park, you’ll feel refreshed and excited to workout in a different atmosphere. You could also try changing the time in which you head to the gym to give you that feeling of having a new, refreshed routine.

Treat Yourself

If you need to convince yourself to go to the gym every day, put a reward at the finish line that makes you want to sprint to the gym. For example, if there’s something binge-worthy on Netflix that you’re dying to watch, tell yourself you’ll watch a new episode every time you finish a workout.

Create a Mood-Boosting Playlist

If you have had the same workout playlist for a couple of weeks now, it’s time to change it up. Studies show that music can transform your mood, which can help motivate you to hit those extra reps.

Buddy Up

Do you have a gym buddy or a personal trainer? If you are seriously struggling with motivating yourself to workout, asking a friend to tag along could seriously help you get over this slump. You’ll also have someone to try new workouts with, which could assist in overcoming your weight loss or strength training plateau.

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Turn to the Pros

If you’ve lost motivation to stay consistent at the gym, you could be feeling uninspired or that you aren’t benefiting from your current workout plan. If that’s the case, solicit the advice and assistance of a personal trainer. Having someone who is counting on you showing up to the gym can definitely motivate you to show up and perform. Plus, they can help create a training plan that will help you reach specific milestones. If hiring a personal trainer isn’t an option, turn to fitness gurus on YouTube. There are plenty of workouts that will get you excited about stepping outside of your usual fitness routine!

Take a Class

If you like doing your own thing and creating a routine that fits your needs, step outside of your comfort zone and take a class that you wouldn’t normally. For example, bodybuilders may not ever consider taking yoga, but once they do, they realize that they can stand to benefit a lot from the improved flexibility that yoga provides. No matter what areas you’re focusing on, classes provide structure, guidance, and inspiration.

Above all else, always remember to have patience with yourself and honor your journey. Nothing worth having comes easy! You’ve got this!