Where To Find Purified Ruins Elden Ring?

Where To Find Purified Ruins Elden Ring

PURIFIED RUINS ELDEN RING – As part of Hyetta’s main quest, you must investigate the “Purified Ruins elden ring”, a Liurnia of both the Lakes site, where it is that you must search for elden ring shabriri grape for the 2nd attempt. 

When you bring the first Shabriri Grape to her at her initial location close to Lake Faced Cliffs Site of Grace inside the video game from FromSoftware, Hyetta moves to a new site west to Purified Ruins. 

After you locate her, she will request more grapes, but this time it will be difficult for you to find it.

Purified Ruins

The major treasures in the Purified Ruins are an Elden ring Shabriri Grape and the 2 Fingers Heirloom talisman, which raises the belief statistic.

Where can we locate it!

You can see that the Purification Ruins are located on Liurnia’s southeastern coastline. From the Lakes Face Cliffs Site of Grace, one can get to these by walking towards the lake. Let’s examine the locations of Hyetta’s Shabriri Grape in Purified Ruins and some other things you should locate when visiting this Elden Ring site.


  • There aren’t that many rivals around here. Find the laskyar ruins Elden ring, and Cuckoo Glintstone x4 by searching for a body close to the defenders. You can employ any spell to attack targets from a distance as long as you maintain an eye on the surroundings. You should be capable of sneaking up on them from the back and pulling a snitch.
  • In the center of the laskyar ruins, Elden ring seeks several crates and containers close to an individual plank on the surface. To find the Elden ring Shabriri Grape relic on a body to your left and the 2 Fingers Heirlooms talisman buried inside a treasure box, demolish the boards and start exploring the bottom area. Find a Golden Rune by scanning the lowest ledge towards the side.
  • Search a secondary group of remains here to the north of the main building for a gateway connecting to the southern entrance of a Raya Lucaria Academy.

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  • Towards the west of said ruins, there is an NPC by the title of Hyetta. When you’ve finished Irina’s assignment in the Weeping Peninsular region, defeated Edgar within the Revenger’s Shack, and had your first encounter with Hyetta at the Lake-Facing Cliffs’ place of grace, she shows up.
  • Squeeze a Shabriri Grape for her. When you have finished the tasks on that list, proceed towards the Purified Ruins and give the woman an additional Shabriri Grape identical to the one you previously discovered.

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The Second Shabriri Grape’s Location:-

  1. If you continue east from where you are right now, which is close to Hyetta, you will soon spot a ghost hiding behind such a stone. 
  2. There ought to be a Stake of Marika nearby as well. If you converse with the ghost, you’ll listen to it and give you a brief hint about where to find the Shabriri Grape.
  3. Therefore, you can deduce from any of these ghosts that now the Shabriri Grape essential item is underneath, after speaking with the spirit, head east and fight with the adjacent guards. 
  4. A corpse near several barrels with a Golden Rune may be found near the ruins.

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In conclusion, the article has attempted to give you detailed information about the “purified ruins elden ring”. Hope you got a clear idea about laskyar ruins, Elden ring as well as Elden ring shabriri grape. 



Ans- Near the southern end of said Liurnia of the Lakes region is the Purified Ruins Elden ring.


Ans- Purified Ruins Elden ring can be reached by taking the sloped hill towards the left of the main road from Liurnia Highway Southern Site of Grace.

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