How to Make Healthy Burger at Home – Sneakiest Way to Make Healthy Burger

healthy burger recipe

This post consist of the tips for healthy burger recipe. Try this with your family and friends as well as for yourself after a hard workday.

Nothing more gives comfort than a healthy, juicy burger. We get exhausted after a hard workday, and to still our hangry mood, we need something tasty, which is also healthy for our gut. We don’t even find enough time to make a complete meal for ourselves daily. Sadly, burgers available outside stores aren’t a healthier one. Thus, we skip the idea to healthy and grab a food item whatever available easily.

You can easily make a super healthy burger with our super freak healthy burger recipe. As you know, burgers aren’t popular for their nutritional qualities. Thus, before you go for a salad to eat at your dinner, you can go for a healthy burger that is also delicious. Just like parents make healthy meals for kids by mixing vegetables and tangy sauces, you can also experiment with your burger by adding healthy veggies in it.

Tips to Make a Healthy Burger at home that even doesn’t consume your time.

First, the best tip for a healthy burger is to swap away the meat and replace it with juicy vegetables. To make it more healthy, use mushrooms instead of meat patty. Chose different types of mushrooms like oyster, shiitake, and cremini and sauté them with garlic and onions and sauté till the extra moisture vaporize.  Grilled the patty perfectly from both sides and cook your burger in a pan.

The second most delicious tip for a healthy burger is using various veggie toppings. After you make the mushroom patty and grilled it, choose all the toppings thoughtfully. For making your burger crunchy, shredded the cabbage of your favorite color and tossed it with vinaigrette. For sour taste, add a spoonful of shredded jicama pickle made with jalapenos and turmeric. And for making it creamy, use melted goat cheese or homemade aioli smoked with paprika.