How to Introduce Toddlers To Books – Some Helpful Parenting Tips

How to Introduce Toddlers and Babies to Books

As you like to bring new types of toys for your kid, it is also important that you introduce your child to the world of books too. Yes! You may get surprised, but introducing and developing your child’s interest in books from that early makes their mind sharp and helps them in learning new words quickly. I know you are concerned about your kid more than us and want to make your child intellectually strong and a wise person. But the question arises, How to introduce toddlers to books.

This post is based on the effective tips that help you in developing your kid’s interest in books and help toddlers to enjoy and learn book-reading skills at an early age. 

One of the basic tips is to sit together and share book reading with your kid, this helps in increasing the interest of your child, and he feels confident. When your kid has a positive interaction with a book, there are higher chances that he or she may develop a keen interest in reading books. Reading together with your kid also helps to motivate your child to seek more information from the book. 

Here below are some effective tips and ideas to nurture your kid’s interest in literacy skills from an early age. 

Tips To Increase Kids Interest In Books

tips to Introduce Toddlers and Babies to Books

Reading For Few Minutes

It is okay to start reading in small portions and for a few minutes. It is still okay to continue one story for two or three days as long as it increases the child’s interest. If you insist yourself to complete the story in one day on one going, then it may make your child frustrated. Instead, you must observe and let your child decide the time he or she wants to read the book. Also, make sure that you do not read all pages or read the story quickly. Let your child look at his favorite picture and page as much as the time he or she wants. 

Read Stories By Singing 

To increase your child’s interest in books, try to sing the story pictures or read story pictures in a creative way. When your child becomes a little older and ready to read books, ask your child to read the picture story in the way they read for them. 

Let Your Child Turn Pages

A baby is able to turn the page on their own, but an 18-month-year-old toddler can try to turn the page, and a 3-year-old toddler can turn the page on their own. Also, remember, it is okay if your child skips any pages while turning and reading. 

Explain Cover Page

While you start a new book, you should first explain the cover page that gives them an idea about the story. 

Keep Your Finger On Words While Reading

To increase the interaction of your child in book reading, keep your finger on the words where you are reading. 

Let Story Become Alive

Read the story by creating different voices for different characters and use the body action while storytelling. 

Bring Personal Touch

You can also tell stories about your grandparents, family members, community, and even pets when you are telling or reading the story. 

Let You Ask Questions About Story

After finishing or in between the story, ask some questions to your kid about character names, or what is happening in the story.

Let Your Child Tell Story

A 3-year-old toddler can memorize a small story easily. So ask your child to tell a story after you finish the storytelling. 

Create A Picture Book Together

Together with your child, make a family member’s photo book. To make a word book, cut pictures from magazines. You can also make a color book by using crayons, paints, and markers, and draw a new picture every day. 

Make Books Part Of Your Kid Daily Routine

To maintain the interest of your child in books, make it a habit to read or tell a story on a daily basis. Book reading can be part of your child’s daily routine so that he or she is always ready to explore a higher level of books.