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JAIL MOVIES ON NETFLIX – Prison. It’s among those things that people find fascinating from some kind of distance. Nobody wants actually to go through it. Prison films have been a favorite among moviegoers. The protagonists’ difficulties while imprisoned have motivated filmmakers, actors, and fans alike. Even though these movies sometimes depict cruel and terrible endings, the viewer frequently empathizes with the characters since they struggle for psychological and physical existence. Several positive traits, including loyalty, bravery, companionship, and strength, can also be discovered in stories narrated from within the prison cell. 

This has never been simpler to appreciate the imaginary world of motion pictures, thanks to the innovation of the Netflix platform.   Fortunately, a large selection of films with such a theme is available for enthusiasts of jail movies. Many of the public enjoy binge-watching their preferred films and TV shows at home. Below is a list of a few of the Best prison movies on Netflix that are currently available for streaming:

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Best prison movies and series on Netflix


This star-studded movie is filled with suspense, thrills, & mysteries. Building the ideal escape hatch is the story’s main theme, as its headline implies. This is, however, a problem, particularly when it concerns a maximum-security facility that is almost unknown to the general public and houses the worst criminals.

Ray Breslin (Sylvester Stallone), an architectural security expert who dedicated his entire life to making sure jails are unreachable, serves as the protagonist. He is recruited to evaluate a new institution and enters by pretending to be a new prisoner; however, once inside, he discovers that somebody doesn’t want him to stay. He requires all the assistance he can receive to find a method to escape. It manifests as the enigmatic captive Rottmayer (Arnold Schwarzenegger).

The cast of this enjoyable movie is full of A-list talent. Who wouldn’t want to witness 2 of Hollywood’s most well-known action heroes on the same screen? Not to forget, they still both have chiseled physiques and have good buttkicks. This Netflix prison movie was so well-liked that a sequel was unfortunately not as successful as the first one.


A military dictatorship governs Uruguay as of 1973. 3 political dissidents from the left-leaning urban guerilla organization, the Tupamaros, are removed from their cages and tortured for an agonizing 12 years, mentally and physically, before being declared insane. The directive is clear: “Let’s make them insane since we can’t kill them.”

The men are therefore kept in confinement for more than ten years, moved between distant cells, denied access to sunlight, and devoid of a concept of time. As the years pass, their psychological and physical condition gradually deteriorates as they are drenched in gasoline and abused roughly by guards.

Even though this movie, out of many prison movies on Netflix, is centered on the real-life experiences of the protagonists/prisoners, it can occasionally be difficult and upsetting to watch. Thanks to their convincing portrayals, you could almost feel the actors’ agony, fear, and pain. You could also sense them clinging to beliefs as their circumstances change who they are.

THE FEAR OF 13 (2015)

Nick Yarris, who survived 22 years on death row after becoming falsely accused of murder, is the subject of the movie The Fear of 13. Following DNA evidence assisted in overturning his sentence, he got set to release in 2004. Even though we already understand how this story will end, the movie’s examination of the various occasions in his life is chock-full of surprises. It belongs to the top Netflix prison movie. Yarris is a superb storyteller, captivating audiences with his sage advice and charm. He changed the direction of his imprisonment via his own intellectual growth; after writing to a magistrate pleading for assassination, he spared his own life.


This is unquestionably among the most unforgettable prison films that simultaneously inspire a sense of the paranormal. The plot, modeled on a Stephen King novel, is centered in the early 1900s and revolves around the keepers on death row whose lives are unexpectedly altered by a member of their charges. The cinematic version of The Green Mile is as riveting as the novel in terms of how emotionally engaging it is from beginning to end. By staying close to the book and omitting only irrelevant aspects to produce a compelling story, filmmaker Frank Darabont did the book justice. Thus, it is considered a must-watch among all the prison movies on Netflix. 


In this prison drama, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau uses his knuckles rather than a sword to battle. The Game of Thrones star portrays Jacob Harlon, a stockbroker who’d been involved in a drunk driving collision that killed his friend and was sentenced to a negotiating 16-month jail sentence.

He is compelled to hang around with the wrong people in jail to stay alive. He joins a group of white supremacists and finally does unimaginable things that lengthen his sentence. Even though he is freed from prison, his time there continues to follow him. This film demonstrates how a person could never truly move on from their past, whether it was good or bad. It demonstrates prison gangs’ influence over morally upright people and how quickly they may institutionalize them. Among many best prison movies on Netflix, It is a good prison movie with intense action, gripping situations, and loads of excitement.


Yet another movie is on the list of prison movies on Netflix. In this movie, he appears to play Bradley Thomas, a professional boxer who became an auto mechanic and, after losing his job, chooses to work as a drug courier. However, his choice eventually earns him a three-year prison term and puts him in the sights of his fellow inmates. He is compelled to use violence, particularly when his pregnant wife’s life and their unborn baby are in danger. A group has abducted his wife outdoors and intends to experiment on the child. He needs to figure out how to get himself placed in secure encryption so he can murder another prisoner and protect his family members. Vince Vaughn, who plays his part viciously, provides the film’s strong action and thrills. It is a gloomy film and unmistakably a comeback for the performer.

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When Jacob, a supervisor at one significant financial institution, attempts to stop the woman he adores from taking part in a crime, he ends up in jail. He is an average man who should learn to survive in the hostile environment of jail. However, he must pull off a spectacular prison escape lest he dies. This is merely considered one of the jail movies on Netflix, although it is made interesting to watch since the fight scenes are set to loud rock music. Despite being sparse, the fighting is completely dark. The imagery of the nervous jail system and the gritty reality of jail life seem difficult to forget. These are only two examples of the film’s unique photography that keeps audiences entertained.


The Platform is one of the best jail movies on NetFlix, now available on Netflix, combining elements of sci-fi, mystery, terror, and suspense.

The film takes place in a vertical jail structure with two prisoners in a cell and each cell on each floor. Just one feeding station, with 2 minutes every day. The inmates of the top cells are given unlimited food supplies, with every level receiving just the remains from the one before it.

In The Platform, a Netflix Original, inmates are held in vertical cells in a dystopian futuristic prison. The upper prisoners receive abundant food from above, whereas those here are hungry and in need. It’s dark and gritty, coming from Spain, and it can be dubbed into English as well as other languages or watched in Spanish with English subtitles. This dark thriller will riveted for roughly 90 minutes among the best prison movies on Netflix.


I want to be clear that this film is unsuitable for people who know they weep easily during emotionally intense movies because it will pull out another crybaby in them. Ever since its premiere in 2019, the film has gotten a lot of positive feedback from viewers around the globe and has also won nine prizes.

It tells the tale of a mentally ill father who’d been falsely charged with the death of his very own daughter and subsequently imprisoned. Miracle in Cell No. 7 is the Netflix prison movie; therefore, if you’re searching for one, that’s the one.


Some jail movies on Netflix are funny, whereas others are depressing and gory. Because numerous shows and films are available, we can witness both aspects of life, and jail isn’t a nice place. They also demonstrate the significance of strength, devotion, and bravery in the struggle for survival. The majority of the characters in these films have to fight for their lives.

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Q1) What is the platform’s primary message?

Ans: Out of many jail movies on Netflix, the platform is explained through metaphor; the movie contends that there is plenty of wealth, food, & supplies for everyone, but excessive consumption eventually leads to inequity, and the rich aren’t disposed (or motivated) to contribute.

Q2) What does the Netflix prison drama go by?

Ans: In this documentary series, individuals are enlisted by a sheriff to enter county jails and reveal fraud and criminality.