How To Stop Cat From Scratching The Carpet

how to stop cat scratching carpet

If you are a cat owner, then you must have seen your cat scratching the carpet while she is playing. They usually start scratching when you are in a different or out of the house. They just wait for you to leave the place, or they go to a separate room as they also know you don’t like this behavior. 

You may have countlessly tried yelling or scolding on her, but she probably won’t stop from scratching your carpet. 

Declawing your cat is not a good step that you must take into consideration. 

But here is one good news, several ways help you to combat this behavior of your cat. Let’s read these effective ways, as mentioned below.

Why Do Your Cat Scratches?

The claws of the cat continue to grow their entire life. They scratch things to shed the outer layer of the claw and reveal a new layer underneath. This process of shedding old layers and revealing newer ones is known as stropping. To shed a dead layer, cats need something to scratch to fall off the layer. During stropping, your cat’s nail becomes sharper, and longer and cats continue to shed the older layer that makes them a good hunter as well as good carpet destroyer. 

Another reason that cats do scratching is to keep their muscles lean and strong that makes them improve their quality of being a good hunter. And the last major reason why cats do so is that cats are territorial animals, they have some glands in their paws, which releases some scent that helps in marking their territory. Thus cats have this habit of scratching things naturally that make them compatible to survive in the environment.

tips to stop cat scratching carpet

How To Stop Your Cat From Scratching Your Carpet?

If you really want to stop a cat from scratching your new one or loved one carpet, then you must buy her something special and interesting to scratch. You have to make sure that the new thing should be more enjoyable than scratching the carpet because only then will she stop scratching the carpet. 

If your cat scratches the carpet horizontally, then you have to buy her another rug or mat to scratch in a similar way. Another thing that you can do is the new thing that you give to your cat must be wrapped in a carper cover so that she feels the same. 

However, if you have already used these methods and do not get the desired result, here below are a few convincing tips that you can try on cats and combat her scratching behavior. 

  • Selection of Material Variety: Most cats do scratching horizontally. For them, the best materials are Sisal and cardboard. I am sure that Sisal will become your cat’s favorite material to scratch. 
  • Change the Location: Scratching mat or any other at one location may make your cat boring. So changing the place frequently may help your cat to keep her interest in that particular thing, and she won’t scratch your carpet or curtains. 
  • Try Catnip: If your cat goes bonkers with catnip, then here is one great addition, rub the catnip onto the new scratching mat that will create a double enjoyable activity for your kitty.  
  • Give Rewards To Your Cat: Always give your cat a reward once she selected a new mat for scratching. Treats will teach cats that they get rewards every time they scratch the new mat. In this way, they will stop the habit of scratching your carpet and will use a scratching mat that you have provided them.