How to Manage Sick Multiples:

sick children

Taking care of a sick child in itself is a big burden for parents but when there are multiple children to attend to, things can become very challenging. Of all the things on earth, an illness is the last thing that you will want your twins to share but more often than not, they seem to get infected anyway. Parents, especially new parents, can often find them losing control and being overburdened with tasks like disinfecting everything, being extra attentive, regular bedding change, administering pills, etc. It is primarily for such parents that we have come up with an extensive list of some crucial know-hows that parents need to manage their sick multiples.

#01 Wash Hands

This is probably the most common ways to deal with an infection and yet also easily overlooked. Make it a habit to wash your hands each time you interact with one child because you clearly do not want the infection to spread, if it hasn’t already. Wash hands after activities like applying chest rub, changing nappies, feeding or administering meds. For kids which are older, it is essential to closely monitor if they are also washing their hands routinely.  Even after you take the utmost care to prevent the spread of the infection, both your kids may turn up infected. However, there’s no need to panic in such a situation as twins generally end up getting infected one after the other.

#02 Track Everything

Jotting down the day-to-day progress of your kids can help you organize yourself better. Keeping a record also enables you to remember all the medicines and their doses, especially when you have separate prescriptions for both the kids. Recording their body temperatures becomes particularly helpful when the babies have a fever.

#03 Separate the Twins

One of the hardest things to do as a parent of multiples is to separate them, especially if they are older. However, no matter how used to they have become having each other close by, it is important that you put them into separate rooms. Make sure that they aren’t sharing anything, be it toys, pillows, medical equipment, water bottles, plates, etc. Regularly wash all the beddings, soft toys, sheets and sanitize the items that cannot be washed.

#04 Proper Air Circulation

Maintaining proper air circulation is as important as sanitizing everything and optimizing your bedroom for the perfect sleep. Keep the windows open in the daytime and allow natural sunlight and air to flood in. Let the fan or air conditioner run but make sure that it’s not making the baby too cold. Clean air circulation in the room also lifts off some weight off from the medicines and facilitates the recovery from illness.

#05 Cut Yourself Some Slack

Throughout all this, make sure that you maintain your sanity and good health as there is no point of overwhelming yourself with stress. Stay hydrated, maybe even treat yourself with a glass of wine to remain in the flow. Keep aside your other works or chores so that your mind is not too occupied with things you need to do. It is common to have disrupted sleep schedules and extended naps at times like these. So, as long as the kids are sick, don’t bother too much about the schedule. Don’t fuss if you see the kids sleeping at irregular hours as this will give you additional time to rest. Steal some breaks for yourself every now and then to stay relaxed and remember to stay optimistic about things.

#06 Be Prepared

Unless your multiples have a rock strong immunity, there will inevitably be times when they fall sick. For times like these, keep a medical kit handy with essentials like Tylenol, Epsom salt, chest rub, etc. Make sure you are equipped with a separate set of thermometers, NoseFrida, tissues, vaporizers, antibacterial soap, etc., for each kid. It is a good idea to equip your mattresses with good hypoallergenic toppers as these not only provide an extra layer of comfort but are also adept at minimizing the risk of allergic reactions. Check out some of the best reviews of hypoallergenic toppers which are easily washable and good at absorbing moisture.

#07 Share the Load

If you think that you are a powerful individual and can take care of all the duties related to attending sick multiples by yourself, you probably can, but you don’t have to prove that all that time. Never hesitate to demand that the load of taking care of the kids be shared by both the partners, especially during the night. Of course, your precious night’s sleep will be disrupted but establishing turns can help you to attain the sleep you deserve. That said, there will be times when both the children need attention at once and you will have to wake up your partner. If things still look unmanageable, arrange a professional caregiver or ask help from people close to you. By “close to you,” we mean not only your friends and family but also your neighbors.

#08 See a Doctor

Consulting a doctor is crucial each time a child falls sick because different individuals may require different treatment based on their diagnosis. To prevent yourself from visiting a doctor for minor illnesses, consult your doctor beforehand and make a list of the serious symptoms that require professional attention. Even if you have administered a medicine to your sick child on a previous occasion, it is better to consult a doctor because the prescriptions vary when children are growing.


Taking care of multiples when they are sick is never an easy task but parents must deal with such issues with a positive frame of mind and never think twice before asking for help. We hope that the steps mentioned above help you to better take care of your sick twins without being too hard upon yourself.