Tattoo Ideas for 2023: Classic Designs Inspired by Icarus, by George Harrison

icarus tattoo

Icarus tattoo – Because of its rich symbolic significance, the icarus tattoo has never gone out of style. Art and literature have found many ways to interpret Icarus. The myth of Icarus tells the narrative of a boy who disobeyed his father to pursue his ambitions.

Many tattoos have been inspired by the myth of Icarus, which many of us first read in grade school. Different civilizations’ tattooing traditions have evolved and adapted through time, resulting in various designs.

Since the icarus tattoo has been around for a while, several of our customers have requested a customized design to help them stand out from the crowd. If you, too, need help with the ideal Icarus tattoo, consider this article your one-stop shop for all things ink-related to the mythical figure.

What’s Inside?

There are several interpretations of the icarus tattoo meaning that have developed throughout time. Overconfidence and disobedience are themes in the myth of Icarus, the child who soared dangerously close to the sun. However, the narrative has been romanticized to the point that it is now considered a tale of striving to achieve achievement at any cost. So you know what you’re getting inked on your body? These are some of the interpretations of the Icarus tattoo.

The myth of Icarus has been interpreted as a cautionary tale about arrogance and disobedience. Icarus, the errant son, flies dangerously near the sun due to his arrogance and belief in his abilities. Unfortunately, he was ultimately doomed by his arrogance. Therefore, the icarus tattoo meaning represents hubris, conceit, and daring.

Even Icarus’s tale ends tragically—somebody’s kid who went off to the stars. Many people who get tattoos wish to portray the sorrow of Icarus’s impending demise. Therefore, the Icarus tattoo may also symbolize disaster for those who choose to be inked. As a result of his ambition and desire to be free, Icarus soared dangerously near the sun. Therefore, the tattoo stands for drive and determination.

The Legend Of Icarus

The myth of Icarus has fascinated people for generations and continues to inspire creative expression across a wide range of cultural genres. The myth of Icarus tells of a young man who, against his father’s wishes, built himself a wing out of feathers and wax and soared dangerously near to the sun.

Icarus and his father, Daedalus, spend the first part of the narrative locked up in a dungeon. To help his friends escape jail, Daedalus fashioned two pairs of wings out of wax and facial characteristics. However, Daedalus cautions his son from escaping the jail by flying too near to the sun. The wax on Icarus’ wings melted because he flew too near to the sun when it was his time to cross the sea. Icarus, however, was too ambitious and crashed into the ocean.

People of different ages and backgrounds may find something to identify with in the myth of Icarus. As a result, people of various ages, backgrounds, and cultures are embracing the tattoo. This tattoo serves as a continual warning that reaching for the stars is risky business, no matter how intense the yearning for independence is. The icarus tattoo has been seen by some as a symbol of the determination to pursue one’s goals despite the risk of falling short, while others disagree.

Amazing Icarus Tattoos That Will Make You Soar

Since tattoos have existed, people have been getting icarus tattoo. As a result, the Icarus tattoo is available in various styles. If you want to get an Icarus tattoo but are having trouble coming up with a design that is yours, look at our gallery of the top Icarus tattoo designs for some ideas.

Tattoo of the Icarian Fall

More people have icarus falling tattoo depicting the Fall of Icarus than any other single design. This tattoo depicts Icarus’s fall from grace. In addition, this tattoo shows Icarus soaring too far and plummeting to his fate. The sky and the ocean are two other elements that may be included in this tattoo.

This tattoo is a fantastic illustration of the legendary occurrence. Sky, sun, and water are just some details that may be added to this tattoo to make it uniquely yours. Depending on the tattoo’s dimensions, it may be done on any body part. The wrists, hands, and forearms are the most incredible places to have a tattoo of only Icarus’s fall. However, the chest, shoulder, or back are the best options to depict the ocean, the sun, or the sky.

 icarus falling tattoo

Tattoo of a simplified Icarus

The minimalist icarus tattoo is a stylish representation of the mythical figure. It is a great tattoo design if you want something straightforward and uncomplicated. This tattoo depicts Icarus’s descent from the sky and is small in size and intricacy.

The tattoo may be altered to fit your specific requirements. For example, the wings of Icarus may be coloured in to give the tattoo more depth. You may have this tattoo in whatever size you want and put it anywhere. However, the wrists or forearms are the most incredible places to have this tattoo for simplicity.

Led Zeppelin Icarus Tattoo

Only true Led Zeppelin fans would like this kind of original tattoo design. The picture of Icarus from the fourth album cover is included on this tattoo. The photograph has quickly become a favourite among Led Zeppelin fans.

You may have this tattoo done anywhere you like. A fuller portrayal of the icarus tattoo would be to create an album cover in the same style. However, you may also have a stylized or realistic take on the tattoo.

Led Zeppelin Icarus Tattoo

Back Icarus Tattoo

Due to the ample real estate, Icarus back tattoos typically include the most impressive depictions of the mythical figure. So if you’re looking for a tattoo design that’s reminiscent of angel wings but also has some depth of meaning to it, go no further than the story of Icarus.

Typically, this tattoo depicts an eagle-winged Icarus with his arms outstretched. We have seen more people with this design on their backs than any other. Wrapping the pattern over the shoulders may offer a variety of visual effects.

Sleeve Icarus Tattoo

If you want a design that will stand out, you should have a look at the Icarus sleeve tattoos. Typically, Icarus is shown in these tattoos, and the sky and the ocean cover the whole arm from sleeve to shoulder.

Adding more components to the tattoo is a great approach to give it depth and dimension. For example, wrap around your sleeve with Icarus and his wings, or construct a story that extends from your sleeve to your shoulder.

Wings of Icarus Tattoo

The tattoo only shows Icarus’s wings as they plummet into the water, symbolically representing the myth. The tattoo of Icarus’s wings is widespread and typically done with stunning realism. The wings may be shown in a variety of configurations as well. The wings’ design is versatile enough to be tattooed in almost any place. However, the back or shoulder, with plenty of room for intricacy, is where this tattoo would look best and have tremendous significance.

Tattoo of Icarus and the Sun

Arm Tatto of Icarus

Like many others, one of the most common locations for an icarus tattoo is the forearm. It is because of the roomy working area and the choice to include the shoulder and sleeve areas in the design. It is also an excellent spot for a tattoo since you can cover it up with a long-sleeved shirt or dress if you ever need to. However, since the tattoo will be seen most of the time, this is a great place to experiment with bold, eye-catching patterns.

Tattoo of Icarus and Daedalus

This one is an original tattoo concept that celebrates the bond between Daedalus and his son Icarus. This tattoo might show the couple in a variety of settings. For example, this tattoo might depict Daedalus catching a falling Icarus. Depending on how big you want the tattoo to be, you may put it on your forearm, legs, or shoulders.

Tattoo of Icarus and the Sun

It is a traditional take on the sun in the Icarus tattoo. Icarus may be shown falling as his wings melt, and the sun can be shown in various ways. You have complete freedom in deciding where to have this tattoo on your body. However, the most common locations for this tattoo are on the thighs, shoulders, and arms.

Tattoo of Icarus and the Sun

Tatoo of a Simple Icarus

A standard tattoo design depicts Icarus’s fall from the sky. This tattoo is characterized by its simplicity, with either a single color or a simple outline.

Tattoo of the Hand of Icarus

A hand icarus tattoo is a simple but striking way to express yourself. Because of their prominence, Icarus’s tattoos on the hands are bright and striking. However, be careful to consult the pain chart for hand tattoos before getting one.

Icarian Tattoo Design

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind tattoo, go no further than the geometric Icarus tattoos. The story of Icarus is steeped in history, yet a geometric tattoo may bring a touch of modernity to your body art.

Tattoo of Icarus on the Chest

The sternum is an excellent spot for an icarus tattoo since it provides plenty of room for the design’s exquisite features. The tattoo’s wings over the chest may be filled with incredible detail. The tattoo’s color scheme is up to you and your preferences.

Tattoo of Icarus on the Chest

Thigh-Scale Icarus Tattoo

The thigh is a perfect canvas for the icarus tattoo for the same reasons. If this is your first tattoo, you should know that the thigh is one of the least painful places to have inked.

Tattoo of Icarus on the Chest

The Icarus tattoo on the chest, like the one on the back, is often a sizable piece of ink. Typically, Icarus is seen with his wings spread wide in this tattoo. Of course, you can include more components if you want.

Tattoos of the Classical Icarus

Classic American tattoo style is used for the classic Icarus tattoo. As a result, there are vivid hues and a stark black border in this tattoo. In addition to the classic color scheme, you may spice up your tattoo by adding additional features.

Tattoo of Icarus and an Angel

Angels and Icarus are depicted in this tattoo as a symbolic gesture. The tattoo shows an angel reaching out to save a falling Icarus. This tattoo symbolizes the harmony between light and dark, life and death.

Tattoo of Icarus and an Angel

Drawing of Icarus as a Tattoo

This tattoo is modest in design, featuring simply the silhouette of Icarus. This tattoo is perfect for the minimalist who wants a small, unobtrusive design on their wrist, ankle, or wherever else they can conceal it.

A Patchwork Tattoo of Icarus

One of the most popular patchwork tattoos is the mythical figure of Icarus. This tattoo is often combined with symbols from other myths and Greek mythology. Changing the hues and embellishments on the wings is a simple way to personalize the design.

The Art of the Shoulder-Sized Icarus Tattoo

This clip showcases a shoulder tattoo of Icarus that is both intricate and beautiful. If you’re looking for an Icarus shoulder tattoo, this is what you can anticipate. But this is a fantastic example if you want to know what it’s like to have an Icarus tattoo.

The tattoo artist begins by sketching the Icarus design on the client’s shoulder. The artist then uses a fine-line needle to sketch the outline of the artwork. After the outline, the artist switches to a larger needle for the shading and details. Multiple times throughout, any traces of leftover ink are removed.


Questions about the icarus falling tattoo have been answered. For your convenience, we’ve answered every question you could have about getting an Icarus tattoo.

Can only males have Icarus tattoos?

In short, the answer is negative. Women are also welcome to get Icarus tattoos. They are more common among males, although women often participate. You may get an Icarus tattoo if you enjoy the design or the meaning behind it, regardless of your gender.

How about an Icarus tattoo? Where would you recommend getting it?

The Icarus tattoo, however, is so versatile that it can go to almost any place you choose. The forearm is a popular spot for the tattoo. However, if the intended size is too small for that spot, you may always have the tattoo somewhere else on your body.


Since tattoos have been done, the Icarus design has been a favorite. The Icarus tattoo, with its rich history of interpretation, has gained popularity among ink devotees. As a symbol of ambition and arrogance, the tattoo has been chosen by anyone seeking to convey either of these traits.

The Icarus tattoo is an excellent option if you want a design with a lot of meaning and a wealthy background. Alternatively, the Icarus tattoo will do the trick if you’re merely searching for a stunning tattoo with a complex pattern.

Here are some deep icarus tattoo meaning that everyone should know if they are looking to get a tattoo.