India Fashion Trends For Men

india fashion for men

India fashion men – Given that most of it are indigenous, Indian men’s clothing is comparable to women’s. Indian clothing comes in informal, university, wedding, and ceremonial styles, each with a distinctive appearance. The previous ten years have seen a significant increase in Indian fashion, which is distinctive across the globe.

The time of year when many guys look for what to dress to look dapper and elegant is remarkably even during festive periods. Many individuals favor ethnic Indian clothing over fashionable clothing, even though many trends have changed recently due to the nation’s expanding e-commerce industry. Indian men’s apparel comes in various styles, including jackets, churidars, and sherwanis. The various styles of India fashion men are given below.

The Indian suits

The finest times for this are ceremonial events like marriages, celebrations, and numerous Indian festivals. There aren’t many differences between the Indian suit and the European suit. The Indian twist that it has makes a distinction, although the design and fabric are also comparable. Their clothing is frequently embellished or adorned in royal hues like crimson, violet, blue, and burgundy. To make the outfits look as professional as possible, linen and damask are the usual textiles utilized, most of which are collarless. It’s very prominent in Indian fashion for men.


Indian men typically wear one of three styles of sherwani. The sherwani gives its wearer a regal and opulent feeling. They can be adorned with a drape, jootis, and mojri, and are typically paired with churidar or dhotis for trousers. The cut on the traditional sherwani is the easiest to understand. The Indian fashion industry for men has been using this style of sherwani for a very long period. The royal family wore sherwanis in the past, but today, most bachelors favor it as their wedding attire. The asymmetric outfit is another style of sherwani that is produced each season using pricey and exotic Indian textiles. The most recent style of sherwani, known as the “Indo-Western Sherwani,” combines Indian and western fashion clothing for men. Its patterns are distinctive and have a curved hemline to highlight western elegance and create an unusual appearance.

India men’s fashion kurta

This is traditional male casual clothing in India. Regarding women’s fashion, kurtas are the antithesis of Kurtis. They use a unique spin on the same pattern to distinguish the genders. The kurta is the same as the Kurtis for marriages and other social gatherings. In the modern Indian clothing business, kurtas have undergone significant development. To use them with jeans for simple casual attire, they can be cut shorter.

Linen, satin, and brocade are the materials used to make kurtas, which might have long or short sleeves. In churidar bottoms that match or contrast, they also appear sophisticated. The bride might wear the wedding attire, Kurtis, to complement the pattern when the husband opts for kurta pajamas.


This particular style of sherwani incorporates a front button sleeve. It is fastened to emphasize the sophisticated appearance and is approximately the same width as the jacket sherwani. As desired by the possessor, the achkan can be stitched, left plain, or styled in other ways.

It is likewise constructed of thick, fitted cloth and worn with churidar pants or dhotis. Visiting marriages, the Diwali ritual, and other Indian holidays is a great idea with Achkan. Male members who have been welcomed to the wedding may don the achkan.

Every gentleman should own a Bandi waistcoat because it is stunning.To participate in activities like graduations and marriage ceremonies, the bandi can be worn with either a printed or simple informal kurta.

NEHRU Jacket

This adaptable jacket is donned like the bandi by Indian men. The Nehru has a unique appearance that incorporates a variety of designs and styles. The first Indian head of state and wearer of the Nehru, Jawaharlal Nehru, is credited with creating the style. A must-have for every man’s collection because it combines an ethnic flair with a contemporary appearance. It looks great with a plain-colored kurta, sherwani, salwar, or churidar bottoms.


The most popular and favored pair of pants to go with the majority of Indian outfits is the churidar. Both men and women can wear these tight clothes; however, they look best when dressed for the ceremonial event. The dhoti is yet another common bottom worn today by yogis. When attending religious or marriage rituals, they are typically costumed. Dhotis and sherwanis go well together in a variety of patterns. Other trousers that are favored for their comfort and appearance include pajamas and shalwars.


To match their clothing, men also have jewelry. The turban has been the most well-known and popular ornament throughout ancient history. In the world of men’s fashion, turbans come in a variety of styles. As an illustration, printed or satin.

A second accessory used by men is the dupatta, which is likewise highly traditional in Indian culture. When worn with kurtas or sherwanis, a dupatta elevates their formal and beautiful appearance. India fashion, men wear slip-on shoes called jootis with either plain or embroidered clothing. They complement the attire for a wedding when worn with a kurta or sherwani.