All About a Toxic Relationship- Signs and Tips to Fix a Toxic Relationship

signs of a toxic relationship

Are you in a toxic relationship? Do you know what toxic relationship is all about? If you are curious to know about the toxic relationship, then you are at the right place. In this article, we have listed the signs of a toxic relationship that will help you find out your current relationship trait.

A positive relationship can make your life positive and happening. But if you both are feeling toxicity in your relationship, then you must know how to fix a toxic relationship.

Before looking deep into the signs of a toxic relationship, let’s first discuss what toxic relationship is all about?

What is a Toxic Relationship?

A relationship becomes toxic when it consistently drains the happiness of the people in it.  A toxic relationship contaminates the trust, loyalty, and dedication towards each other.

It affects your physical and mental health. A happy relationship start doesn’t always mean a happy ending. Fights are normal in a relationship, but if those fights become abusive and toxic for both you, you should take action to fix it.

Once your relationship becomes toxic, you must take it seriously. Don’t let it ruin your whole life.

Let’s look at the signs of a toxic relationship to check whether your relationship is toxic or not.

Signs of a Toxic Relationship

Here we have listed some of the common signs of a toxic relationship. It includes-

Toxic Interpersonal Communication

If you both think twice before talking to each other, it can be because of toxic communication. Toxic conversation involves fights, criticism, sarcasm, and hostility. You both may even avoid talking to each other to ignore toxic interpersonal communication.

Excessive Jealousy

It is normal to be jealous in relationships, but it becomes toxic when jealousy is more than required.


If your partner is getting over-possessive for you, then your relationship will eventually become toxic. You both need to maintain trust to make your relationship stronger.

Controlling behavior

If you both try to control each other as property, then unfortunately, your relationship is toxic. The relationship involves accountability but not controlling nature. You cannot cage someone; personal life is equally significant. Don’t question all the time; keep faith in your bond.


If you are not showing faith and honesty towards each other, then there is no happy ending to this relationship. It has become a toxic relationship from the moment you decide to cheat on your partner.


If your partner doesn’t respect your opinions, he will never believe what you say. Disrespect will make your relationship toxic, and it may become a reason for your break-up.

Excessive stress and depression

If your emotions are getting hurt from every action they do, it may create excessive stress and depression. You need to take strict steps against such activities to maintain sound mental health.

Lack of self-love and care

If your relationship has made you forgot about self-love and care, it may be because of the toxicity.

Toxic relationships will force you to ignore self-need, love, care, and health.

Negative financial activities

If your partner starts taking control of your financial decisions and activities, it becomes toxic to deal with it. You both must consult and decide the financial activities to avoid fights and misunderstandings.

Ignorance of Social life

You are in a toxic relationship when you start ignoring social circle; your friends, colleagues, and even your family members because of your partner. This toxicity leads you to not only a miserable life but also a lost relationship.

Useless Arguments and Fights

Fights and arguments are common in every relationship. But it is toxic when it becomes a pattern. If you both fight and argue on pity and useless things, it will contaminate your entire relationship.

How to Fix a Toxic Relationship

People think that a toxic relationship can never be repaired. But it is not true, always remember that toxic relationship was once a happy relationship and can become happening again at your will.

All you need to show is acceptability and accountability towards each other. Here we have listed some of the tips to fix your toxic relationship. It includes-

Efforts to invest from both the sides

If you both are willing to spend your time and effort on this relationship, it will work. But if only one partner is agreed and another partner wants to move on, this relationship cannot go further. You both need to decide and manifest your future decisions according to willingness.

More understanding, less blaming

Relationship pillars are built on understanding. If you accept each other and start a fresh beginning with more understanding, then you can achieve a healthy relationship. Commit when you are ready to take responsibility. Solve every issue together to understand each other.

Take help from others.

If you both are comfortable sharing problems with your closed ones, seek help from your friends and family members. They can suggest you some healthy changes need to adopt to solve issues.

Sense of Responsibility

Take responsibility of each other to form a better understanding. Learn from past experiences and avoid making the same mistakes in the future. Recognize each other’s toxic behavior; take responsibility to solve misunderstanding and personal issues.

Final Words

Many reasons can make your relationship toxic. Relationships must be built on the grounds of love, care, trust, honesty, understanding, and loyalty. Without these, you cannot run your relationship any further.

In this article, we have listed the signs of a toxic relationship that can help you find how to fix a toxic relationship. Once you get to know the reason for toxicity, decide mutually. Either fix it or move on. We wish you luck!

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